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Possibly the best office suite you will be able to find . It is the most complete and the one you should have installed on your computer if you need one. This is undoubtedly the Office suite, which offers users a variety of features, such as enabling or disabling a macro in Word or Excel . This is why today we bring you the tutorial so you can download and install Office in Spanish.

Microsoft can be several things, and come to have several defects in some of its products. However, it cannot be denied that the work carried out in the office suite is very professional . Office is by far the most complete suite you’ll find and the one that works best overall.

Each of the programs it comes with comes with very professional features that allow you to perform many actions. To the point that you can easily make a monthly calendar in Word . Therefore, downloading and installing Office is extremely necessary so that you can automate processes, improve documents, among others.

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  1. What are the programs that Office brings?
    1. Basic Office Programs
    2. Premium Office Programs
  2. How to download Office in Spanish on your PC?

What are the programs that Office brings?

The latest version brings considerably good news , which were improved as time went by. Between version and version, today it is possible to find new improvements and new functions. Above all, with each update they make to this suite, it is more and more complete, and more and more functional.

So it is normal that many people want to download and install Office to be able to use it on their computers. It is not for less, because it brings a large number of considerably useful programs. Programs that can help you from writing documents to creating databases with automated systems.

Basic Office Programs

The Office program has three plans , among the programs of the first plan we can find the most basic. These are the ones that become most used in daily life, and fulfill basic functions such as: writing, organizing, designing, among others.

When downloading and installing Office with the first plan we find the following three programs:

  1. The first and possibly the best known is Word, which is basically a word processor and editor. Of course, with it you can work more than with texts, you can make resumes, statistics, among others.
  2. Then comes Excel, which is a spreadsheet program, too useful for any kind of situation. In it you can perform calculations automatically, calculate an average, and it is also used to create databases.
  3. PowerPoint is quite well known, since it helps us to be able to make presentations. In the latest version it is possible to reach a really professional point in them, something that is greatly appreciated.

Premium Office Programs

If when you download and install Office, you want to work with a medium plan or the best , you will find the premium programs. These programs were developed a little after the basic ones, and can solve or facilitate some processes.

  1. Access is too useful for those who work with databases. This way you don’t have to go through tedious processes using excel.
  2. Publisher is for those who do desktop publishing, design and layout.
  3. Plus we have OneNote for taking notes when you need it most, and there’s no pen and paper nearby.
  4. There is also Outlook, which is nothing more than Microsoft email, the old Hotmail, now integrated into the office suite.

It is important to note that despite having these programs, we can also find others of “Exceptional Value”. Among them is Skype, the program that helps us to make video calls and conferences ; OneDrive for cloud storage; And finally the Microsoft Editor, and Microsoft Family Safety.

How to download Office in Spanish on your PC?

The latest version of Office brings a large number of advantages that make it even more complete than ever, it is impressive how the efficiency of the application in question has improved, becoming much faster and especially on computers that do not have a solid drive, it shows the difference, something that is appreciated.

To download Office you just have to go to the Microsoft page , choose the plan that best suits you and follow the process indicated on the page . This will help you download it in your language, giving you everything you need.

In addition, those who have Windows 10 can take full advantage of downloading Office, because the latest version was designed to be integrated with Cortana to work more comfortably, in addition to synchronizing each of the suite’s tools to the operating system, something that is greatly appreciated.





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