How to fix my Windows PC or Laptop if it freezes

What can I do if my PC froze? It is a question that millions of users of any operating system ask themselves daily. Fortunately, if you know the answer, you’ll have guarantees that your computer will be available whenever you need it.

But most of us do not know the answer to that question, nor do we know what to do about it, which is why you have reached the indicated tutorial, because this time we will tell you what are the possible causes that your PC has frozen.

But we also bring you the solutions to this type of problem, so you can put an end to that annoying problem that has frequently occurred to you.

How to Fix a Frozen PC or Laptop

Likewise, you will be able to prevent said freezing from occurring at certain times, either due to memory saturation, processor or any other type that implies that your PC does not respond to your attempts to use it.

The way in which you should act will vary according to the type of operating system you use, not being the same, for example, if you use Linux as if you use Windows. However, in all cases you will only have to follow simple steps that will not require too deep knowledge of computers to carry it out.

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  1. What are the requirements to Solve that your PC froze
    1. Step 1: Unfreeze your PC in Windows step by step
    2. Step 2: Unfreeze your PC on Mac step by step
    3. Step 3: Unfreeze your PC on Linux step by step
  2. How can I Prevent a Laptop from Freezing? What steps or tricks should I follow and do?
    1. Before trying anything else try using the home button
    2. Another possible solution for you is battery removal
    3. Have you tried the option to let the computer cool down?

What are the requirements to Solve that your PC froze

  • A computer.
  • Have installed any of the operating systems listed

Step 1: Unfreeze your PC in Windows step by step

Most likely, if you are a Windows user, it is not strange to you that your computer has frozen. Similarly, you probably already know the famous “ Ctrl+Alt+Del ” combination.

And it is that this combination of keys is capable of helping you in most cases in which your PC ends up frozen through the multiple options that the task manager enables . From here you can end the process that caused your computer to end up hanging or, if you prefer, turn off your PC.

Now, if only one program has frozen and not your entire computer itself, you don’t want to shut down the computer even remotely. In these cases, what you will have to do to solve the hang is to click on the right button with the mouse cursor on the taskbar ( horizontally at the bottom of the screen ).

Next you will have to choose the option that says “ Start Task Manager ”. Then, you must click on it “Applications”. The list of running programs will appear, there you will have to select the one that is not responding and, to close it, choose the “End task” option.

However, take into account that all the changes that you do not save in the program will be lost when you do this, so we recommend that you check the save changes before starting this step.

Step 2: Unfreeze your PC on Mac step by step

Although it is not the most common, it can happen that a program gets stuck and does not respond. In order to unfreeze your PC in the event that you use a Mac you will have to follow the following steps:

  • In the case that it is a desktop Mac, click on the start button for a few secondswithout releasing it, with this you will get it to turn off. Then, you must turn it on again by pressing the same button lightly again.
  • In the case of a portable Mac, the procedure will be basically the same, with the difference that you must press the button located in the upper right part of the keyboard.
  • In the specific case that your Mac has frozen while you were using an application, you can choose to resort to another method. This consists of using a very useful key combination: Command+Option+Escape.
  • Subsequently, a window will appear in the center of the screen. In it you can see the complete list of all running programs. If one is frozen, it will appear in red and with the message “not responding” in parentheses. Click on it to close and end the blockage that affects your PC.
  • Finally, it is worth recommending that, after starting up a computer with the Mac operating system, you take charge of carrying out an Apple Hardware Test, so that you can verify that everything on the computer is working correctly.

Step 3: Unfreeze your PC on Linux step by step

If it happens that you use Linux and a PC in this operating system freezes, which does not usually happen either, all you need to do is press the ” Alt+PrintScreen ” keys at the same time.

Next, while holding down all the aforementioned keys, you will have to type the following word “RSEIUB” in capital letters. It should be noted that you should not do this too quickly, but you will have to wait a few seconds between letters. Afterwards, if you have done everything correctly, the computer will reboot, which will unfreeze it.

Laptops were a great novelty due to the practicality and comfort they represented for the user. but one of its disadvantages is due to its size; since in general, common laptops are generally of less capacity than desktop ones due to their small size.

These few resources generate systematic problems in the functionality of the computer ; Since, by increasing its consumption of resources by adding very heavy programs to your processor, it can slow down its functionality.

The most common, in addition to slowing down, is freezing, that state in which neither the screen nor any component responds to any order directed by the user, a great lack of control. If you suffer from this problem, in this article we give you some tricks so that these hassles and stressful problems no longer bother you.

SOLUTION – What to do if my Laptop Freezes?

How can I Prevent a Laptop from Freezing? What steps or tricks should I follow and do?

Next, we will show you a list made with the best tricks to not only get rid of these annoying problems; but in addition to that, it will increase the productivity and functionality of your computer in a great way, follow the following hacks to the letter:

Before trying anything else try using the home button

This function of the Windows operating system gives us a tool to solve these momentary freezes, because at the moment of opening the Windows menu, any application that is running in the background is cut, counting the one that is causing the freeze. .

You will have to press for a few moments the button that usually has the Windows icon in front of it. When you press it, the operating system sales menu will open, when you open it you want it, it causes the processor to react, like your girlfriend when she sees you that she is seeing another and she hits you so that you react.

Another possible solution for you is battery removal

In the event that the previous trick has not worked as you expected, you can try this one, obviously the battery of your computer must be removable, so that you can remove it easily and without problems. You should use caution and unplug the computer charger from the computer when removing the battery.

Have you tried the option to let the computer cool down?

The most common problem with this type of computer is the issue of cooling; since the fans that are integrated do not fill all the space and due to the high temperatures this device can also overheat greatly.

You can turn off the device as soon as it gets hot and let it cool down, or you can buy cooling components for these types of computers. In addition to the fact that we offer you an excellent trick , with only an egg carton you will put it under the computer for more ventilation easier and without having to spend more.

Have you been able to solve the problem of your computer freezing easily and quickly?





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