How to expand the storage or memory of an iPhone and an iPad?

Today’s mobile devices come with greater storage capacity than a few years ago. However, users always want to have a little more.

How to Expand the Storage or Memory of an iPhone and an iPad?

This is largely because, despite the fact that the storage capacity of the terminals has grown a lot, so has the weight of the files we download. Which is why sometimes you will want to be able to increase the memory of your iPhone , which we will explain.

This is simple: currently between Full HD, 4K, etc. The weight of the different files is much larger than it was a few years ago. This means that if before with 32 GB it was enough for us today, perhaps with 64GB or 128GB for some people it is quite short.

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  1. Tricks to increase the memory of iPhone or iPad
  2. Save them on your PC or in the cloud
  3. clean your phone
  4. The risks of expanding the storage of an iPhone
  5. Accessories to expand iPhone storage memory

Tricks to increase the memory of iPhone or iPad

If you have a device from a few years ago with 16GB, things are much worse. In the event that you have 32GB, it may be a little more bearable. But you will still run out of space quickly if you like to download too many things from the internet.

Let’s see then a few tricks to expand the storage space of our terminal and thus be able to enjoy everything we want to download without worrying too much about space.

There are certain devices such as Leef’s iBridge which has a slightly accessible price and can be connected to your device through the Lightning cable to increase its capacity. This way you can have more space, although we limit ourselves to about 16GB more.

On the other hand, if you buy an ixpand from SanDisk you will be able to have 32GB of space, which gives you room to store a huge amount of songs, images or movies, among many other things.

Save them on your PC or in the cloud

Obviously it is not a great solution, since the files will be there in your cloud that you will have access to via the internet. But it is a way to make the most of the storage space you have on your device. The idea is that all those files that don’t really serve you , but that you don’t want to delete. The passes to a hard drive of a computer .

In this way you do not lose these files, but they remain saved. Another quite interesting alternative and I think it would be the best is that you have the files that you don’t use too much in the cloud and those that you generally use on your device.

In this way you can save any kind of file that you do not want to delete in a safe place, but at the same time you will have access to it from anywhere you are with the Internet . If you don’t want to spend mobile data to listen to music, you’ll be able to make more than enough space to download countless songs.

clean your phone

Another thing that is extremely important is that from time to time you clean your phone of junk or duplicate files. For this, we recommend that you use an application called PhoneClean  so that in this way all those files that accumulate over time and that take up a lot of space are eliminated.

This is something that is recommended to do from time to time and that is when we are installing applications, browsing the internet, downloading files, etc. All of that creates duplicate and junk files. That they must be deleted from time to time to avoid consuming too much space on the phone and that it becomes less fluid.

The risks of expanding the storage of an iPhone

There are many videos where you will be able to find tutorials from people who intend to expand the memory of an iPhone. The problem is that it is obviously a risk to take into account, more than anything for those people who do not have great knowledge , since we are talking about modifying the motherboard of the terminal.

If you do not have the right knowledge and tools, you can end up with a phone that is useless. It is a complicated process which is not recommended for beginners.

Accessories to expand iPhone storage memory

Obviously we can find a large number of accessories that serve to increase the storage memory of our device. Many of these are too small accessories, but are still somewhat awkward to carry around.

You can also find the MicroSD memory that suits you best and use it, with this or any other of the methods that we have talked about, it will help you increase the memory of your phone, so you can enjoy your music, videos or images without worrying so much through space.





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