How to announce your birthday on Instagram?

One of the most common uses of the most popular social networks today is undoubtedly to show everything we do to our friends or followers. But there are important dates that we also want everyone to know about. And it is for this reason that below we will explain how you can announce your birthday in Instagram stories .

Instagram is a platform that is consolidated in the preference of millions of users and this thanks to very innovative functions such as stories . In which you can upload any type of content, be it photos or videos. And it is also possible to put filters and effects on Instagram Stories , but its duration is ephemeral, since after 24 hours it disappears.

How to Announce your Birthday on Instagram? – From the Stories

So, as in Instagram stories, it is possible to put whatever you want, stickers, animated GIFs, text, even music. I could not ignore allowing your birthday to be announced through the stories . But if you don’t know how to carry out this procedure, don’t worry, we’ll tell you everything you need to do below.

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  1. How can you register your date of birth on Instagram?
    1. With the Android App
    2. From your iOS device
    3. If you are on the website
  2. What can you do to announce your birthday in an Instagram story?
    1. Countdown
    2. birthday stickers
    3. past birthday pictures
  3. Best caption to congratulate yourself in an Instagram post
    1. thanks to yourself
    2. Reflections on the path of life
    3. Dedications to your family and friends

How can you register your date of birth on Instagram?

But first it is necessary that you enter your date of birth on Instagram , if you hope that you can be congratulated by your followers when this day arrives. Either because when you created your account on the platform you entered this information incorrectly or for whatever reason. You have to register this information and here we will tell you how to proceed.

With the Android App

If you use the Instagram App on an Android device, you must do the following to be able to register your birthday . Click on the platform icon so you can enter your account and once inside, locate yourself next to your profile picture. And you will find the ‘Edit profile’ option which you must press, this action will take you to its window where you will see several sections.

In our case we will click on ‘Biography’ and we will enter a new window where you will have options to change your personal information . Instagram offers you several options so that you can place the date of birth or your birthday. A more classic one such as 01/27/1998 or a more original one such as congratulate me every January 27, finally click on the check.

From your iOS device

In an analogous way we will work on iOS devices, since the steps are similar, first, enter the Instagram App. When you are in your account, go directly to your profile photo and click on the ‘Edit profile’ option . The next step is to enter the option ‘Personal information settings’ and then select your date of birth.

You can now use the same method to enter your date of birth as the one used for Android devices. Once you set the information correctly, you just have to go to the upper right corner and click on the check.

If you are on the website

If in your case you want to register your date of birth from a personal computer, then you will need to go to the official Instagram website . The next step is to enter your personal data to access your account. Once inside you will find the option ‘Edit profile’ next to your profile photo.

You will now see two panels on the screen, but in our case we will locate ourselves in the one on the right side. There you will locate the options for Username, email, website, etc. But we must click on the ‘Biography’ option And now proceed to enter the data referring to your date of birth .

What can you do to announce your birthday in an Instagram story?

Once you have entered the date of your birthday in your Instagram profile, now you just have to choose how you want to announce that special day in the stories . The platform offers you several very fun options to do it, but you will have the last word.


The first option that you can use to announce your birthday on Instagram stories is through a countdown . In this way, your followers will be informed how many hours are left for the long-awaited date. If you want to use this method you must do the following:

  1. Enter your Instagram profile and from there go to the profile photo and click on the (+) this icon so you can create a new story.
  2. Now you will have two options, enter the gallery to use a photo or video saved there or press the camera icon to create content right now.
  3. The next step is to choose the ‘Text’ option and write a message.
  4. Now it is the turn to click on the icon in the shape of a smiley and thus choose the ‘Countdown’ stickerand enter the date that the countdown will end.
  5. If you want to edit the name of the countdown, click on the sticker.
  6. When you finish you must go to the bottom of your screen and click on the ‘Send to’ option.
  7. The last step is to click on the ‘Your story’ option and click on the ‘Share’ option that is on the right side. And this way when a person sees your story, he will know how much time is left until your birthday.

birthday stickers

Another method that you can use to announce to your friends that you are having a birthday is through stickers or animated GIFs. The first step to take is to enter your Instagram account and then go to your profile photo and click on the plus icon (+) to create a story. Once you choose the photo and video you want to publish and the message that your story will carry.

You must click on the Stickers icon and search among those found in the birthday section, you can also choose a GIF. Done, now you just have to upload your story on Instagram and all your followers will know what important date is celebrated today.

past birthday pictures

Another option that we suggest you use to tell everyone who sees your stories that you have a birthday. It is using the photographs of past birthdays, here you only have to upload a collage of photos or images remembering a previous birthday. Where you show how happy you were in the company of friends and family, don’t forget to include music or song lyrics in your story.

Best caption to congratulate yourself in an Instagram post

The images that are uploaded on Instagram mostly have a caption to tell your followers relevant information about it. They are very useful to give an idea about the reason for said image. And if it is your birthday, you cannot leave this resource out and choose to use self-congratulations and among the most recommended are:

thanks to yourself

Placing a photo where you show an achievement can be very significant, but also place a caption where you feel very grateful for what you have done for yourself . These types of words can help you connect with other people who know what it’s like to work for your achievements, reach goals and fulfill dreams.

Reflections on the path of life

Another type of message that you can offer in your Instagram posts has to do with reflections on life . And how ephemeral our journey through the world can be, that special moments last very little and that only a year ago you were celebrating your birthday next to friends and family who may not be around today.

Dedications to your family and friends

The caption that is most used at the moment is undoubtedly the dedication to family and friends , where you show how grateful you are for their unconditional support. We must admit that who we are at the present moment is thanks to the help of many people and thanking them on your birthday can be a very noble act, use images where they appear.





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