How to download, install and update Instagram for free

The number of social networks that we find at our disposal has not stopped growing in recent years. However, there have been some changes in them and today the trend is specialization .

An example of this is Instagram, which is specialized in sharing photos and now also videos. In this article we are going to see how to install Instagram on the cell phone, correctly .

Instagram has been the revolutionary social network of recent times, although it is true that in recent months it has been losing steam due to the great rise of Snapchat, which can also be downloaded for Android .

How to Install Instagram on Cell Phone

Instagram is a social network that at first was focused on photography and, as we well know today, also on videos and (lives).

In it you can share photos of any kind and you can also improve and customize them with a good number of filters and other adjustment options such as brightness, contrast, etc.

While other social networks work on the computer and have a mobile application at the same time, in the case of Instagram this is not the case, or at least until now.

Its operation through the web is very limited and it does not let us even want to upload photos. Actually all the activity in this social network is carried out basically from the cell phone .

Social networks are something relatively modern, but they have already become an essential part of our day to day . There is social media for all tastes and for all styles.

But if there is a medium that manages to attract people of all ages, that is without a doubt Instagram. This time we are going to see how to install Instagram on the cell phone .

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    1. Download Instagram 2020
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  2. How to update Instagram

How to install Instagram on iPhone

If you have an iPhone with iOS operating system you can easily find Instagram in the App Store and download it for free .

Enter the App Store and search for “Instagram”, once you have found the application, click on the “Install” button and click on Accept the terms and conditions. Now you have it ready, you can start enjoying Instagram on your iPhone.

 How to install Instagram on Android

It is as simple as in the previous case. In this case we have to go to the Google application store, the Play Store .

We can look for “Instagram” in the search engine or directly go to Most popular > Top free in Applications, there we will find it among the top five. Click on the application and on the “Install” button. We accept the terms and conditions and you are ready.

How to use Instagram

Now that you have Instagram installed on your cell phone, all you have to do is register. You can do it directly through your Facebook account (remember that Instagram now belongs to Facebook) or you can fill out a small form that asks you:

  • Email
  • Full name
  • Username
  • Password

In just a few minutes you already have your account ready and totally free. You can start following the people or brands that interest you the most and share your content.

You have the option that your photos are public and can be seen by the whole world or you can limit the visibility of your photos only to your followers and in the same way be aware of who visits your profile or likes your photos.

If you want the whole world to see your photos, don’t forget to make good use of hashtags to give them more dissemination . And if you get tired of this app, don’t miss our tutorial on how to delete an Instagram account .

The power of photography on Instagram

Since social networks began to develop, we have been able to verify that images have great power. Despite how viral videos and other types of content can be, images are still the true queens of the Internet .

With that idea in mind, Instagram was born a few years ago . This social network opted for specialization from the beginning, focusing on sharing photos and later adding the option to upload and share videos.

On Instagram, users share photos of all kinds and there are accounts for all tastes . There are those who upload photos of their daily life, who share advice on fashion or aesthetics.

Athletes and artists who share part of their day to day with their fans, people who take advantage of this social network to show all their talent in the art of photography, drawing, etc. Instagram can be used both privately and professionally, with good results in both cases.

Privacy is important, so when registering and using Instagram, we must be clear if we want our photos to be seen by everyone and thus gain followers or if, on the contrary, we are going to make our account private and our Photos can only be seen by our friends.

The chosen privacy modality is a matter of each one , but it can be changed without any problem at any time and as many times as we want.

How to install Instagram on the cell phone

As we have already mentioned above in our post, this application is very easy to download. This popular social network has its web version, but where you can really take advantage of it is through your cell phone. To install Instagram on the cell phone, all we have to do is download the application from the Google Play Store .

As simple as looking for it in the Google application store and clicking on the green “Install” button. Once we have downloaded it, we can start using it, we can even manage several Instagram accounts on Android .

Users with iOS operating system devices can download Instagram from the App Store . In either case, the application can be obtained completely free of charge and you can start enjoying it in just a few minutes.

In these times and with technology almost controlling our lives, we have a lot of activity on the networks, in the case of Instagram, which is a very fun social network with which you can spend hours and hours watching spectacular photos and videos of any theme, even history. that you can download with an application. We leave you some tricks so that you get more out of your use of this social network:

  • How to know who gives you the most likes on Instagram
  • How to download images and videos from Instagram
  • How to gain followers on Instagram
  • Solution to the most common errors on Instagram

On the other hand, as we already know and there is no doubt about it, Instagram is one of the main social networks in the world, if not the most important, and taking into account that since it was acquired by Facebook it has not stopped adding new ones. functions.

It is important to keep it updated in order to make sure that we will have access to its recent features and we can get solutions to the errors that the application may throw.

Precisely, for this reason, in the following lines we want to show you how to install the latest version of Instagram on your smartphone in 2020, without having to carry out complex processes or anything like that.

Download Instagram 2020

Very well, as we said before, the first thing we have to take into account in this type of situation is that since Instagram was launched on the market , it has been presenting a huge amount of news,

That is why on this particular occasion we are interested in dwelling on how important it is to keep it updated, because otherwise we will not be able to access some of these new features .

In the same way, you have to know that when you do not keep your applications updated, you run the risk of attacks on your phone , considering that developers are fixing vulnerabilities and similar issues all the time.

Beyond this, the interesting thing is that having the latest version of Instagram on our mobile is not complicated, since all you have to do is update the application if you have it installed , or install it if you don’t have it. she.

For this, we recommend that you first access the Google Play store and search for Instagram in the top search bar.

If you already have the app installed, you have to see that you have the Update option available . If so, click on it to update to the latest version.

If you don’t have Instagram installed, then you just have to hit Install, and that will make sure that the latest version of the app is downloaded.

Download latest version of Instagram 2020

In any case, outside of what we have just mentioned, you have to take into account that most users of mobile devices with the Android operating system have the automatic update system active when they are connected to Wi-Fi.

So in most cases it is likely that you already have the latest version of this environment. As we have said, for multiple reasons it is important to have the latest version of Instagram installed , so don’t miss this chance.

How to update Instagram

Since the moment the application was launched, it has undergone a wide variety of changes and improvements that have made it what it is today. The updates that were released strengthened an application that from its beginnings was seen to grow a lot .

Currently having the latest version of Instagram is quite simple and in a few seconds you can download Instagram in its latest version for your mobile device.

Some people have their doubts whether they have the latest version of Instagram installed on their device. The easiest way to verify if they really have the latest version of this social network is simply by going to the Play Store.

Searching for “Instagram” in the search engine and if the “Update” button appears then it means that you have not updated the app to the latest version.

Have you been able to download the latest version of Instagram on your smartphone with this step by step?





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