How to download the virtual or voice assistant

One of the most important applications for cell phones these days is the virtual assistant, it is an application that understands voice commands, allows you to carry out various tasks, which are related to the daily work that we perform professionally and in life. , as these include writing emails, opening applications, searching, checking news, weather, and many more. The best thing about this is that you can activate each of these functions quickly without having to resort to touch, in this sense we are going to explain how to use the virtual assistant for Android without internet.

How to Download the Virtual or Voice Assistant in Spanish for Android without Internet

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  4. INDIGO virtual assistant for free
  5. Cortana
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    1. AIVC
    2. Indigo Virtual Assistant
    3. Cortana
    4. Smart Voice Assistant
    5. Databot Assistant

virtual assistant for android

This article will explain all the features of this virtual assistant for Android without internet, which you could download when the opportunity arises on your cell phone or tablet. It is important to note that these applications are focused on making your user experience a little more comfortable allowing voice communication as an option that differentiates the normal entry of any telephone and thus be able to make a new and entertaining experience, you can configure your Ok google.

The most important thing to highlight is the number of functions, including the ability to take dictation, as well as the search for different topics on the Internet and the application of other tools such as accessing different applications, calls, among others, something that we could never miss if we use This application is the opening of notes and news without the need to use anything else, just our voice, it is one of the best apps for your mobile.


If what you are looking for is to talk then you have a propulsion voice virtual assistant, focused on an artificial intelligence, and it works as its name says it can ask questions, and get answers , have a little chat and much more is a complete tool ready for you to enjoy.

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 Android assistants without internet

INDIGO virtual assistant for free

It is a tool that requires conversation to return its statements with a fairly accurate response, even when activated by voice it will be fully ready to listen to all the necessary commands.


It is the Microsoft assistant and one of the best currently Cortana has a fairly fast interface, simple and different from all, which seeks to lead the way in this type of application with a complete account and ready for different options and thus execute any amount command .

This is the list of the most useful virtual assistant applications because in our opinion they are the fastest and least complicated to carry out our daily tasks as he always comments and if any are missing, let us know. If you have been attentive to the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus, you have probably seen that the people of Samsung, among the many elements of innovation added to their mobile devices, have especially paid attention to the possibility of placing a virtual assistant , Bixby. Of course, it is not the first company that tries to do something like this, considering that we have the cases of Google or Apple before, and it is clear that more and more users are trying to have their own virtual assistants .

If you have never used a virtual assistant, you should know that it is an application specially developed to respond to our commands , both written and voice, and that it is responsible for managing many of the tasks that a smartphone can perform, like a kind of of helper. Some of the functions that the mobile can execute taking advantage of the virtual assistant have to do with sending email, searching, opening applications, checking news and weather, etc.

The truth is that outside of the virtual assistants that have been developed by people from large companies such as Samsung, Apple or Google itself, we find third-party programs or applications that little by little also want to gain a foothold in the market through base of good functions. Indeed, you have to consider that there are very good virtual assistant applications, some of which we are going to show you below , so you review them and keep the ones you like the most, of course.

The best virtual assistant apps for Android


AIVC is the first of the virtual assistant applications for Android that we wanted to recommend to you in this case, considering that it is one specially designed for those users who like to send all kinds of voice commands to their mobile devices. In this particular case, you have to know that when we talk about AIVC, we are talking about the Artificial Intelligence Voice Control system, which will not only perform tasks for you, but will also become a true companion in your day to day.

Indigo Virtual Assistant

Indigo Virtual Assistant is another really interesting virtual assistant application that we also didn’t want to stop recommending, to the extent that it will allow you to engage in all kinds of conversations, always looking for intelligent answers that allow you to find out what the system thinks. You can also activate or deactivate it by voice, so you don’t have to be on top of the device to take advantage of it.


If we had previously said that there were virtual assistants developed by Samsung, Google or Apple, it was clear that we could not fail to mention Cortana , the Microsoft assistant and one of the best today. Among the strengths of this system we have to talk about its interface, really fast and easy to use, with a huge number of attractive features to consider.

Smart Voice Assistant

Smart Voice Assistant is a very complete and light application, another one that seems essential to us when we talk about the best virtual assistant options for Android, in this case one that we could especially recommend for low-end terminals since, as we said, It has a consumption of resources that is well below what is usual.

Databot Assistant

Databot Assistant is the ultimate virtual assistant with the ability to answer questions that we wanted you to know at this point, with the particularity that it is one of the best when it comes to the synchronization between its capabilities and the innate functions of the mobile device. It works based on both written and oral orders, and above all it is interesting for users who are looking for answers to their questions. Which of the above virtual assistant apps for Android do you like the most?





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