How to call with a hidden or private number from mobile

Surely on some other occasion they have called you and, instead of appearing the number of the person calling you, what appeared was a private number or hidden number .

Many times we do not answer because not knowing who it is, obviously it does not make you want to answer , in addition to the fact that on many occasions they end up being another telephone company that wants us to stop by and that their plans are better, etc.

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  1. Have hidden number Android
  2. How to put private number Android
  3. call with hidden number
  4. Ways to call with a hidden phone number
    1. Call from a Landline
    2. Call from a Smartphone with a Hidden Telephone Number
  5. Activate the option to call with a hidden phone number
    1. in android system
    2. On iOS System
  6. Options to call with a hidden number
  7. Call with temporarily hidden number
  8. Always call with a hidden number

Have hidden number Android

Therefore, it is normal for us to wonder how it is possible to make the number private or the number hidden. The reasons you have for doing this can be many, from talking to someone who doesn’t want to answer you and recognizes your phone number, to playing a good joke on someone.

For users who have Android it is actually quite easy to get a private number and it is not necessary to have anything extra or have to pay for extra services of any kind.

Simply by making a few adjustments on the mobile phone in the configuration part, you will have the private number that you want to have so much.

How to put private number Android

The first thing you will have to do is look for the call icon , from the call app.

You open it and here you will see in the upper right part three points one above the other, press right there.

One of the options says Hide Number , that is the one we have to have marked in order to call without them seeing our phone number.

It is also possible to do this from Settings, we go to Calls, then Settings, Sender ID and we end up choosing hide number .

As you will see, it is not at all complicated to carry out the process to be able to have the private number and above all, you do not have to pay anyone extra to be able to achieve it, it is a matter of configuring a few things in Andorid and that’s it.

In case you have another operating system that is not this one, obviously it will be a little more complicated , but it is not that it is anything from another world.

With the private number, every time you call someone, “Private Number or Hidden Number” will appear and nothing more than that, your number will not be seen at any time, no matter how much they have scheduled you, basically you can call anyone, without them knowing that it is you at least until this person decides to answer.

call with hidden number

At some point in our lives we have the need to make calls using a number that cannot be seen by others. With this we can protect our privacy a bit and also prevent the person we are calling from registering our number.

If you don’t know how to activate this modality, in this post we will also show you how to call with a hidden phone number.

How to Call with a Hidden Number From Landline and Mobile

By activating the option to hide our phone number, we can call anyone without worrying that they can save our number.

This is used a lot in legal matters, for security reasons . But it is also used by most of the users to make prank calls.

However, many people do not know how to activate the option to call with a hidden phone number. But the truth is that it can be activated on both cell phones and landlines. To find out how to do it, we invite you to continue reading very carefully.

Ways to call with a hidden phone number

In this section we will show you 3 ways for you to call from a hidden phone number. It is only a matter of choosing the option that is your preference and putting it into practice.

It should be noted that the three alternatives that we will show you below are quite simple . On the other hand, we mention that the procedures of each one can be carried out in less than 10 minutes; so let’s get to it!

Call from a Landline

If you want to call from a landline hiding your phone number, you have to dial 3 numbers “067” before the number you want to call. For example: 067 + 999999999.

By applying this little trick, the person you are calling will not be able to see your identity. It doesn’t matter if you’re calling him on his cell phone or a landline phone with caller ID.

Call from a Smartphone with a Hidden Telephone Number

In this case, to be able to make calls hiding your number from a cell phone, you must dial #31#, followed by the number; for instance:

#31# + 666555999

Likewise, the person who is going to receive your call will not be able to verify your number on the screen of their smartphone or landline phone.

Activate the option to call with a hidden phone number

This option is aimed at people who do not want their number to be identified at any time.

in android system

The most common way to hide our phone number from Android is the following:

  • First go to the “Settings”option .
  • Then click on “Calls”.
  • Finally you should look for the option that says something similar to “Hide identity”.
  • However, you should keep in mind that the steps may vary a bitdepending on the software version, brand and model of the computer you own.

On iOS System

In this case, if you are an iPhone user you have to follow the instructions below to call with a hidden phone number.

  • Enter “Settings”.
  • Then select the “Phone”option .
  • Now click on the option “Deactivate caller ID”.

Options to call with a hidden number

Every time we make a call, our phone number appears, unless a change will be made before, since there are many operators that give you the option to hide it, so that every time you make a call your number is not seen.

This option can be very useful if you are very concerned about privacy, since many times we have to call an unknown person we don’t know much about and the phone number is important information of ours, so not everyone can have it.

The bad luck is that this only works with calls because when you send messages the number is always displayed. Next I am going to tell you the options you have to call and have your number remain hidden.

Call with temporarily hidden number

In the event that you have to call on a single occasion or once every so often with a hidden number , you can activate it using a small code . This varies according to the operator you have, which can be:

  • Movistar: *31# (mobile), *67# (landline)
  • Vodafone, Orange and Yoigo: #31#

So according to the operator you have, you are going to dial this code and then you will put the number you want to call , that’s how easy it is how you can call with a hidden number.

It is important to remember that when you use this code, concealment will only be activated with that call , if you hang up and call again without dialing the code, your phone will still appear.

Normally this kind of service is free so you won’t have to worry about an additional cost, but still be careful how you use it.


Always call with a hidden number

If you want your number not to be seen directly with all the calls you make, then you have to do the following, but as I told you before, you have to use this benefit with caution. On many devices you can hide the call by doing this:

  • First you go to settings
  • Then phone, here you can find an option called “Send own number” or “hide identity”
  • This more than anything depends on the mobile models.
  • You just have to activate the optionyou want.

On the other hand, there are several operators that give you the possibility of calling with a hidden number from the moment you contract the service and if you want to make a call without hiding it, all you have to do is dial the code, since it will work the other way around.

You can also call the phone operator and ask them to hide your phone number permanently. Just go to the store or you can also request it online, to speed up the process. Once this is done, you can call with a permanently hidden phone number.

This hidden number service is not infallible because emergency calls are not hidden in any case, although it must be taken into account that it is very useful for the rest.

This has been it, friends! We have already finished showing you the ways to call with a hidden phone number . As you could see, in general it is a fairly simple process that anyone can carry out.

If this little guide helped you, please share it with your friends. See you in the next post!





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