How To Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy Tab 2

From time to time it is not bad at all to format or factory reset our Tablet, it is one of the things that is even recommended to do from time to time in order to improve its performance. So when your Samsung Tab 2 starts to work less smoothly than usual or you see that some applications take too long to open, then it is time to perform a Hard Reset , although keep in mind that this resets the mobile to the factory, it leaves it just like when you first bought it, which means that it deletes absolutely all the files you have and settings, so it is essential to make a backup of all that data.

How to Format or Factory Reset a Samsung Tab 2 Tablet?

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Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy Tab 2

  • First of all, we have to completely turn off the Tablet.
  • Once turned off, what we are going to do is press and hold the power button + home + volume up, all together for a few seconds until the Tablet turns on and we see the logo.
  • Now what we do is release the buttons and wait for it to enter recovery mode.
  • Next, with the volume keys we will go down and up and what we have to select is “Clear data / factory reset” or ” Wipe data / Factory Reset
  • You have to confirm with the power button and then click on Yes.
  • Now you will have to wait for the process in question to finish.
  • Once it is finished, restart the device in the option that says “ Reset System Now” and wait, the first time it may take longer than normal, then it will start normally.

Format Samsung Galaxy Tab 2

Generally, all devices, both Tablet and Smartphone, are formatted or factory reset in the same way, Samsung are always the same in mobile phones and Tablets, also remember that all your data is lost , both photos and videos, etc. What you have to do before creating a copy of them, connecting the mobile to the computer for example and downloading all the photos and videos you have on it. Regarding the contacts, these are generally saved in the Gmail account, so you should not have problems in this regard, then in the applications, in the Play Store there is a section where you can see all the apps that you have recently installed, so so that you can also download them again without any kind of problem.

Samsung is not only the company that sells the most mobile phones when we think of smartphones, but it is also on the top list of those that sell the largest number of tablets on the planet. Of course, we cannot fail to take into account that over time, Samsung tablets may start to work a little worse than when they were newly purchased.

For this reason it is that on this particular occasion we did not want to stop teaching you all the information that we consider that you necessarily have to know when it comes  to factory reset or restart a Samsung tablet . We are talking specifically about such a famous procedure with factory restoration, about which there are all kinds of myths, indicating that it is more difficult than it really is.

The truth is that many of the problems with the operation of a Samsung tablet cannot be left behind with a simple restart, which any of us can perform by holding the on / off button. That is why we believe that a wonderful idea at this point is to allow readers to know how to carry out a factory reset procedure on these computers.

Of course, before starting with the step-by-step, which we believe is the only thing you will need, since you do not need any other knowledge in this regard, we think it is appropriate to recommend that you make a backup copy of your contents. In this way, you will be completely safe from all kinds of inconveniences that could arise, or data loss that will later make you regret the step by step.

Factory resetting a Samsung Tablet

Well, if at this point you think that the best solution you have at hand is to look for the factory reset of your Samsung tablet, then we believe that the first thing you should keep in mind is that there are two ways to proceed. The first is the simplest, since it occurs automatically through the menu, and all we have to do is go to Settings, Privacy, Factory data reset and Reset device , before clicking Erase everything; so the process will start by itself.

If for some reason you could not carry out the procedure in this way that we have just taught you, you should know that there is a second alternative, equally valid, which consists of turning off the tablet, and once turned off, press the volume up button at the same time. along with the power button. You will see that the classic Android logo appears at that moment, and after going to Wipe data/factory reset , we can perform the factory reset of our Android tablet automatically.





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