How to cope with failure

How to cope with failure (and lead life to success)

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Failure is considered to be the greatest paradox of mankind. we hate failure Nobody wants to fail. but at the same time We cannot grow up, become better, better, or develop more. If we had not failed before

This article will discuss the factors that cause failure. How to overcome failures in many cases and how to bring these failures to adjust to become successful people.

Table of Contents

  • How to cope with failure
    • Dealing with failures at work
    • Coping with learning failures
    • Coping with failures in life
    • Overcome failure with solutions in our hearts.
  • Failure factor
    • #1 Negative thinking
    • #2 Lack of goals
    • #3 Inaction
    • #4 Not learning from failures
  • How does failure lead to success?

How to cope with failure

It is normal that some inevitable failures may occur at times. But how do you minimize failure? If you try to think carefully Failure has its advantages. Sometimes it will help us not get lost. make the same mistakes Because it’s saying that this is not the right path. And we should choose to try a new route.

In this section, I’ve broken down several types of ways to cope with failure. In order to help solve problems for readers in many ways.

Dealing with failures at work

When a failure occurs The first thing you should do is Failures or mistakes must be accepted first. Don’t try to make excuses. in order to reduce the error to be less It’s useless. Because the person responsible for that job is us.

So we should accept it with an apology. and hurry to find a solution to the next problem by thinking over the root cause of the problem What is the cause of this failure? Where are the flaws? and find a solution to the problem as soon as possible In order for the work to return to efficiency and be able to continue properly.

If we cannot fix this problem by ourselves or try to fix it but it still doesn’t get better The next way is to try to ask for help from knowledgeable people who might be able to help solve the problem for us, such as colleagues in the same line of work or supervisors, etc. If there is a problem that requires specialized knowledge, try asking for help. from people with specific expertise in that field In order to bring the problem to be solved.

Of course, sometimes problems from work may come from factors that we cannot control. In this section, if we are confident that we can do our best. The best solution is to take steps to prevent the same problem from happening again.

Coping with learning failures

First of all, you have to start by asking the question. What kind of success would be called success in studying? And what kind of failure would you call it?

Many people would understand that to be successful in studying. It is only necessary to study for grade 4 or grade A, while those who do not get good grades may be considered a failure. The way to measure results using grades or grade point averages. This might seem like the easiest way.

But how do we know if it’s a quality result or just a number? Because to judge whether we are successful in studying or not is that we can apply the knowledge gained from studying. Can be used or not

Therefore, the first thing you should do is not blame yourself for being incompetent or less intelligent. But let’s think about it. take a good look at whether we have really made an effort It wouldn’t be surprising if the reason for failing in school was due to inattentiveness, such as talking to friends during class. Thinking about other things that are not related to studying, playing with mobile phones, etc.

If you’re confident that you’ve really concentrated on studying But still feel like it still doesn’t work. Maybe it’s because of the teaching method. or content that is too difficult It still doesn’t work for us, so let’s start over with the basics or general need-to-know knowledge. so that it can be further developed in the future

Friends are another important factor that greatly affects learning. If your current classmates are the ones who study hard They will help take each other to study. And make it more likely to succeed in studying than friends who do not pay attention to study.

When finished studying each time Let’s try to put the knowledge that I learned into practice. to measure whether our learning is successful or not If only studying and never using it at all We are like failing since we haven’t actually used it yet.

Coping with failures in life

When people encounter failures in life It’s normal to feel hopeless. However, we have to come back up and try again. Let’s try to change that new idea. When you fail in life That means you’ve learned your lesson. And it’s a life experience that only you can get.

Then try setting a new goal again. By this time, the plan should be more flexible. to deal with situations that do not meet the goals set and will make what is being done uninterrupted, as well as be able to change and correct as appropriate in each situation better

Rest is important. After making the effort to achieve the goal with determination Faced with many obstacles, both physically and mentally, it may be normal to be tired. Therefore, knowing how to take care of one’s health Therefore, it is something that should not be overlooked.

Sometimes we will encounter problems that cannot be solved by ourselves. Therefore, it is necessary to have a side to help, and that person should be ready to support us, such as a close friend, lover or family member, etc. They will be able to help and give us useful advice. with pleasure and willingness On the other hand, you should stay away from people who have a negative, negative attitude and try to bring yourself to be in a society of self-improvement people.

and keep asking yourself what you are doing Why it matters to us When you don’t know how important what you are doing, you will not have the willpower or energy to do it fully. Therefore, you should pay close attention to everything you do. I believe that you will definitely be closer to success than failure.

Overcome failure with solutions in our hearts.

In the end, if we understand that external problems are difficult to solve. We will see that the factors that make us suffer all come from our hearts.

However, I can’t tell you which factors matter the most to you. Because everyone has different likes and dislikes. So let’s take a look at the factors in our minds that relate to failure to make our lives better.

Failure factor

#1 Negative thinking

Negative thinking is how we judge events Both happened and not yet happened. Including judging people in a way that is not creative.

Which people will think that some negative. is common But if thinking too much negatively becomes a habit often pessimistic Constantly staring at other people’s mistakes Thinking I’m not good enough more and more accumulated It will cause various consequences.

including the impact on physical and mental health The effect on lower self-esteem The impact on those around you is often malicious towards others. Impact on study or work The impact on family life, marriage life, unstable relationships, etc.

Therefore, negative thinking does not benefit us at all. It only diminishes and causes more suffering. If you want to be successful, try to start by quitting negative thinking first. and to change the idea that Failure is just the first step towards great success in the future.

#2 Lack of goals

Not having a goal is like traveling without a destination. And it’s normal to get lost over and over again. If you are still unsure of the path to go thus making it impossible to reach the final destination You don’t need to see the goal clearly.

Believe me, no one has a clear picture of their own goals in life from the beginning. But at least it’s better than no goal at all. For example, you may have a goal to travel to Phuket. Even though I still don’t know where to stop and visit. But it definitely won’t make you lost to Chiang Rai. And that goal is something that can be changed.

If confident that it will lead to better results. There are no rules dictating that one must stick to the same goal only. do not change Your goals for the next five years may be completely different from your goals today. Therefore, it is important to have goals that make your intentions realistic and successful.

#3 Inaction

There is a saying that ‘Success does not come from knowledge. But by doing it ‘ although there is a lot of knowledge. big dream clear goals But if there is no action Of course, there would be no concrete results. and when there is no result It’s impossible to succeed. There are often many excuses that prevent them from taking action.

For example, I like to say that now I don’t have money, I don’t have time, I can’t do it. not ready yet Some too risky Are you too old or too young? and fear of failure

which must be said Most of the world’s billionaires or successful people, both old and young, start doing things when they’re not ready. ??? ??? ????? ? ???? ??? ????????? ?????????? ??? ??????????????? ?????- ????? ????? ? ?????????? ???? ??????? ???? ?? ?

The part that says there is no time I think it’s a problem of time allocation. Because everyone has the same 24 hours a day. It depends on how much you can manage your time effectively.

#4 Not learning from failures

Everyone has failed and made mistakes. But failure is not the only downside, it depends on how quickly you fall and get back up.

We have to start by accepting and knowing how to learn from failure by looking at it as a lesson. then we will and grow up and have a greater chance of success because it will give us the confidence to dare to do more new things, dare to take more risks Even if there will be another setback. But I learned from that failure by using it as my experience so I wouldn’t make the same mistake twice.

As the saying goes ‘Experience is the best teacher’

Therefore, not knowing how to learn from the failures that occur cause no change and when there is no change The end result will be the same: failure, as Einstein said. “Only insane people do the same thing. but hoping for new results.”

How does failure lead to success?

Failure will teach us to be more careful. And we will not walk down the path that has failed again. It’s true that not everyone who fails is successful.

But all successful people All of them have been through failures before. Because failure does not hinder us from success. But it’s part of success.

Failure also makes us strong and grow. which is an important gain from overcoming failures For some who choose to be overwhelmed with failure. or someone who has never experienced failure before will never understand the effort and commitment that must be dedicated both physically and mentally to get through it Including the results that followed as well

As IBM founder Thomas Watson once said, “ If you want to be successful, you have to be successful. to fall twice as much.”

When the error fails Many people tend to be overwhelmed with problems. Making it even more difficult to find a way out. So should stop focusing on failure. But should focus more on solutions or solutions. Because usually people are interested in something, we will only see that. Therefore, by focusing on solutions, we will ultimately see a solution to that problem.

People who fall can rise again. which, if asked to successful people, When it fails, what to do next? Everyone would probably say with the same voice that just get up again If failed again got up and fought again because if when we choose to give up and not stand up to fight Everything will end there. And we will never succeed. Conversely, if we do not give up no matter what kind of obstacles we encounter. One day will surely be successful





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