How to download and install WhatsApp for free for Nokia N97 and old N95

Technology has been evolving and with it our way of communicating, before we used local telephones and it is not that we stopped using them, but today we have mobile devices with applications that make our lives easier, we can even recover photos and lost files from phone .

For some time, we can communicate with applications that mobile phones bring, we can make video calls from them, something that before we were limited with this type of applications due to the characteristics of the equipment 

That is why today we are going to talk about two specific models from the Nokia business house, the N97 and the N95 mini, which as we know are models that at the time were the best equipment.

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  1. Nokia N97 Features
  2. Download WhatsApp on Nokia N97
  3. Nokia N95 Features
  4. Download WhatsApp on Nokia N95

Nokia N97 Features

The Nokia N97 mini is not a device like any other, it is one of the best that Nokia has launched on the market. How is it possible that I can say this? In short, it is very comfortable.

It has a full slide-out QWERTY keyboard with which chatting becomes considerably comfortable and very intuitive.

When in fully touch phones it is quite common to make mistakes when typing and it is necessary to use a dictionary to intuitively and automatically correct the errors that we make, in this case it is totally different since this physical keyboard is practically perfect for writing.

But, obviously, this device is not only a keyboard and it has a very careful design and a very solid casing that can withstand quite excessive use if necessary, in addition to this the battery life is quite long, so in this sense You won’t have any kind of problems.

The operating system used by the phone is Symbian , which is developed by its own manufacturer and although this may seem like an advantage in reality, the operating system itself is quite outdated and has not received updates for a long time.

Download WhatsApp on Nokia N97

However, do not lose hope that it is still possible to download WhatsApp for Nokia N97 and that is if you go to it is still possible to download the app, follow the steps that are described on the website and you will quickly be able to get hold of the popular application on your old Nokia N97 to be able to send and receive not only text messages but also images, videos and audio files.

On the other hand, as we had already stated from the beginning, we have created this extensive article to try to inform you a little about whether it is possible to download WhatsApp for Nokia N95

Of course, if it is, obviously we are also going to explain how you must do to be able to carry out this process properly, keep reading this article and you will see a lot of useful information about your device.

Nokia N95 Features

Let’s start with the design of the phone, which is actually quite peculiar, it is not “normal” or rather similar to other mobile phones, but rather original and different with a very good and comfortable sliding keyboard that also helps you if you you are not using the same one, you can, for example, listen to music comfortably.

The operating system of this mobile is Symbian, it is actually quite far from Android, its way of working and the applications available for this operating system are actually considerably different

Download WhatsApp on Nokia N95

so although it is possible to use WhatsApp on Nokia N95 , in the rest of the applications you may be a bit limited, you may have Facebook, Twitter, etc. But when it comes to games and stuff, I’m sorry to tell you that the phone is quite limited.

How should you do to download WhatsApp for Nokia N95 ? Actually it is not complicated at all, first look for the web browser of your mobile and open the app, then you must write in the address bar the address of the official website that is:

In this way , a notification will appear with which you will verify if it is possible to download the app, once this step is done, continue to download the application and then install it and obviously be able to use it without any kind of limits.





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