How to customize the color of MacBook folders

The Apple company is always ahead of other companies when we talk about customization, which is why it is quite loved and appreciated by all the public that knows its devices. That’s why we’ll show you ways to customize your icons on MacBook.

Whether you’re doing this to spruce up your desktop a bit, make Search easier to use, or want to use color to easily identify certain types of folders, you can do it in a few moments. From time to time I like to make certain folders on my MacOS desktop stand out. For example, I use automation to move saved screenshots on my desktop directly to a special Screenshots folder.

Since I’m always looking for the screenshots I take , I decided to paint the folder purple to make it stand out from the other items on my desktop. Here is how you can easily do the same.

How to Change Folder Color on Mac?

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  2. How to customize your folder icons on MacBook
    1. The importance of organization and performance on MacBook

How to customize the color of MacBook folders

  1. Create a new folder if you do n’t want to change an existing one.
  2. Right-click the folderyou want to change and choose Get Info.
  3. At the top of this dialog, you’ll see a picture of a foldernext to the folder name.
  4. Click on this image.
  5. Then choose Edit > Copy on the menu bar.
    Open preview.
  6. You can do this quickly by pressing Cmd + Space to open Spotlight, then typing Preview.
  7. With Preview open, select File > New from Clipboard.
  8. Click the Show Markup Toolbar button.
  9. It looks like a bookmark and is next to the search box.
  10. Pick the Adjust Color Tool which looks like a prism with light shining through.
  11. Use the sliders on the right side to adjust the color of the folder to your liking.
  12. When you’re satisfied, choose Edit > Select All from the menu bar.
  13. Press Cmd + C to copy the new folder.
  14. Go back to the previous folder information tab.
  15. Click the folder image again and press Cmd + V to paste the new folder over the old one.

Following those steps you will be able to change the color of the folders on your Mac . So you can enjoy customization and organization. You must also be attentive in case any folder is hidden, we will have to enable the show folder function . One of the best options is to place colors that quickly remind you of the contents of the folders. This way you will locate them easily.

How to Change a Folder Icon on Mac?

How to customize your folder icons on MacBook

Although it is not a very typical process and it may seem complicated at first glance , changing the folder icon on Mac is quite easy and quick to do.

First of all, you need to determine:

  • What is the folder you want to change its icon to.
  • What is the new icon that you want to apply on said folder.
  • For this you can do a quick search on the internet examining some icons that may interest you.

If you find one or more of them, you can download them and store them in a single folder (they have to be sorted). But in case you want to use the icon of some application that you already have on your Mac device, this is also possible. The process is the same as any other icon that you have been able to get online. You must click on the icon you want, whether it is a downloaded one or that of an application on your list.

Immediately press the command key (cmd) at the same time as the “c” key, resulting in: “ cmd+c ” to be able to copy the icon.

Now that you know how to change the colors and icons of your MacBook, so you can fully customize your computer. Remember that it is not only about customizing, it is also about having a better organization of your content. So start enjoying the benefits of customization.

The importance of organization and performance on MacBook

Apart from the organization of our files, it will not only allow us to have easy access to everything, but you will also be able to view those documents or information that are in disuse. It is essential to maintain optimal performance on our Mac computer to eliminate this content that only stores information and also taking into account programs or software that we should uninstall, since they are unused , since some of them run in the background and take away performance. and more if we have limited RAM memory.

Programs like Clear my Mac allow us to clean our RAM memory automatically so that we can do this maintenance process automatically.





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