How to connect an iPad with and without iTunes

When we talk about tablets, there is no doubt that one of the best exponents in this segment are the famous iPad , developed by the people of Apple, as rivals to those with Android or other operating systems.

How to Connect iPad to PC

The truth is that somehow, the iPad has managed to be seen as one of the most popular electronic devices on the market for consumers, and on this particular occasion we wanted to offer you one of its best tutorials.

As we know, it is possible to chat on iPad, in addition to browsing the Internet, reading electronic books, listening to music, playing our favorite games or checking email , but there is still more.

It is that there are many users who ask us if it is possible to connect an iPad to a computer with the Windows operating system, and not only that, but if it is also possible to synchronize the iTunes Library through this device. If you want to know what version of iOS your iPad has, go to this link.

In the following lines we want to show you how to carry out this step by step, and all you need is a PC with Windows and a stable Internet connection , an iPad and an iTunes account in which you have some songs, nothing more than that.

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  1. Plug iPad to a Computer
  2. How to exchange data from iPad to a computer
    1. Sync with iTunes
    2. Backup on computer
    3. Synchronization via WiFi
    4. Transfer your data
  3. Connect your iPad to your Mac or PC with iTunes
    1. How to transfer your data using iCloud

Plug iPad to a Computer

Well, as we said, it is not only possible to connect the iPad to a TV, but we also have the possibility of synchronizing it with a computer , following the steps that we are going to show you below:

  • The first thing you have to do in these cases is to install iTunesif you do not have it installed
  • If you already have it installed, make sure it is updated to the latest version
  • Only then turn on your iPad. It is important that the iPad has at least 50% battery when performing the procedure, otherwise it may turn off during the procedure, which can cause data loss
  • Well, considering the previous points, the next thing will be to connect the iPadto a computer through its original USB cable if you have it at hand. Ideally, the connection should be direct, bypassing any USB hub just in case
  • Coming soon, and if it is the first time you connect the iPad to the computer , you will see that you need to download and install some drivers that Windowswill ask you for . Do not worry because this procedure is automatic, although keep in mind that it may take a few minutes
  • Now open iTunesif it didn’t open automatically when the iPad was connected to the computer
  • When you have done the previous steps it is time to configure the new device, that is, the iPad, to your computer
  • You will have to set a name for the device first,which will be the one that will appear in the future when you connect it
  • Now is the time to select your iPad in iTunes. You can do this directly from the Devices section found in the left sidebar of the system. If it is not visible, click on View to make it appear
  • From the selection of the iPadyou will be able to manage all its contents without problems. If you notice that your iPad isn’t showing up under Devices, it may be that it’s not connected properly or it’s turned off, so fix the problem.
  • Once you have iPad selectedthen , use the tabs along the top of the iTunes window to manage the content you want to sync with the Apple folks’ tablet.
  • You will see that you can sync music, movies, applications, books and many other contents that are in your iTunes Library
  • When you’re done, safely eject iPadfrom your computer by going to Devices, Eject in the Bottom Bar on your computer. You have to repeat this last procedure every time you disconnect both devices

As you can see, it is a fairly simple step by step , thanks to which we are able to connect our iPad to a computer with the Windows operating system without compatibility problems or anything like that.

Your i Pad stores all your photos, messages, health data, documents, accessory settings, settings, and much more. In other words, your memories and your preferences. Copying data from a PC to an iPad  is easy because your data is important, even valuable, and should be treated as such.

The best way to protect your data is to make a backup. You can back up your iPhone or iPad via iCloud, or directly to your computer using iTunes.

Before downloading any software, you should always back up your device. You should also maintain a regular backup routine, in case something happens to your iPhone or iPad, such as getting lost or stolen.

How to Transfer Files from iPad to PC with iTunes?

How to exchange data from iPad to a computer

Your iPad contains a lot of personal information. This can include text messages , emails, apps, movies, TV shows, music, and much more.

As a result, it’s important to back up your iPad on a regular basis. It is also useful for transferring data to a new iPad, as long as it is updated.

There are two ways to back up your iPad. The first is to save your data to a Mac or PC. The second is to iCloud using a WiFi connection . This tutorial focuses on the former. Read on to find out how easy it is to back up your iPad to a computer.

Sync with iTunes

The first step is the easiest, just connect the iPad to a Mac or PC using the dock cable supplied in the box.

iTunes will open automatically ( see if you need to download it to your PC ). Your iPad will appear at the top of the screen in iTunes, or if you have the sidebar enabled, in the left panel. Click on it and you will see an overview of the device.

Backup on computer

In the Summary window, you can choose to back up iPad to iCloud or to your computer. Select Computer, and then click the Sync button in the lower right corner of iTunes. Your preferences have now been saved, and iPad will begin backing up your data to your computer.

Synchronization via WiFi

Check this option in the Summary window. This will allow your iPad to sync wirelessly with your Mac or PC as long as it’s connected to a power source and the same WiFi network . This is a great way to automatically back up your iPad every night while you sleep.

Transfer your data

Just plug it into your computer and iTunes will ask if you want to restore your old backup to the new device.

Click Yes to transfer all messages , emails, notes, photos, web bookmarks, apps, and more to the new iPad. Don’t worry if the progress bar stops or takes too long – there may be a lot of data to transfer.

Connect your iPad to your Mac or PC with iTunes

  • Open
  • Click on the iPad icon
  • Click BackupNow under Manual Backup and Restore.
  • Wait for the backup to complete.
  • Disconnect your old iPad.
  • Connect your new device to the same Mac or PCyou used to back up your old iPad.
  • Click the iPad iconin iTunes.
  • Click on Backup
  • Click on the iPad icon
  • Click Restorefrom this backup – if you haven’t already clicked it.
  • Select the backupyou want to use.
  • Click
  • iTunes will restore your iPadfrom the iTunes backup.
  • This can take a while.
  • Tap Continue on your new iPad

iTunes music player is one of the players whose functions are not limited to mobile phones only, many of them can be found on all devices where this application is downloaded.

How to transfer your data using iCloud

If you use iCloud to back up your iPad , you can transfer everything wirelessly. However, before doing so, you will need to activate one last manual backup to make sure everything is up to date if you were to switch from to a new device.

  • Open Settingson your old iPad.
  • Tap the Apple ID banner .
  • Tap
  • Tap iCloud Backup .
  • Click Backup now.
  • After backing up your iPad.
  • You will want to start with your new Deviceand restore the backup of the older device.
  • Press the Start button on your new device to start the setup process.
  • Follow the instructions for initial setup.
  • If you want to transfer everything from your old iPad to your new iPad.
  • Try using the automatic setup process in iOS 12.
  • Click Restorefrom [date of most recent backup]
  • Backup to restore from the last iCloud backupwhen using automatic settings.
  • Touch OK.
  • Finish setting up your new device with settings for Siri, location, app analytics, and Apple Pay.

Have you been able to connect your iPad to a computer with this step-by-step that we just showed you?





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