How to change Windows password with a single command

Changing the user password for a Windows account is extremely easy with a single command from the command prompt , without having to navigate any graphical configuration menu. And this thanks to the enormous power of the Windows console .

Equivalent to the Linux terminal or the one provided by other operating systems such as macOS, this application runs in text mode and although it is not as intuitive as a graphical user interface, it shows its potential when executing repetitive tasks, on occasions where the graphical interface is blocked, to manage certain components or to access certain system information that is not available in any other way.

Access to the Windows command line is offered in  two different modes, user and administrator . The first limited and the second more powerful and with access to the entire team. Also, Microsoft offers a more advanced variant called PowerShell that is intended for system administrators and more recently has brought them all together in Windows Terminal.

Changing an account password is a simple but powerful example of its ability. For it:

  • Do a search for “command prompt” or right-click on the start button to access the Windows advanced menu.
  • The function needs to be run as administrator. Use it.
  • In the command prompt window, type the command net user USERNAME PASSWORD,replacing “username” with the username and “password” with the new password you want to use.
  • If the username has spaces in it, be sure to enclose it in double quotes.

With this command you can change both the passwords of the administrator accounts and the local ones . If you don’t remember all the ones to use on the computer, you can see them with the net user command. Little more. When you log into that account you will be able to use the newly created password.




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