How to enable child mode on iPhone or Android

Nowadays, it is more and more common to let children use their smartphone , to entertain them with videos or games that are suitable for them. However, we are well aware that the smartphone gives us access to multiple functions, sites or applications of all kinds. For this reason it is always good practice to make these devices as ” safe ” as possible, before letting them be used by the little ones.

For this purpose, smartphones offer users to enable a special mode for children , in order to allow access only to some content / applications. In addition, there are also applications that allow you to limit access to the features of devices and applications. So let ‘s see how to enable child mode on iPhone or Android .

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How to enable child mode on smartphone

Below, we will see how to enable the child mode built into some of the most popular smartphones on the market.

Smartphone Samsung

There is a built-in feature inside Samsung smartphones that allows you to turn on/off the child feature under certain circumstances.

Activating it is very simple:

  • Swipe down to bring up the control center
  • Locate the icon containing a smiley emoji , then press it
  • At this point, on the next screen, press on the icon in the shape of three dots, then on the Parental Control item
  • Enter a PIN and then configure the mode, activating all the restrictions of your interest
  • To exit child mode on your smartphone, always press the icon in the shape of three dots, then Close mode , then enter the PIN you set previously

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Smartphone Xiaomi

Even on Xiaomi smartphones there is a mode dedicated to the little ones. To activate it, just proceed through the integrated function Second space :

  • Open the Settings of your Xiaomi smartphone
  • Continue on Special features , then on Second space , then press on Activate second space
  • Next, set up a login mode to access the newly activated space (e.g. a fingerprint)
  • At this point, all you have to do is set up the newly created space in the best possible way, applying the necessary restrictions to applications and contents




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