By evolving your Pokemon into Scarlet and Violet, you’re making them stronger and making sure they can keep up with the competition. With so many different Pokemon available to catch, and each with unique evolution conditions, it can be hard to handle. However, almost all Pokémon will evolve in one of two ways: by maxing out their friendship bond or by giving them a special stone.

A Pokédex for the Paldea region is a compilation of new and existing Pokémon, each with its unique evolution method. In this guide, I will tell you how to evolve each Pokemon in Scarlet and Purple.

All pokemon evolutions

No Pokémon how to evolve evolved form
1 Gimmighoul Collect 999 Gimmighoul Coins Gholdengo
2 finnish Reach minimum level 38. However, you must have a friend in Union Circle co-op. bonfire
3 Charcadet Equip Auspicious Armor Armarouge
4 Charcadet Equip Malicious Armor cerulento
5 Pawmo Take 1000 steps along with “Let’s Go Mechanic”. paw motor
6 Rellor Take 1000 steps along with “Let’s Go Mechanic”. Rabsca
7 Bramblin Take 1000 steps along with “Let’s Go Mechanic”. Zarzafantasma
8 Dunsparce Learn Move Hyper Drill then level it up dundunparce
9 Girafarig Learn to earn do and then level up Farigiraf
10 Bisharp Hold Leader’s Crest while taking three Bisharp then level up reign
12 primape Use Rage Fist 20x to level up Annihilate
13 Capsakid Firestone Scovillano
14 tadpole stone storm Bellibolt
15 Cetoddle ice stone cetitan
sixteen scythecutter Keep the metal layer and trade scissor
17 Lazy Keep King’s Rock and Trade slow brother
18 Sneasel Overnight giving him Razor Claw We heard
19 Eevee stone storm Jolteon
20 Eevee water stone Vaporeon
21 Eevee Firestone flareon
22 Eevee high friendship during the day espeon
23 Eevee high friendship in the night umbreon
24 Eevee ice stone glaceon
25 Eevee leaf stone Leafeon
26 Eevee High friendship with move type fairy Sylveon
27 stalker Trade Haunter with a friend. Gengar
28 pichu high friendship Pikachu
29 Pikachu stone storm Raichu
30 feliz Oval Stone (Day) Chansey
31 Chansey high friendship Blissey
32 Igglybuff high friendship jigglypuff
33 jigglypuff moonstone places
34 kirlia Dawnstone (male only) Gallade
35 bonsly teach to imitate sudowoodo
36 Murkrow Dusk Stone Honchkrow
37 magneton stone storm Magnezone
38 blow Dawnstone (females only) Froslass
39 Management High Friendship (Day) Lucario
40 to believe To be Astillada from polteages
41 Apply Apple pie flap
42 Apply Sweet Apple appletune
43 Growing up Firestone arcane
44 Electric stone storm electricity
45 Misdreavus Dusk Stone Mismagius
46 Fleet shining stone florges
47 sunken Sun stone sun flower
48 Azurill high friendship Marill
49 Steenee Learn Stomp Move then level up Remembrance
50 petilil Sun stone Lilling
51 Lazy Keep King’s Rock and Trade this
52 sheller water stone cloister
53 a dream High Friendship (Night) Frost

That’s all you need to know about the evolution of each Pokemon in Scarlet and Purple. Do you need more help? Here are some more helpful guides you may like:




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