How to factory reset a FireStick from a compute

Amazon has been one of the hottest brands in recent years as it has branched out into a number of services that are no longer just limited to providing an online platform for buying and selling goods.

One of these new options offered by the company is the Fire TV Stick application, which has the function of turning our TV into a Smart TV.

This is achieved by installing software that simulates a streaming media player with support for resolution up to 4K, as well as allowing us to connect our smartphone to the platform .

Another of the quite outstanding options of the Amazon Fire Stick is that it can be connected to our computer through Windows 10 , where we will only have to log in to our Amazon account on both devices and be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

However, they can arise in cases where the default settings that are in an account and are persistent at the new start can cause us inconvenience to manage the application and we need a complete restart, it being useful to use the Reset Values ​​option. Factory defaults.

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  1. What are the benefits of factory resetting a FireStick?
    1. recover space
    2. Improve performance
    3. Eliminate Virus
  2. How to connect the Fire Stick to a computer?
  3. Steps to factory reset the device from a PC
  4. What to do if you don’t have the remote control?
  5. Where to contact Amazon customer service?

What are the benefits of factory resetting a FireStick?

Like any device, the Fire TV Stick app is subject to errors in specific circumstances that can lead to frozen screens, random app launches, bugs that prevent apps from being used, black screens, or excessive memory usage.

These problems are usually easily resolved with the Factory Reset option , which after its application also leaves us with the following benefits:

recover space

As we mentioned before, the constant use of applications and services via streaming causes the progressive accumulation of information in the virtual memory of the device.

This information is often not eliminated when deleting the application, slowly saturating the memory, a problem that is quickly resolved by starting FireStick from 0.

Improve performance

Information saturation in applications can also cause our TV system to need to use a greater amount of resources, so by eliminating all unnecessary information we contribute to optimizing the speed of our TV.

Eliminate Virus

Malware is present in an endless number of ways, in case we have been vulnerable to an attack by connecting an external device or downloading a contaminated file, restoring the default values ​​will help to eliminate all corrupted data in memory.

How to connect the Fire Stick to a computer?

To connect Fire Stick with our computer, we will have to start the Amazon Stick TV application , log in and verify that both devices are on the same Wi-Fi network. Subsequently, we will press the start button on our FireStick remote control and, through the Right file, go to Mirror.

Our Amazon device will go into a standby mode where it will start looking for connections. Then we will go to our computer, we will look for the notification to connect, we will click and we will connect to the User FireStick.

Once this is done, the projection of screens on our computer will automatically take place and that’s it we can continue enjoying platform services such as Amazon Prime.

Steps to factory reset the device from a PC

There are several methods to perform the factory reset, in the case of PC we will navigate through the menu and go to Settings.

Then, we will go to My Fire TV and then move the cursor to the Restore factory defaults option , we will double click and wait for the process to be carried out, which can take up to 10 minutes.

What to do if you don’t have the remote control?

In case we have problems with our computer and our remote control needs repairs , we can use the Fire TV phone application. We will only have to download it, log in, go to settings, then system and select the option Restore factory settings .

Where to contact Amazon customer service?

In the event that none of the options raised above have produced favorable results or that we do not directly have access to the menu to perform the factory reset, we can access the Amazon technical support service page , where we can contact technicians professionals to reach a solution.





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