How to fix Wifi authentication error

Do you have WiFi authentication problems with your smartphone and want to learn how to solve them? The first thing you have to take into account in this type of situation is that it is an inconvenience that usually affects a huge number of users, which is why it is not something that affects only you, so let’s focus on how to solve the problem. Although there are different methods to make a WiFi antenna, such as with a mobile.

How to Troubleshoot and Repair WiFi Authentication Error Why won’t it let me connect?

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  1. Causes and Solutions of WiFi Authentication Problem
    1. Incorrect password
    2. Wrong WiFi network
    3. Modem problems
  2. Mobile phones and tablets in which we can solve this error
  3. wrong password
  4. Wifi with the same name
  5. Router lock
  6. No Wifi appears on the phone
  7. I can’t see my wifi
  8. Main problems, and solutions, of WiFi networks
    1. The device does not recognize the WiFi network
    2. The WiFi network is too slow
    3. How to know my connection speed?

Causes and Solutions of WiFi Authentication Problem

Before we begin, we have to point out in the first instance that this WiFi authentication problem has nothing to do with a virus or similar inconveniences, which is why, although it must be solved, it is not as worrisome as others.

In general, the problem has to do with the fact that our device cannot be connected to the modem that generates the WiFi network . It is an error that, as we said, is quite common, so we are going to think about the possible solutions that exist for it.

To be sure that we are talking about the same thing, you have to look at the message ” An authentication error has occurred ” on your smartphone when you try to connect. If so, the following lines will work for you:

Incorrect password

Most likely, this message appears as a result of using an incorrect password , and it is because we may have changed it at some point, or for some other reason we do not remember what it is.

In this case, the solution is the simplest of all, taking into account that we only have to try to connect again, but when entering the password , make sure that it is correct.

Wrong WiFi network

If we mentioned before that the problem could be related to an incorrect network password, in case you have already ruled out that situation, then it may have to do with the fact that it is an incorrect Wi -Fi network directly. You have to make sure that you are trying to connect to the service you pay for and not another, because then you will see that message.

Modem problems

And finally, the problem may be related to your mobile. In this case, especially when we have an old or overused router, the solution may be to change it for a new one. If you do not have the possibility of having another in a short time, then what we can propose is that you start by restarting the modem.


Mobile phones and tablets in which we can solve this error

According to what we have seen from users both on social networks and in forums, some of the smartphones that are affected by this problem are among the following that we are going to mention:

  • Samsung: J1, J2, J3, J4, J5, J7, S1, S3, S4, S7, Grand Prime, A1, A3, A5.
  • Alcatel: Alcatel OneTouch.
  • Motorola: Moto E, Moto G, Moto C, Moto X.
  • Sony: Xperia, Xperia Z.

From time to time it is normal to have Wifi authentication problems . Surely on some occasion it happened to you that you cannot connect to your Wi-Fi connection. Do you want to know why and how to fix it? Today we are going to talk in detail about this problem and try to find a solution. The causes can be many, that is why we must see in detail what the problem really is.

Before I continue, I would like you to clarify a few things. The first one is that this is not due to a virus or malware, anything like that. So in that sense you should not worry. It is a problem that can sometimes occur on different devices, it does not have to do with whether the mobile is low, medium or high-end.


Therefore, you need to understand that this is not a cause for concern because the mobile is not damaged or anything similar. This problem can affect any kind of mobile device regardless of the brand you have: Motorola, Xiaomi, LG, Samsung, Sony, Alcatel, others.

Why is this happening? Actually, it could be for a few things. For this reason, in this article we are going to try to see each one of them and also the way to solve each case.

wrong password

Obviously putting the password wrong will not allow us to connect to the Wi-Fi network. Many people believe that they put the password correctly and in reality they miss some number, others.

We must bear in mind that it is quite normal since, with mobile devices , missing a few keys is something we do every time we write. We must pay more attention when entering it.


Wifi with the same name

On many occasions it happens that we try to connect to a Wi-Fi network that has the same name as ours. For example: that a friend gives us Wifi by sharing his connection, generally in Android by default they have the same names .

So if you have the saved password of another Wifi network having the same name, your phone will try to connect using the saved password and this will throw the error.

To fix it you have to forget the network and re- enter the password . You can also ask to change the name of the new network you are trying to connect to.

Router lock

In some cases, although it is rare that it occurs. It may be that the router has an option enabled that blocks the device. Solving it can happen by enabling another option in the same WPA-PSK router . The problem is that sometimes it is something more complex and requires a professional or a person with knowledge on the subject to fix it. This last case rarely occurs. So I recommend you try the two above first to try to solve the Wifi problem.

WiFi networks are practically essential in these times, to the extent that we have almost all the devices in the house connected to them, and that is why we must make sure that they work well.

Of course, sometimes WiFi networks can have usability problems like anything else, and we know how irritating these situations are, so we will try to give you a hand in this regard.

For this reason, throughout this article we are going to review not only what are the most common errors in WiFi networks, but also how to solve these errors quickly and definitively so that they are no longer bothering you. You will see that some of these errors have to do with the hardware, but others are related to the software, and it is precisely about these that we want to make a dent so that you recognize them and solve them.

A big problem that you sometimes have to face when you search for a Wi-Fi network with your device and can’t find any. But you know that it’s on, that it’s working, but the phone still doesn’t detect it. You find yourself with a list of Wi-Fi networks that is basically empty. Do you want to know how to solve this problem? Do not worry because in this article I want to talk to you about exactly this topic.

No Wifi appears on the phone

It is undoubtedly an annoying problem because at the same time it is quite rare, then the fact of turning on the Wi-Fi and that no available network appears when you know there is one, even if it is or even when you have a friend using that network or even have a laptop connected to it, it is undoubtedly annoying.

The easiest thing would be to restart the device and in most cases it works quite well, once restarted you can activate the Wifi and detect all the networks that are available near you.

But in some cases it happens that it is not, that it still does not detect the Wi-Fi network. In these cases , I recommend that you activate the Airplane mode and once activated, wait a few minutes for now, activate the Wifi, a list of networks should appear or, even if it is your home, once connected you should simply deactivate the airplane mode and see if everything works fine as always.

I can’t see my wifi

In case the problem persists, what you should do is simply factory reset the device. Keep in mind that in this case all mobile data will be lost, which means that it will be as if you had just acquired it. That is why it is important that you make a backup copy of all your data so that you do not lose anything, although it is recommended that you do it from time to time.

As a last option, it may be that the Wi-Fi antenna is malfunctioning or damaged, especially if the phone suffered some kind of damage in the last few days. Learn how to make a long-range and powerful homemade USB WiFi antenna for cell phones or PCs.

To solve this problem, the only alternative that remains is to resort to a specialized technical service that can help you with this problem, I know that it may not be the solution you expected, but when it comes to hardware problems, unless you have great knowledge and the necessary tools it is essential that you consult a professional, lest you end up further damaging the device.

Main problems, and solutions, of WiFi networks

The device does not recognize the WiFi network

This is precisely one of the main problems that we can find when it comes to WiFi networks , and that is that any device that we have is simply not capable of recognizing its existence. In these cases, what we have to do is adapt the standard frequency of our device to the capacity provided by the WiFi network, for which there are many tutorials on the web.

The WiFi network is too slow

On many occasions, the problem of the speed of WiFi networks has to do directly with the number of devices that are connected to them, and of course the more there are, the slower they will be. If we are in public places, we may not get a great speed, so the best thing we can do is focus only on the applications that interest us the most.

In the same way, sometimes you have to know that the distance at which we are from the device that emits the signal can be essential to achieve good Internet reception, so you must take this factor into account. By entering the router settings from the computer, you can also check if someone else is connected, which of course will affect the quality of the signal you receive.

How to know my connection speed?

Now, it is likely that beyond everything we have been mentioning so far, what you really want to know is if the connection quality you are enjoying is the same one you are paying for. For this there are some specific applications, among which we can mention, for example, Speedtest, developed by Ookla, which you can download from this link without problems.





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