How to change your date of birth on your Instagram profile

The moment a new application comes to light, we want to test it and in this way see if it meets our expectations. But when entering our personal information, it may happen that we make a mistake in some data. That is why in this article we will explain what you must do to change your date of birth on your Instagram profile .

How to Change your Date of Birth on your Instagram Profile – From Mobile and PC

Social networks are a widely used means to communicate with anyone no matter where they are . And in this case, Instagram offers us new functions to capture our attention, where it is possible to send bomb photos , make stories, Reels and much more. All this from the App installed on your smartphone in a very simple way.

Now, if you are a user who, due to an oversight , did not enter any information about your date of birth correctly . Then this article interests you, since we are going to show you how the social network allows you to make these types of changes. And best of all, you can do it directly from your mobile or from your personal computer.

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  1. What is the reason why Instagram requests the date of birth of its users?
  2. How can you change the date of birth that you registered in your Instagram account?
    1. with the website
    2. From the Android app
    3. If you use the iOS app
  3. What other aspects of private information on Instagram can you edit and how is it done?
    1. Your phone number
    2. Gender
    3. Username
    4. Profile picture

What is the reason why Instagram requests the date of birth of its users?

Some data that is requested on social networks or a communication platform such as Instagram is necessary. And first of all, it is to know your real age, for no reason will people under 14 years of age be allowed to create an account . And this is usually the most important reason why the platform requires this information.

The second reason why users’ date of birth is required when creating an Instagram account. It is to offer this information to all your followers and friends, in the form of a notification so that they can congratulate you on such a special day.

How can you change the date of birth that you registered in your Instagram account?

As we have already mentioned, it is possible to change the date of birth that you registered on Instagram when you created your account. Remember that it is possible to create an account even if it doesn’t let you . And the steps to follow will have certain differences depending on the electronic device where you use the platform, be it from a PC or from your mobile with Android and iOS systems.

with the website

If you want to change your date of birth from a PC , you must then enter the main page of Instagram . You will of course do this from the browser you use, once inside your profile, you will go to the right side of the screen where your profile picture is located. And the next step is to click on it to show some options.

In our case we will select the ‘Edit profile’ option, this action will take you to a new window where you will have several sections. And among them the option ‘ Change the date of birth’ , which you must choose and place the data correctly so that all your followers can congratulate you on the day you really have a birthday.

From the Android app

In the case that you use a smartphone that works with the Android system and from there you want to change the date of birth that you entered in Instagram . You are going to do the following, as a first step, search and press the application icon to enter it. Once inside your account, go to the profile photo and click on it.

This action will allow several options to be displayed on the screen, from which you will click on the ‘Edit profile’ option. The next step is to find and select the ‘Set up personal information’ option to be taken to your window. In it you will find the date of birth option and you can change it so that the error made when creating the account is corrected.

If you use the iOS app

For users who use Apple brand smartphones, they will also be able to change the date of birth on Instagram easily . The procedure to follow is as follows: first enter the Instagram App from your mobile. Once you are inside your account, you will look for your profile photo and click on it to access a menu.

The next step is to click on the ‘Edit profile’ option and then click on the ‘ Configure personal information ‘ option . When you perform this step you will be taken to a window where you will find the data to register when creating your account. Find and select the ‘Date of Birth’ option and now proceed to make the change.

What other aspects of private information on Instagram can you edit and how is it done?

The date of birth is not the only personal or private information that we can edit on Instagram. There are other data that we are asked to register and that these may be subject to change, and therefore, we will be allowed to edit them as well. Among these data are the email address, telephone number, profile picture, among others.

So if you have problems with this information and you don’t know how to update your personal data on Instagram, here we will tell you what to do in each case.

Your phone number

The telephone number is personal data that is very susceptible to changes and today it may be different from the one you had when you created your account. Therefore, if you want to change this information, you just have to do the following: enter the platform from your smartphone. When you are in your account, go and click on your profile picture.

The next step is to select the ‘Edit Profile’ option so that you can make the change or changes you want. In our case, click on the phone number and edit it, once you have written the new phone number.

Go to the arrow in the right corner and click on it, in this way a code will be sent to the new number you registered. To finish, you just have to enter this confirmation code and that’s it, you’ve already made the phone change on Instagram from your mobile.


Another personal data that you can modify on Instagram is gender and you will have no problem doing so. If this is your case, you can do it in a very simple and fast way, to do so, go back to the ‘Edit profile’ option. Now look for the ‘Genre’ option and just edit it the way you want.


From the same ‘Edit profile’ option you can access to make another important change on Instagram, and it is your username . When you enter its window you will see it as the first personal data, and to edit it you just have to click on it. Now just type the new name and wait for Instagram to let you know if it’s available.

Otherwise, you must continue typing a username that is available, when this is the case, the message ‘OK’ will be displayed on the screen. To finish we will scroll to the end and click on the ‘Send’ button and the changes will be saved.

Profile picture

I come to the turn of the change that many users want to make on their Instagram profile and it is none other than their profile photo. This can be changed very frequently, since it is the image of your account and it is always necessary to refresh it with a new one.

To make the photo change on Instagram, you must enter your account, then click on your photo and then select the ‘Edit profile’ option. In the new window you will see under your photo the option ‘ Change profile photo’ , click on it. This action will show you several options to carry out this procedure, choose the one that suits you.

Once you choose the photo and cut it so that it can enter the area established by the platform. You can if you want to add a caption about yourself and that’s it, now just save the changes and in this way you have changed your Instagram profile photo from your mobile. But remember that this change can also be done from the PC.





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