How to change or customize the Gmail theme or wallpaper using my photos

The human being has always had the need to stay in communication with loved ones or work colleagues, therefore sending letters, postcards or files would not take long to join the world of technology thanks to Gmail .

Would you like to know how  to customize  and change the Wallpaper of your Gmail ? See how to do it in this post.

How to Add Background Photos/Images in Gmail?

With the birth of “ Emails ” or “ electronic mails ” this communication has been drastically simplified.

Now we are just a couple of clicks away from informing any of our loved ones about everything that has happened to us today. Just like we can contact our clients, colleagues or bosses just by opening our email and starting to write.

Due to these facilities, more and more users are enlisting in the troops of the computer age. In the same way, many of these spend hours inside their email accounts.

What more can an Email company like Google do than brighten the eyes of its users?

Thus being born the option of being able to modify our user interface to the images or colors that we like the most. With just a couple of steps and following this short guide, you too will be able to enjoy your email inbox with the colors and wallpapers you prefer.

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How to change the wallpaper of your Gmail email?

First of all, in order to modify the wallpaper or the “Theme” of your Gmail account, you must have accessed your Gmail email , and then enter your previously created username and passwords.

After entering your data, the email service will redirect you to your inbox, where you can view the emails that have been sent to you. Below this message tray is where we are going to place a new design or wallpaper.

Located on the mentioned screen, you will be able to see that in the upper right part , the icon of a gear will appear (if the icon of a gear does not appear , your user image will appear).

There you must click on it, this will display a small list of options, before which we must click on the option that says: “ Mail configuration ”.

Once we are in the configuration menu of our Gmail account , we will have to go to the “Themes” section.

By doing this we will be sent to a screen with several aesthetic characteristics that we can modify from our email, both the color of our interface and the image that is displayed under our received messages.

We can test the different options that Google offers us by selecting them and clicking on the “Accept” or “Save” button located at the bottom right of the screen.

At this point, when we return to our inbox, we will be able to see the graphic changes made to it.

In the event that we do not like how our interface looks, we will only have to repeat the same procedure and choose a different theme until we find the one with which we feel comfortable.

Add photos to the background in Gmail

If you spend as much time with a Gmail window open as I do (thanks, the Multiple Inboxes feature!), you’ll probably find the default theme pretty boring.

And even if you’re using one of the many custom themes available, you might prefer something else. Good news everyone! You can use a photo from the web or your own computer as a background image , just like on your computer desktop.

Chrome ‘s omnibar (or address bar) with integrated Google Instant search is all I need. Anyway, the point is that these background photos give a personalized feel to the services , since they are designed exclusively for us.

Gmail themes also did a decent job of providing many great themes that could be applied to get rid of the drab black and white background.

But with the latest integration of the ability to apply custom background as themes, it’s taken a category and you can now place any image you want as your Gmail background .

How to add a personal background image to Gmail?

Paso 1

  • Open Gmail and click the gear button to open a dropdown menu and select Themes.

Paso 2

  • In the theme settings, scroll down to the custom themes section to find the Light and Dark options.
  • Select the one you like bestto open the image selection box.

Paso 3

  • You can apply public photosof various Picasa users .
  • If you want to use a photo from the web, you can paste the direct URL to use it.
  • If the photo you want to apply is on your hard drive, you can upload it right there.

Paso 4

  • The light and dark optionhas nothing to do with the images.
  • They simply change the color of your buttons, like the gear icon button, to a white or gray color to go with the photo.
  • The next time you want to change the photo, click the Change your background imagelink in the theme window.
  • Go to your Gmail accountin Chrome or any other desktop browser.
  • Click the gear iconin the upper right corner to open the dropdown menu.
  • Then click on the “ Themes” option.
  • A window in the tab shows you a bunch of backgrounds and color schemesyou can use with Gmail on the web.
  • If you likesome of the ones that show you.
  • Clickon any of them to apply them automatically.
  1. For more options, click the” My Photos ” button at the bottom right of the window.
  2. They give you a view of a bunch of photosfrom around the Google world:
  • Things you have in your Google Drive, things you’ve sent to other people on Hangouts, and on.
  • You can select any of these, or upload a photo or paste an image from URLwith the options in the tabs above.
  • Ideally, this image should be as largeas (or larger than) the resolution on the computer you usually use to access Gmail.
  • But the interface will accept images of any size.
  • Click “ select a photo from your computer” and then browse for the file you want to use.
  • After uploading the image, you will have your own custom Gmail theme.
  • You can repeat this processas often as you like, using the most common image formats.

So far, these are the most practical ways to change the background of our Gmail. They are simple solutions, but they make you feel more comfortable and at home.

The mere fact of looking at a beautiful family photo (or something else that you really like) when opening our Gmail can immediately liven up that moment, and make our mood at work more favorable.

So what do you think about the new integration ? Well, if you were to ask me, I think it’s a pretty cool feature, but you know what can make it even better? The ability to cycle a set of photos at periodic intervals.

Have you been able to change or customize the theme or wallpaper of your Gmail?





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