How to create, customize and publish a site, blog

Creating a website with Wix is ​​considerably easy , if you are just starting out in this world, there is no better way to start as it is a way to gain experience for the future.

In addition, best of all, it is free and easy , but also fast and intuitive. In the following tutorial we will see the entire process step by step to have a functional website with Wix.

How to Create, Customize and Publish a Site, Blog or Web Page with Wix for Free Step by Step

Wix is ​​a cloud-based web development platform that was developed and popularized by the Wix company. It allows users to create professional HTML5 websites and mobile sites through the use of online drag and drop tools.

Users can add functionality such as plug-ins, e-commerce, contact forms, email marketing, and community forums to their websites using a variety of Wix- developed and third-party applications .

Wix is ​​built on a freemium business model, earning its revenue through premium upgrades . Users must purchase premium packages to connect their sites to their own domains, remove Wix ads, add e-commerce capabilities, or purchase additional data storage and bandwidth.

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  1. We show you some advantages of Wix
    1. Wix Publisher
    2. Wix Templates
    3. HTML5 technology
    4. Design adapted to tablets and smartphones.
    5. Domain and newsletter
  2. How to Create a Website Step by Step with Wix

We show you some advantages of Wix

Wix Publisher

“Easy, fast and incredible” If you get stuck, the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section will help you. There are very short introductory videos that will give you the necessary explanations to use the different functions.

Wix Templates

That’s how it is! They have a large repertoire of beautiful web templates, very colorful and organized according to the category or profession. Another point in favor!

HTML5 technology

Moving on to the technical part, it is noteworthy that it works with HTML5 technology. This, along with other features , allows you to very easily adapt your site to all types of devices.

Design adapted to tablets and smartphones.

As I have already mentioned before, all Wix templates are displayed correctly on both Tablets and smartphones.

Domain and newsletter

Wix provides you with a URL when you create your website a subdomain. For example: “”, however it also allows you to link your own domain , as long as you contract the premium service.

How to Create a Website Step by Step with Wix

  • The first thing you obviously have to do is register on the Winx website, so you must enter the official page. Once you enter the site you have to click where it says start now.
  • On the page that opens you have to enter your email and a password, since you don’t have an account it is important that you check the option that says “ I am a new user”. In the event that you have an account, simply check the option that says “I am an existing user”.
  • Now you have to register the form fields and we just go in.
  • In the next window you have to look for where it says “Start creating a website”.
  • You will be able to choose the templatethat you like the most and that suits your needs, in this way you can choose any that can be adapted to the idea of ​​the web that you want and you have to take into account what kind of web you want to make, since It will depend if it is for a game, a local business, etc.
  • After choosing a templateyou have to press where it says ” Edit “.
  • In this editor we are going to find some tabs which will be useful to be able to edit each of the sections of the web.
  • Therefore, in the ” pages” part you will be able to change the names of the tabs of the web in question, you can even customize other aspects such as the color of the letters, the size, the type, etc.
  • As for the ” design” tab, you can select a different background, in addition to being able to upload a personalized one , change colors, borders, sizes, etc.
  • In add you can put a lot of extra things like buttons, text, images and everything where you want.
  • Also, as if that were not enough, you can click on any sector you want to edit, this way you can edit everything without any kind of problem in a matter of a few seconds.
  • When you finish editing everything, the only thing left to do is press where it says ” save” and that’s it.
  • Now it asks you to put the name that your website is going to have and the only thing left to do is click on where it says ” publish” and that’s it.

As you can see, it is not complicated at all and in a matter of a few minutes you will have a complete website that will only need your creativity and content.





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