How to buy Fonasa bonds in the neighboring box

Sometimes earning extra money can be a bit complicated for us , which is why we cannot entrust it to any bank. Although the method of saving today has changed a lot, since many people prefer to save or invest their money in virtual currencies such as Bitcoin. However, there are others who prefer conventional banks or health funds for their future.

That is where Fonasa comes in, which is a fund that contributes to public health in Chile . That is why many people from that territory are interested in knowing if they are part of it . Another question that is also very common is knowing if they can buy bonds from this entity in a neighboring box. And that is exactly what we will talk about in the following lines.

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  1. How did this entity come about?
  2. What is the purpose of this entity?
  3. Where are the CajaVecina points located?
  4. How is the purchase of Fonasa bonds?
  5. Benefits of buying a Fonasa bond at CajaVecina?

How did this entity come about?

Once all the national media in Chile have officially confirmed the alliance between Fonasa and Banco Estado, Chilean users have been finding out about many of the news and benefits regarding this commercial agreement. For example, the fact that they can buy bonds through Cajas Vecinas or CajaVecina. So many of those who read us and live in that South American country.

What is the purpose of this entity?

The first thing you have to know in this regard is that, as the local authorities themselves have mentioned to the different media that have covered the news, the objective pursued with this commercial alliance was none other than “preventing people from moving isolated areas” when they have to carry out this type of procedure.

Undoubtedly, we will now have the possibility of accessing these benefits in all stores and commercial establishments that have CajaVecina.

We cannot deny that one of the things that has always been complicated in Fonasa is buying a voucher for any kind of medical consultation and knowing if you are in it. The long lines, the waits that seem to never end make this become a rather hateful odyssey that can end up with our patience.

Where are the CajaVecina points located?

Well, we have to highlight in this regard that, according to Banco Estado, the Cajas Vecinas organization has established more than 19,800 service points for this type of case. Which are distributed throughout the national territory of Chile, of course.

In addition, we have to consider that one in four of them is in Santiago, the capital. Specifically, 26% of the total, while the remaining 74% are distributed throughout the country.

How is the purchase of Fonasa bonds?

We know that the purchase of Fonasa bonds in Caja Vecina is available to more than 10 million users in sectors B, C and D. Although you must first apply for this benefit by following the instructions shown below.

First of all, you have to request the RUT of the provider and its code. You have to do it precisely when you go to request a consultation time at your medical center. After that, you should also know the Folio number in Fonasa.

All the data that we have mentioned above can be found thanks to the official Fonasa website or by calling the telephone number of this institution, at 600 360 3000, where they should attend throughout the day for queries. Once you have completed these procedures, the next thing to do is to pay for your service at any BancoEstado CajaVecina. And for that, you have to present the Folio number mentioned above.

At the same time, you must deliver the proof of payment to the doctor on the day of care. Demonstrating that you have paid in CajaVecina, so you don’t have to worry about anything else. As you can see, with these simple steps it is possible to buy Fonasa bonds in CajaVecina without major problems.

Benefits of buying a Fonasa bond at CajaVecina?

Obviously, the time that we are able to save doing this of going to buy in a neighboring box is undoubtedly considerably valuable. More than anything because it can be too much what we save ourselves, the disgust, the waiting, the power to do other things with that precious time. Undoubtedly, going to a neighboring box that may be close to where we live is even better.

It is without a doubt a considerably practical way of being able to save an amount of time that can be invested in a much more productive way or simply save that time that is not at all fun to be standing in endless, boring lines and that can end up making us very ill. humor, it’s not exactly the most beautiful place in the world to be.

It is necessary to have some information to be able to make this purchase, but believe me that it is not something too complicated either. You must have a balance in your RUT account . In addition to this, you must have the RUT of the provider and the benefit code, with these data you can call Fonasa and buy bonds in cajavecina to request the folio number.

At 6003606000, once you have the folio number you can go to a neighboring cashier to buy your voucher, if you do not want to call Fonasa you can ask for the number on the website.





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