How to download and install WhatsApp free for BlackBerry 9320, 9720, 9810

One of the applications that you always have to have today to be able to stay connected at all times is undoubtedly WhatsApp, the app that was in charge of eliminating SMS and traditional calls, and comes pre-installed on many mobile phones. In case you want to know how to download WhatsApp for BlackBerry 9320 , in this article I am going to talk to you a little about this subject, we are going to see if it is possible to download and if so, from where it can be done.

The BlackBerry 9320 is one of the first phones with a touch screen, which made the task of sharing videos, images and files a little easier. This device has a 3 megapixel camera and a screen with 320 by 240 resolution. Like other mobiles of this brand, it has direct access keys. However, it is a bit old but here we will tell you how to download WhatsApp for Blackberry 9320 .

Although the application market has received many modifications, it is still possible to install applications such as Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp through the BlackBerry World. An important feature of the method that we will present to you is that once you download the application you can easily share it with all your BlackBerry contacts so that they can download it .

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  1. How to install WhatsApp on my BlackBerry 9320?
  2. How do I download WhatsApp on my BlackBerry?
  3. Download WhatsApp for Blackberry 9320
    1. First method: Download WhatsApp through the browser
    2. Second method: download WhatsApp with the QR code
    3. Third method: download WhatsApp from BlackBerry World
  4. What BlackBerry is compatible with WhatsApp?
  5. Download WhatsApp BlackBerry 9810
  6. Install WhatsApp BlackBerry 9810

How to install WhatsApp on my BlackBerry 9320?

I remember that at one time I had this phone and I can say that, for me, it was the best one I had so far. This device was of impeccable quality, quite small, but not cumbersome, with a QWERTY keyboard that, in short, was a joy to use to chat for hours on end. That is why I am so fond of this class of devices.

In the case of the BlackBerry 9320 , things get a bit complicated to have WhatsApp, since it was announced some time ago that the app would stop working among other devices, also for BlackBerrys that had the company’s operating system, therefore, Being able to use WhatsApp is somewhat complicated. You can try downloading the application from this link as well.

How do I download WhatsApp on my BlackBerry?

In case you cannot download said app, unfortunately the only thing you can do is use some other alternative application to be able to keep in touch with your loved ones, since as I said, WhatsApp does not provide more support for the company’s operating system nor does it updates or anything like that. Even if you enter the AppWorld you will find that said app is not available and, therefore, it is not possible to download it.

In order to install WhatsApp , it is necessary that you have a stable connection, in addition to having a minimum of storage space to be able to download it, you also have to take into account that if it is not possible, you could use, even if it is Messenger to be able to communicate with your friends.

Download WhatsApp for Blackberry 9320

WhatsApp is an application that has become very popular among young people, adults, and professionals, and it allows users to chat in real time through messages. To download WhatsApp for Blackberry 9320 we will present you three different methods, one of these methods will be through the browser.

First method: Download WhatsApp through the browser

To download the application from the browser you must enter the official page . Then you just have to click on download. When the download has finished you must close the browser and go to the menu. On the page, you will see details about what you need to do to install WhatsApp correctly.

Second method: download WhatsApp with the QR code

A QR code is a secure way to download an app. You must open the QR code reader and make sure to point the camera towards the code that we will present to you. Once you do that, you need to open BlackBerry World , click download, and follow the steps the app presents to you.

Third method: download WhatsApp from BlackBerry World

If you decide  to download WhatsApp for Blackberry 9320 from BlackBerry World, you should select the WhatsApp icon from this app store. When you select it, you must click on download and place your BlackBerry ID. Then you must complete the steps that are presented to correctly install the application

After you have tried any of these three methods to download WhatsApp for BlackBerry 9320 , you just have to associate your WhatsApp account with your BlackBerry ID, then all contacts will be automatically scanned and it will show which ones use the application. If you have any problem you can leave a comment and we will help you.

What BlackBerry is compatible with WhatsApp?

Unfortunately, despite being high-quality devices in terms of hardware, at this point they have fallen far behind and BlackBerry is considerably far from being what it was in other times. Therefore, using WhatsApp on a BlackBerry in 2017 is impossible and there will be no other option than simply upgrading the device to one with Android, iOS or Windows Phone.

If we are going to talk about the most used applications around the world on a daily basis, I am more than sure that WhatsApp is among the first. Because for that matter, nowadays we all use WhatsApp to keep in touch. This app was in charge of making us completely forget about SMS and traditional calls, now being an app that even comes pre-installed on mobile devices.

Do you want to download WhatsApp for BlackBerry 9810 ? In this article I am going to talk about this issue that has several owners of said phone concerned. Is it possible? It can’t be done? Let’s see what happens.

Download WhatsApp BlackBerry 9810

BlackBerry for a long time was one of the most recognized brands for mobile devices, without going any further, at a time having a phone of this brand was undoubtedly a tremendous luxury and one that many indulged in, especially in the business world. But everyone wanted to have a BlackBerry , everyone wanted a device from this company.

Today changed everything, Android grew in a brutal way, imposing itself as Google usually does and basically taking over almost the entire mobile phone market. Currently, the difference in users that exists between the main operating systems, which would be Android, iOS and Windows Phone, is brutal, with the first one being in first place with an overwhelming difference.

Install WhatsApp BlackBerry 9810

But BlackBerry stopped being what it was too long ago, you can try to download WhatsApp for BlackBerry 9810 from this link, but it may not allow it.

The reason? It is that WhatsApp announced some time ago that it would stop supporting the operating system of said company. Make no mistake that users who have a BlackBerry with Android can still continue to enjoy said app without any kind of problem since they have Android versions that are still supported. In the event that you cannot get hold of said app, there will be no choice but to use an alternative instant messaging application to be able to communicate with your friends without spending too much money.

In case you want to use WhatsApp , you should seriously think about buying a mobile device, even if it is cheap with Android, which, luckily, there is a huge variety of them and, above all, many brands like Xiaomi that have high-quality products, with very good specifications and above all at prices that are considerably accessible

There is nothing strange about having many questions about how to download WhatsApp for BlackBerry 9720 . There are many people who have too many doubts about certain applications and whether downloading them would harm their mobile device. But to remove these doubts, you will only have to read a little to know that each piece of information you need, it is always good to be informed about the characteristics of your phone and the application you want to download. As in this case, WhatsApp is the best mobile messaging application.

First we will tell you a little about the application, WhatsApp is used by millions of users around the world, it is one of the best known applications in the world, but even if there are more applications that are known, it is in the first place. That is why there is nothing strange that there are several people who wonder how to download WhatsApp. One of the best things that can be downloaded on almost any device, except cell phones that are very old since they do not have a verifiable operating system.

And now you probably have more questions and want to know if you can download the application on your BlackBerry, luckily if you can download it, since it has a light, smooth and quite fast operating system. The software that it has allows you to download many free applications through the App World, within those applications you will be able to find the one that you love so much, which is WhatsApp. The truth is that the application will work smoothly and quite fast for the speed offered by your BlackBerry, once you download WhatsApp you will not want to have any other application.





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