How to flash a ROM on an Android mobile without a PC with Flashify

Do you know how to flash a ROM with Flashify on Android? If you don’t know, we will give you an even more interesting fact, with this App you do without a PC to do it.

Surely, if you have ever rooted your mobile, you have probably read about flashing a ROM. This means that you can upload your mobile with an .img or .zip file or in any other format , this is known as Flash, thus allowing you to upload multiple files to the mobile as the custom Recovery.

This time, we will teach you how to flash ROMs with Flashify , a very powerful tool that has become very popular little by little.

If you have previously flashed your Android phone then you should be familiar with ADB drivers and will have used some custom Recovery as well as Fastboot.

All these methods are well known and allow you to customize these mobiles. Another very common method is to flash any Rom but with the use of the PC However, here we will show you a much simpler alternative.

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  1. What is special about Flashify compared to other tools?
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  2. How to flash a ROM with Flashify on Android?

What is special about Flashify compared to other tools?

Obviously, we can find a large number of applications that allow us to flash Android, but Flashify is the best among all of these since it allows us to  install custom Recoverys , ROMs, Mods, Kernels, .zip and .img files.

In addition to all this, the application has a very simple and friendly interface, thus having everything necessary to grant root access to the user. In addition to flashing boot.img and recovery.img files, Flashify supports backup and restore as well.

Another great feature of Flashify is that it allows you to completely clear the Cache and Dalvik Cache , as well as perform a factory reset, flash multiple files at the same time, create a queue to keep track of flashed files, start the phone in Mode Recovery and more.

In a few words, this tool allows you to perform many operations with your mobile in a fast and safe way. The important thing is that you have the right application like SuperOneClick to grant the permissions that the mobile requires for the process.

Flashify Features

1.- Allows you to flash .zip files, wipe cache, Dalvik cache and data using Recovery Philz or TWRP.

2.- It allows flashing the mobile boot and .img files without accessing the Recovery mode of your mobile.

3.- Use Loki Patch automatically if necessary.

4.- You can download and flash Philz, CWM, TWRP, Franco Kernel, gaps, Nexus Recovery and Nexus Kernel.

5.- It is capable of making backup copies and restoring them through an SD card.

6.- It automatically synchronizes with the Cloud and makes backup copies between computers and mobile devices.

7.- It allows flashing several files at the same time and creating a queue of files to flash.

How to flash a ROM with Flashify on Android?

This tool becomes very useful especially for users who are looking for an alternative to custom Recoverys or who do not have Root permissions on their mobile. There are several tools that allow you to root your mobile with a single click quickly, but in this case Flashify will be our option. To flash ROM with Flashify you just have to follow the following steps:

1.- Your mobile must have been rooted, if you don’t know how to do it, here is a guide to flash it quickly.

2.- Now you must download the Flashify application to start the procedure.

3.- When you have installed it, you must run the application .

4.- Now you must give Root permissions to the application and go to the main Flashify screen.

5.- The buttons will be unlocked, so you can search for the .img or .zip file that you want to flash .

6.- The backup menu allows you to access Backup Nandroid and all the available options. In the upper right corner you can see a button that allows you to start the mobile in the way you want or simply access the settings.

7.- By pressing the + button at the top of the screen you can create a queue to flash multiple .zip or .img files.

8.- Everything else is easy to do, you just have to follow the tutorial of the application .





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