How to be a boss (newbie) to make subordinates love

Readers who have just received the position Some of you may feel uncertain about being a leader. because we don’t know how we have to act How much or how little must I do? or how to deal with the expectations of those around you Therefore, being a new boss is something that can cause us to feel anxious and eventually lead to stress.

Being a leader in the past often have to go hand in hand with prestige including the use of Phra Dej and grace But in this day will be different because the person who will be the leader must have knowledge of the responsibility. Have morality or professional ethics operate with transparency Have leadership in various matters, including having a wide vision in work Because at present our world is in a manner known as an information society. In working in various fields, there is a very high competition. If the boss, also known as the boss, lacks the skills mentioned above, it will inevitably make it impossible to complete the job. And eventually will not be respected by subordinates or colleagues. and eventually may have to be fired from the job

In addition to the above Another very important thing for a novice master is teamwork Including creating inspiration for people in the agency. starting from Seeing the importance of everyone in the organization, although at first it may be seen that each subordinate has problems that will cause some administrative difficulties. But when we step in as the new boss will inevitably make some changes that are better We have to be confident in ourselves that we have the ability to do it. But if we consider that we lack any skills We should find time to develop that skill in ourselves. In order to be used to work in the next organization.

Sometimes we may look at people in our organization in a particular way that they turn to us. but if we are his masters We need to get to know him in every aspect. Understand his strengths, weaknesses, and what’s special about him. In order to choose to use in the work appropriately. is like a water hyacinth floating in the river as waste. But if we take it out of the water and dry it swiping into fibers We can then use it to weave such valuable utensils.

The next important thing in becoming an effective rookie boss is building faith and trust among subordinates Building faith can be done by proper self placement reliable Have an ideology for the organization Not for their own benefit and actually acting like that, not only saying but never showing this position to others. At first, your subordinates or colleagues may not know that you are. But don’t be discouraged yet. because of building faith for others to respect in us It takes time and the work that happens to be the judge.

for building trust as well We can make it happen. By being mindful of being careful with our body, speech and mind, we should not say anything without thinking. And should think every word before we speak. Because the words of the leader will always carry more weight than the words of the average person. Whenever we speak We must always think that Our word must be stronger than any best-written commitment. And we will be responsible for everything that comes out of our mouths. When we can do this We may become less talkative. But my words will become holy words. Because what we say is always true.

In addition, in speaking or giving any information, we must understand that Some people should know that information. But at the same time, some people should not have known at that time. because it may cause damage in the administration And some things, if you think that it’s useless to talk about You don’t even need to say it. Because too many words will make the words worthless.

being a good boss It is important to keep in mind that everyone in that organization The longer you stay, the more valuable it is. from work experience and accumulated knowledge So if we let these valuable people Work the same as when accepting him in a new job. Inevitably, it would be a waste of resources. We had to find jobs that were challenging and suited to the capabilities of our people. Including creating a way to succeed in their profession or position. There are plans to develop his career path together. By recruiting him to train to develop the skills and knowledge needed in the position he is responsible for. so that he could see the opportunity of progress, see the future, gave him confidence and ready to progress with the organization

Usually, when we send our subordinates to train at various learning sources, we tend to let them follow their karma for the most part. What kind of training did he go to? then can be used in work or not There is no atmosphere in which values ​​and priorities are created for those who are selected for training. There is no atmosphere of coaching each other. These things are all keeping our organization in place. Although we have good resources and are ready to push the organization to the front line It’s a pity

Therefore, the leader himself must be the leader in creating this good change to occur in our organization. Whenever a speaker is invited to give knowledge in our department Leaders should arrange time to listen to lectures with their subordinates. should not close itself or think that we already know having the chief sit and listen to this will make the subordinates feel good that The boss really intends to develop the organization and care for his subordinates. and most importantly Leaders will know what their subordinates have learned. in order to use him to the fullest potential he has Otherwise, the boss might become a jerk. Not keeping up with changes And the subordinates may look down on it. The leader should be both head and face. is intelligent knowledge of various matters sufficiently as a head and be a good representative of the organization as the face It’s not difficult at all if we have the willingness to develop both ourselves and the organization we love.

in working in that organization What always happens is conflict, which may be a conflict between two people. or two groups or more When a conflict arises What new bosses often think is Why does this have to happen in our time? If we think like this, it will make us feel worse. So we should rethink that. Conflict is like a burning coal. There is both you and there is punishment. It’s up to us to put it down. If we put this coal in the furnace would inevitably be useful in cooking But if you put it in the closet everything would be chaotic

A wise master can use conflicts creatively. Because conflict at the right level will inevitably make the organization lively. There is a more careful work. It creates a new perspective that we have never thought of before. And if we don’t make the conflict personal But to make everyone feel that each person’s different ideas are valuable. Doesn’t make anyone fall into the state of a stalled dog or a scapegoat. And the leader can persuade everyone in the team to accept and find solutions to solve various problems, the organization will be able to successfully reach the goals set.

Different ideas are partly caused by different people may use different ways of thinking. or there is mismatch information therefore resulting in different perceptions In addition, if there are people with extremely different personalities in the organization, it will be easier to cause conflicts. The person who is the leader must study about setting up the system. Teamwork for each person’s work appropriately Put people who tend to be against each other at a distance. Get people who like each other to work together. Like at home, we may have flammable oil. But if we close the bottle tightly and keep it away from the flame, it will be safe.

The essential skill of being a good novice boss. is to be an observer Collect a lot of information related to work and team members. must understand the similarities and differences Must be able to arrange people and tasks appropriately. and put yourself in the middle There is firmness and no prejudice to people in the agency. treat everyone equally

In addition, when our agency started working The important thing that we can’t live without is following up sometimes when we are new bosses. We may understand that when we order someone, then the work will be exactly the same as we ordered. But in reality it might not be like that. due to communication defects may be due to misunderstanding or have different experiences So we understand each other. Therefore, when we will order anyone We should always check our understanding. and must set aside time for follow-up work as well in order for the work to come out completely and in a timely manner

The principles of interesting work orders for new bosses that will be offered for readers to try are as follows. Before ordering work, anyone should be conscious and have procedures for ordering work. The first stage is called the smile love greeting stage. Is to smile at him and see if he is in a state ready to listen to us or not. If we smile and he doesn’t smile back. or show us that he is busy So don’t waste your time ordering him at that time. Because he ordered, he did not know, for example, some bosses found subordinates in the elevator. However, he cannot escape from us. So delegate the job.

At that time, the subordinates may be thinking about what is pending or may be in a hurry to do important personal matters. So he can’t remember what we assigned him. If we greet him and he smiles back We take the second step further by asking him, Does he have five minutes to listen to us? If he is busy, continue to ask if if today When will there be time when we can talk about it so that the work can continue? If he’s ready to listen We then lead to the third step, which is to tell the details of the work so that he can understand. Subsequently, it was the fourth and most important step.

In the step to check understanding by using good friendliness, by asking him if he can review for us whether there are any works that we have ordered. Because we want to check ourselves if we have missed anything or not. Psychologically speaking, this type of speech is called I message speech. Because I didn’t feel that I was being wronged. The last step is the fifth step which is the final step. Summary of the date and time the work is completed so that we can come to pick up the work. Psychologically speaking, this type of speech is called I message speech. Because I didn’t feel that I was being wronged. The last step is the fifth step which is the final step. Summary of the date and time the work is completed so that we can come to pick up the work. Psychologically speaking, this type of speech is called I message speech. Because I didn’t feel that I was being wronged. The last step is the fifth step which is the final step. Summary of the date and time the work is completed so that we can come to pick up the work.




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