How to charge in AdSense with RUT account?

Every day there are more users who join AdSense monthly and it is normal, since it is a platform that allows people to earn money from the comfort of their homes and work in their free time. So if you would like to make money this way and you are in Chile, we will tell you how to associate, link and charge in AdSense with a RUT account step by step.

Most of the users are YouTubers or website editors in Chile. So after verifying your account with the PIN, they have not been able to configure the payment method to collect the money monthly. Follow the step by step that we present to you and enjoy all the benefits that linking these two services generates.

How to Associate, Link and Charge in AdSense with RUT Account step by step

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  1. How to charge in AdSense with RUT account?
  2. What steps do I have to follow to link the AdSense payment method with my RUT account?
  3. I already linked my AdSense to my RUT account, what do I do now?

How to charge in AdSense with RUT account?

After having eliminated one of the most used forms of payment in AdSense, which was Western Union, it is only available to add Current accounts and Savings accounts. However, many times these are also somewhat complicated to achieve, since it is necessary to have a stable job or be a university student.

On the other hand, one of the cards that everyone in Chile can opt for is the RUT Account, which allows you to collect payments from Google, which are automatically deposited in the RUT account of Banco del Estado.

Remember that the RUT is the unique mechanism to identify , locate and classify people and entities that have the quality of taxpayers. It serves to endorse and identify the economic activity before third parties with whom a commercial, labor or economic relationship is maintained in general and before the different control and supervision entities.

The limit of monthly payments in the account is $2,000,000 per month, with the maximum available balance that you can handle being $3,000,000. You can also make transactions, notifications and balance information with your account through the application for Android phones .

What steps do I have to follow to link the AdSense payment method with my RUT account?

If you want to charge in AdSense with a RUT account, it is really simple , you just have to follow the following steps:

1.- To start, you just have to enter your Gmail data to your Google AdSense account.

2.- Then go to the Payments section and select “Manage payment methods”.

3.- This is the most complex part, you must configure the data so that Google can deposit a minimum balance and be able to verify that your account is real . The data that you must indicate are: Bank account holder (you must indicate your full name and all capital letters), RUT (you must write it respecting periods and hyphens), Type of account (since it is a RUT account you must indicate that it is a Current account), Account Number (this is the most important part, the account number will be the RUT number without placing the points, you should not place the hyphen or what appears after the hyphen).

4.- Once all the data has been placed, you have to wait 2 to 3 business days to receive the deposit from Google. The deposit is approximately 30 pesos.

You must bear in mind that if you do not have a RUT account, you must go to a ServiEstado or BancoEstado office and meet the requirements requested by said institution, in order to enjoy it with its benefits.

I already linked my AdSense to my RUT account, what do I do now?

The next thing is to constantly review the movements of your RUT account, the deposit will come in the name of Banco de Chile, which is the intermediary of AdSense in Chile.

Go to the $ deposits and credits section , which is where the verification deposit AdSense made to activate the payment method will appear. Remember that when you receive the amount you must go to Payment, check and credit the deposit received to activate this form of payment with AdSense.

This option that we have offered you is just one of those that are available to make money transfers electronically. There are others such as PayPal , zelle, etc. Evaluate your alternatives, if you have any questions or problems you can leave a comment and we will help you.





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