How to delete a contact or multiple contacts in Telegram

Telegram is one of the most popular social networks and messaging services today. Thanks to its diversity, its storage capacity and the innovations that Telegram is launching from time to time, it makes it a widely used application. This causes certain users to write to us at times, and it is the reason for which we want to eliminate said contacts in Telegram.

How to Delete a Contact or Multiple Contacts in Telegram step by step

It is a very popular messaging service that has certain tricks, so that anyone can intrude among your contacts and send you messages when you least expect it. Just having your page user is done, and nothing else, so this can give you an idea of ​​the problem that this means for your privacy within this app.

This usually happens very frequently, not to mention that there may be an unwanted person in your contact list that you do not want to have in the Telegram application. To the point that you want to delete it, not only from Telegram, but from your mobile completely. Although there are users who only prefer to hide their number so that it is not seen by unwanted people

However, there is only one problem, you don’t know how to do it, but don’t worry, here we will teach you how to delete contacts in Telegram, easily and without spending a lot of time. In this way, you will be able to protect every moment of your privacy within this app, which little by little has become one of the most used instant messaging apps worldwide.

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  1. How to delete a contact from Telegram step by step?
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How to delete a contact from Telegram step by step?

Mainly you must open your Telegram application and you must go to the page or chat screen , when you are there look for the contact of the person in Telegram that you want to delete and press it, when you open the chat of that person you will realize that in the top right is the image of the contact.

You must press right there, on the image, after this, in the upper right part of the window that will open, you will find the word Edit that is in blue , select it. After you do that, a new window will open, in which you will see various settings or tools related to the contact you want to delete from Telegram, among these functions are the following:

  • Modify the name of the contact.
  • Enable notifications.
  • Disable notifications.
  • Change the sound of notifications.

And, at the end of all the functions, it will give you the option to delete the contact , words that will appear in red, when you click on “Delete contact” two options will appear, “Delete” or “Cancel” if you really want to delete the contact in Telegram, you simply have to press again on “Delete”

Keep in mind that when you delete the contact from Telegram you will be deleting the contact completely from your cell phone , you will not only be deleting it from the application, this means that to search for that contact again, in case more If you regret it, you should ask the person for their cell phone number or Telegram user.

The above process deletes the contact from Telegram, although the chat remains with all its history. The only difference is that, instead of putting the name of the contact, the phone number appears. For this reason, you may also be interested in blocking it (to prevent it from opening the chat again when you reply), as well as deleting the chat, which we will see below.

Delete the chat too

Finally, you may be interested in deleting the chat, since the normal thing is that the entire conversation is saved in the Telegram cloud. In this case, the process is carried out from the chat, by touching Delete chat from the menu.

Before deleting the chat you must confirm your intention. You will then have the possibility to choose between deleting the chat only for you or also for the other person , since Telegram recently eradicated the time limit when deleting messages and allows you to delete both the messages that you send and those that send you.

And that’s it! This is how, in this easy way, it is how you can delete contacts in Telegram. Although we do have any doubts about this process. We can easily go to the Help Center of said messaging service





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