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How to cancel ShowTime on my Amazon Fire Stick

The race for innovation has greatly influenced the development of new technologies that no longer only seek to benefit companies or industrial sectors, but also find options that benefit everyday consumers.

Many of these creative ideas are focused on the constant technological development in which we increasingly produce more equipment, computers or mobile devices that present greater functionality to revolutionize the way in which we socialize, work or carry out any activity .

How to Cancel ShowTime on my Amazon Fire Stick Effectively?

The entertainment sector has been one of the most benefited in this regard, where we can highlight the giant Amazon, which has diversified as a multi-service online platform, its Fire Stick line being one of the most recent and innovative.

Amazon Fire Stick TV works as software which allows you to turn any TV with an HDMI connector into a Smart TV or also update Smart TVs to Amazon’s comfortable interface, and even allows you to view your Android screen on TV . In addition, we can count on free access to various streaming platforms such as ShowTime, a popular service from the CBS Network, which provides an immense library of premium programs and movies .

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  1. What is the best method to cancel ShowTime from Amazon Fire Stick?
    1. Amazon website
    2. Click on ‘Account and lists’
    3. Go to dropdown menu
    4. Select ‘Android Apps and Devices’
    5. Go to ‘Your Subscriptions’
    6. Cancel subscription required
  2. Cancel Amazon Fire Stick ShowTime from Amazon App Store
  3. Does it cost anything to override ShowTime from my Amazon Fire Stick?
  4. How to get free ShowTime cancellation on Amazon Fire Stick?

What is the best method to cancel ShowTime from Amazon Fire Stick?

Although it is usually a fairly good option for a general public, it may happen that you find a service that is better suited to your tastes such as Amazon Prime or you had a problem with the platform, you can easily cancel it through numerous options that Amazon offers us.

If you are looking for the easiest and fastest way to do this process, you can use the method on the Amazon website, following these steps:

Amazon website

To start with the cancellation of the ShowTime service, we must enter the official Amazon page and log in to our account.

Click on ‘Account and lists’

Once we are inside our Amazon account we go to the configuration section and select Account and lists .

Go to dropdown menu

Then we will have to look for the Drop-down Menu option , which will give us access to all the applications that are registered in our account.

Select ‘Android Apps and Devices’

Once the options menu is displayed, we will have to look for the options that direct us to the apps, for this we will select the option Applications and Android devices .

Go to ‘Your Subscriptions’

Within these application options, both free and paid access applications will appear, to find ShowTime we will look for the Your subscriptions option .

Cancel subscription required

After having selected the ShowTime application in the App List, we will proceed to press Cancel subscription to finish the process.

Cancel Amazon Fire Stick ShowTime from Amazon App Store

If for another case, we no longer find the Amazon Fire Stick application menu in the menu, then we can cancel our ShowTime service from this same means , we just have to follow the following instructions:

  • We are located in the Amazon Fire Stick menu and we will press Subscriptions. In the window that appears we will look for the ShowTime application.
  • We will select said application and choose the Unsubscribe option. Done, with these steps we will be able to unlink our ShowTime account from the Amazon Fire Stick platform.

Does it cost anything to override ShowTime from my Amazon Fire Stick?

For this aspect we must describe 2 cases: the first is in which we take a free promotion from ShowTime, which works like Amazon’s free promotions , which will give us free use of the application for 7 or 30 days. In this case, we will have an expiration date for ShowTime, so the subscription will be automatically canceled and all that remains is for us to delete the Fire Stick application.

For the second case, we have contracted the ShowTime service and we want to cancel it, in this case it will not be necessary to disburse some of our money to pay a commission, we will only have to follow the steps explained above and eliminate the ShowTime service from Amazon firestick.

How to get free ShowTime cancellation on Amazon Fire Stick?

If you are interested in getting a free trial for ShowTime on Amazon Fire Stick, you just have to go to the official website of ShowTime and look for the free subscription option, which will be found in the header of the website in the form of a red button on which is titled “Start your free trial”.

By accessing this free subscription we will have the freedom to review television shows, movies, popular channels and special content offered by the ShowTime platform. If we like it and we want to extend the period of use of the account, we can access its subscription, which costs $10.99 per month and can be canceled at any time.


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