How to Connect PS4 Joystick to iPhone/iPad

Now I will tell you how to connect a PlayStation 4 joystick to an iPhone or iPad running iOS 13 and newer. This ability to connect DualShock 4 from the PS4 has become available since iOS 13.

This article applies to all iPhone 13/12/11/X/8/7 and Plus models on iOS 15. Older versions may have different or missing menu items and hardware support listed in the article.

  • Innovation Features
  • Connect PS4 Joystick to iPhone/iPad
  • Downloading a compatible game
  • Turning off the controller

Innovation Features

Apple developers created the ability to connect the DualShock 4 joystick to their gadgets due to the launch of the Apple Arcade subscription service. If the user subscribes to the service, then he has access to hundreds of unique games that can be launched at any convenient time.

As a result, you get a small console in the form of an iPhone and iPad. You can control the device through the familiar gamepad.

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Connect PS4 Joystick to iPhone/iPad

For beginners, it may seem that this process of connecting a joystick to a gadget is very complicated. In fact, Apple developers have made it so that it takes a minimum of time to connect Dualshock 4.


  • On iPhone/iPad, click Settings.
  • Select “Bluetooth”. If it is disabled, activate the option (just move the slider to the active state).

How to Connect PS4 Joystick to iPhone/iPad on iOS 13

  • On the DualShock 4 joystick, hold down the “Playstation” and “Share” buttons. Keep them pressed until the main indicator starts flashing.

How to Connect PS4 Joystick to iPhone/iPad

  • In the “Bluetooth” tab in the “Others” menu, the DualShock 4 will be displayed.
  • I click on it. Done, the connection process is completed.

How to Connect PS4 Joystick to iPhone/iPad

Downloading a compatible game

You can now download a compatible game. You don’t need to pair the game.

If the MFi controller is supported, then the joystick will immediately function. For example, just open GTA Vice City, and the wireless controller will immediately allow you to control the gameplay.

How to Connect PS4 Joystick to iPhone/iPad

In theory, all MFi-compatible games will function with the DualShock 4. You also need to make sure that the game developer has optimized their product for iOS 13.

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Turning off the controller

The DualShock 4 will turn off automatically after a period of complete inactivity. If you monitor the autonomy of the gadget, you can turn it off manually. Just press and hold the “Playstation” button on the joystick until it turns off.

You can disable the joystick in this way:

  • On your iPhone/iPad, go to Control Center. Click on the card icon in the upper left corner and hold it.
  • Now hold down the “Bluetooth” icon.
  • Then click on “DualShock 4 Wireless Controller”, after which the joystick will turn off.

There is a third way to disable DualShock 4:

    • Open the “Bluetooth” tab.
    • In “My Devices” we find the joystick, click on the icon next to its name.

How to Connect PS4 Joystick to iPhone/iPad

  • A page will open in which we click “Disable”.
  • The controller will be disabled.




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