How to customize Microsoft Edge

Internet Explorer used to be the most important web browser in the world . Its respective download and installation became widely popular when the use of the Internet expanded worldwide.

It was developed by Microsoft for its Windows operating systems since 1995, but gradually it lost much of its weight within its segment.

In fact, the appearance of rivals such as Mozilla Firefox, in the first instance and Google Chrome later, led the people of Redmond to take action on the matter, such as replacing it with Edge, their new browser .

How to Uninstall Internet Explorer and install Microsoft Edge?

But both before and after this decision by Microsoft, there were already many users who by their own decision took the trouble to remove Internet Explorer from their computers, and that is what interests us today.

Based on this, we want to show you the step by step that will allow you to uninstall Internet Explorer from your PC , and in case you later want to have the Microsoft browser, also be able to install Edge on the same device.

In order to carry out this tutorial, all you need is a computer with a stable Internet connection, as well as having Internet Explorer installed , otherwise it will be impossible to uninstall it, of course.

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  1. How to remove Internet Explorer
  2. How to install Microsoft Edge
  3. How to customize Microsoft Edge
  4. How to access the Settings Menu in Microsoft Edge
  5. How to change the home page in Microsoft Edge
  6. How to change the color of Microsoft Edge
  7. How to clear browsing data in Microsoft Edge
  8. How to set and manage favorites in Microsoft Edge
  9. How to restore Microsoft Edge to its original state

How to remove Internet Explorer

Well, in order to delete Internet Explorer from your computer , all you have to do is the following:

  • Click on the Start menuof your device
  • A drop-down window will appear, the one we all know, and in it you have to go to Control Panel
  • Then, you must go to the Programs section
  • Then another new drop-down menu will open and you have to enter Programs and Features
  • Then you have to go to Turn Windows features on or off
  • Another pop-up window will open in which a series of features will appear, indicating those that are active with a check mark in the box
  • You then have to look for the Internet Explorer box,which not only bears the name of the browser but also the number that indicates which version of it we have installed on the device.
  • A new pop-up window will appear asking if we are sure we want to disable Internet Explorer, and we have to click Yes
  • The process will take just a second, and you will no longer be seeing the Internet Explorer icon

Of course, before carrying out this type of procedure, we recommend that you download another browser , so that you always have a program of this type to enjoy your favorite websites and many more issues.

How to install Microsoft Edge

Now, it is possible that once you have uninstalled Internet Explorer, your experience with other browsers will not satisfy you, and that is when we recommend that you try your luck with its successor, Microsoft Edge .

Edge can be downloaded quickly from the official application store of the people of Microsoft and without a doubt it has features far superior to those that Internet Explorer had.

For example, one of its most interesting advantages is that it has been designed to integrate perfectly with the content and peripherals of the company’s console, the Xbox One , making it easy to navigate.

In addition, Edge has the support offered by the personal assistant Cortana , thanks to which we can obtain immediate answers to all our queries, as well as song lyrics, reviews, and much more.

The synchronization between mobile devices and computers of this browser is another of its great benefits, since we will always be able to send content from one terminal to another to follow them whenever we want, wherever we want.

If you like to read or write, it may also be an ideal browser for you, considering that Edge has a really attractive simplified reading system, perfect for following your books and PDF files.

The tools that allow you to improve reading and concentration, marking specific content or comments, become the perfect complement for those people who use their devices to study.

And if you’re reading a difficult text, where you might come across words whose meaning you don’t know, just hover your cursor over it to get a definition , even when you’re not connected to the Internet.

If we add to all this that Edge is infinitely faster and more secure than Internet Explorer , then there is no doubt that we are in the presence of a superior browser, one that can now compete with Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

How to customize Microsoft Edge

As we have noticed, Internet Explorer has become outdated over time, and it is for this reason that a huge number of users have decided to uninstall it from their computers and install Microsoft Edge, its official successor.

How to Set Up Microsoft Edge

Of course, Edge has new functions that, as we already mentioned, are much closer to offering us the performance that we can have in some of its main competitors within this segment, in which browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari appear, to name a few.

Now, lately we have come across many comments from users who have downloaded Edge to their computers and who are satisfied with how it works, but would like to improve their personal user experience in some way.

That is why, if you keep reading, you will find some of the best tricks to customize Edge , the new Microsoft browser, and make it adapt to your needs as well as Chrome, Firefox or any other.

Well, then we are going to show you a series of rather simple, short tutorials, which, however, will allow you to fully customize many of the essential aspects of Edge on your computer.

How to access the Settings Menu in Microsoft Edge

First of all, you have to know that many of Edge’s customization features are available in its Settings.

And, to enter this section, you just have to click on the three ellipsis that correspond to the drop-down menu, located on the upper right side.

When it opens, you will find many options available, and almost at the end, those of Settings .

How to change the home page in Microsoft Edge

Secondly, the first thing we see every time we open our browser is the Home page that we have configured, and that is why it should be one that is useful to you or with which you feel comfortable. You can modify it by following these steps:

  • Go to Settings
  • Then go to Open with
  • Selectspecific page or pages
  • There look for Customand in the text field place the page with which you want to start each session in Edge.
  • You must write its URL address

From then on, every time you enter the Edge browser you will see the selected home page.

How to change the color of Microsoft Edge

Although, by default we see a certain interface in our Microsoft Edge, we always have the possibility of modifying our browser so that it adapts more to our tastes, or it is not so annoying to the eye. Follow this procedure to do so:

  • Go to Settings
  • Once in this menu go to Choose a theme
  • Select a different theme than the original, which could well be another light or a dark one if you wish

In general, most users tend to select light colors for daytime use of their devices, while they tend to opt for dark themes in times of absence of natural light.

How to clear browsing data in Microsoft Edge

A huge number of users want to learn how to clear their browsing data in Edge so no one else knows about it, and then all you have to do is clear History, as this information is called:

  • Go to Settings
  • Once there, enter the Clear browsing data section
  • In the new window, select the elements to delete, and click Delete

This way you will have deleted all or part of your browsing history easily.

How to set and manage favorites in Microsoft Edge

In the same way, you can never lose sight of the fact that practically all browsers allow us to manage the Favorites that we have stored, either within our own information or that of other browsers.

In Edge you can easily import the Favorites from your previous browser , following these steps:

  • Go to Settings
  • Once there, enter the Import favoritesand other information section
  • Then click on Import from another browser
  • Select the browser from which you want to import the Favorites and click Import
  • After a few seconds, you will have managed to have all these Favoritesin your Edge browser

How to restore Microsoft Edge to its original state

And finally, you have to know that, sometimes when changes are made to the configuration of a browser, this can cause problems with it , and then you will have to resort to a restart.

Restoring Microsoft Edge is the best solution in case you are not satisfied with the modifications made to it, in such a way that you avoid having to undo each of the changes independently.

With all the information that we have already provided you, we have no doubt that your experience using Microsoft Edge will be greatly improved and you will not regret using it as your default browser.

If you have any questions, let us know through a comment in the opinion box , at the bottom of this article. Then:

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