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How to download and install free Pokemon themes from the Google Play Store

The launch of the Pokémon Go video game, which was a real sensation, has had a true resurgence of the franchise, so if you want to personalize your Android mobile devices with Pokémon backgrounds or launchers, continue reading this article where we will tell you how to download and install free pokemon themes from google play store for my android cell phone.

How to Download and Install Pokemon Themes from Google Play Store for my Android Phone

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  1. Rise and evolution of the Pokémon franchise
  2. What are the best applications for Pokemon Themes for your Android phone?
    1. – Baby Monster
    2. – HD Wallpaper for Pokemon Fans
    3. – Monsterball Icon Pack Lite

Rise and evolution of the Pokémon franchise

The Pokémon franchise has defined an entire generation, which began as a video game, was soon brought to television, and has evolved over time.

With the rise of new technologies, you could not be left behind. So, for all fans of this saga , it is essential to have on your device, in addition to the game, a few Pokémon themes for Android that represent and identify your mobile.

There are several ways to customize the mobile, the most usual is simply to search for images that serve as a lock background or screen for the mobile. But the best option will always be to look for applications that can provide various wallpapers with different animations and full customization for the mobile.

So, become a true Pokémon Trainer in the best Ash Ketchup style, don’t lose any fight and win the Pokémon League with these applications that we recommend, so that you can customize your mobile screen to your liking and have your best spheres at hand .

What are the best applications for Pokemon Themes for your Android phone?

In the Google Play store you can find a large number of applications about Pokémon themes for Android, which allow you to customize your mobile much more, thus adding certain touches that identify it with Pokémon. Some of these are:

1.- Baby Monster

This application has a large number of available backgrounds, images and themes that allow you to personalize your mobile. You can download it completely free of charge and it has many icons to better personalize the device.

Kaufcom Games Apps Widgets is an application developer studio for Android devices, its beginnings date back to 2010, and although it is one of the pioneers. The portfolio of this study is so broad that it has more than 100 applications.

They are currently in the Google ranking. Its apps appear in the top 100 in more than 10 countries.

Among its most important recognitions is that not only do Pokeimages have a wide variety of themes and images that you can carry on your cell phone.

Baby Monster has the best Pokémon backgrounds, so you can have access to a large number of images from this game and you can place your favorite.

2.- HD Wallpaper for Pokemon Fans

This application is really a very good account if you want to have  many images in high definition and excellent resolution on your smartphone .

Despite the high quality of the images, you only need 2.9 MB of memory to download and carry it on your mobile.

In it you can find infinite images that you can use for free. In addition, you can adjust to improve the size, depending on the screen of your device, it can even work offline, to download it use this link.

3.- Monsterball Icon Pack Lite

Finally we present you the Mosterball Icon Pack lite application.

Have you already installed Pokémon Go on your phone? But you have not personalized your mobile? This is an application that all true fans must have, and it is based on images from the video game, it has a large number of wallpapers that can be used without paying more.

It is an application that only weighs 1.1 Mb and will give you a wide variety of images so that you have as many Pokémon, as in the game, which focuses on turning your Pokémon into monsterballs. So have fun and download the app.

At present there are numerous applications that will offer you images to customize your smartphone . As you will see, these are the 3 best applications to have some Pokémon themes for Android and that you can find for free on Google Play.

If you are a fan of Pokémon Go and have progressed quite a bit in this game, then you should download one of these themes , as you could not call yourself a true fan of the game, much less a pokemon trainer.


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