How to download, install and update Gmail to the latest version

If we think about today’s main email applications, there is no doubt that one of the most interesting is Gmail , the client that has been developed by the people of Google.

It is not for nothing that this platform that allows us to manage all our emails, for example when receiving, sending or organizing them, has become the option preferred by many former Outlook or Yahoo users.

How to Download, Install and Update Gmail to the Latest Version Easy and Fast!

The truth is that if Gmail is in itself an application that has many interesting functions, we cannot lose sight of the fact that each service update adds many more attractive elements .

It is precisely for this reason that we believe that each user should take the trouble to always have their Gmail updated to the latest version available , and we want to show you the steps to follow so that you can do it yourself.

In addition to the functional, we cannot lose sight of the fact that when we talk about the most recent versions of Gmail, we are also referring to the most advanced versions in terms of security , another aspect that you should not neglect.

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  1. How to upgrade to the new version of Gmail
  2. Update the new version of Gmail on a computer or PC
  3. On an iOS or Android mobile
  4. What news and advantages does the new Gmail update offer us?
  5. Gmail on Android mobiles
  6. The Gmail app
  7. The new thing that Gmail has on Android

How to upgrade to the new version of Gmail

Well, already mentioned how important it is to have the latest version of Gmail updated, we believe that it is equally important that you know that the step by step to download the latest versions varies according to the devices in question .

For that, keep these differences in mind:

Update the new version of Gmail on a computer or PC

From the computer, the procedure is not too complicated , taking into account that many people access their Google email client directly from the PC for work reasons. The steps to follow here are the following:

  • Enter your web browser, it does not have to be Google Chrome
  • Goto the Gmail website 
  • At that moment , write the email address or the telephone numberlinked to the account with which you want to enter and click Next
  • Subsequently , enter the passwordfor that account and click Next again
  • If you have two-step verification active, you will have to allow access also from your mobile
  • Once you are inside Gmail, find the upper right and click on the gear-shaped icon
  • Review the options that appear at that moment in the window that is displayed and click on the one that says Try the new Gmail or Activate the new Gmail. If it doesn’t show up, just look for the most recent version of Gmail you find there.
  • After downloading , it will be installed on top of the old versionof this client that you had installed

On an iOS or Android mobile

On the other hand, to update our version of Gmail on iOS or Android devices, we must take into account some very specific aspects , since, for example, the first ones are not compatible with this service through a native app.

In those cases you will have to enter from the browser, and follow the steps that we explained in the previous section. In Android , meanwhile, you must follow this procedure:

  • Open the Google Play Storeapp store
  • Click on the three horizontal lines in the search bar to open the options menu
  • There go to My apps & games
  • Search for the Gmail applicationand enter it
  • If there is a new version available, a button will appear next to the name with the text Update and click on it
  • At that moment the download will begin, and immediately afterwards the application will open with the newest version available

In any case, so that you don’t have to be aware of that, our recommendation in this regard has to do directly with activating automatic updates, from Google Play Store Settings, Automatically update applications.

What news and advantages does the new Gmail update offer us?

We previously commented then that it is important to install the versions that are appearing of Gmail, and in the same way we believe that it is important that you take into account some of its latest developments .

For example , we can mention the new distribution of the sidebars , which allows some Google content and services complementary to the email service to be seen in a different way.

The email organization has also undergone modifications , considering that now when we hover over any of the emails we have received we will see a series of icons to launch different actions.

As for the design, we now have different display options , specifically those of compact, default and comfortable view, so that each of the users can keep the one they like best.

You should also not lose sight of the fact that you can access both secret and expired emails , in such a way that the former will be confidential and nobody will be able to see them, while the others will be unreadable after a date that we have marked.

With the advent of artificial intelligence, we now also have the possibility to enjoy the automatic response system , which draws our attention especially because it allows us to choose predetermined responses for the emails we receive.

If you want you can enjoy a system to postpone emails , so that even if they are important if you do not want to answer them now, you always have the possibility to answer them a little later. At least that way you won’t miss them.

At the same time, full integration with Google plug-ins appears, among which we can mention, for example, the Calendar, Keep, Trello or Dropbox, something ideal to fully exploit its possibilities.

It is precisely because of this type of update full of novelties that we recommend that you always try to have the latest version of this operating system installed, otherwise you could experience problems in its use.

Gmail on Android mobiles

It is incredible how much progress has been made, how far we have come today in terms of technology . Just to think that the first mobile phones looked like bricks and that computers had very limited use.

And now we can see that mobile phones are thinner than a finger, with enough power to play HD graphics in a very fluid way with graphics that are assimilated to desktop and portable consoles.

Mobile devices with Android are the most used in the world and one of the most useful things are the famous Gmail accounts.

Which we can use to access various Google services that offer us a wide variety of utilities and also for entertainment. But back to the topic of utilities, email from Google, Gmail. It is one of the most used, most complete, safe and dynamic on the market.

The Gmail app

The truth is that it is quite easy to use Gmail on Android , it was designed to help you save time, with push notifications (you can see who has sent you an email). It is also equipped with a search function, which allows you to search for a message as quickly as possible.

Gmail gives its users an organized tray where messages are sorted by category , spam filtering to the spam folder (it’s one of the best things about it).

Its storage is 15 GB, so you won’t need to be deleting messages to have some space. It also has support where you can manage multiple accounts, whether they are Gmail, Yahoo! and Outlook . 

Since it appeared, it has not ceased to amaze us, what’s more, it has surpassed Hotmail or Outlook , which was one of the most chosen email providers since, we could say, the beginnings of the Internet at a global level.

The new thing that Gmail has on Android

This month the latest version of Gmail for Android was released , there were several changes that have to do with increasing speed.

For example, one of the changes is from the updated search function which offers results much faster no matter if you are offline or online.

Now you can add a new account much faster , without so many laps and lastly, they fixed some bugs that had been causing annoyances and improved the app’s performance in general.

You have to keep in mind that Internet security is something that has to be taken very seriously, which is why applications are always being updated.

Much more when they are like Gmail that can contain important data, so if there is an update available, it is important that you do it.

In this sense, due to the trust we have in our email, we may store personal documents, recordings and private messages, contact details, bank details… without forgetting many of the passwords saved in Gmail.

Reason for which, we must be as cautious as possible, regarding our mail, keeping those who want to enter it at the margin, and being very emphatic with the security of personal data.

Definitely, the best thing we can do regarding Gmail mail is to keep it updated and be aware of each of its new features.

Now, tell us if this step by step has been helpful to you, and if you have any questions or suggestions, leave them in the space provided for it , below this article.

Were you able to download, install, and update Gmail to the latest version?





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