How to add frames and borders to your images with Photoshop

In our life there are many memories, many of which we have in images stored both in photo albums when we take the picture with analog cameras and many in folders on our PC, in reality there are thousands of reasons why we sometimes want to edit our pictures.

Whether we want to improve the photo or image, or we want to crop, remove or eliminate certain people or objects that appear in them, whatever the reason, it is always more advisable to use the appropriate editing program.

Many of us know that Photoshop is one of the best image editing tools out there. Since it has many alternatives and tools for editing.

Photoshop – How to Put Frames and Borders on Your Images?

However, for people who do not know this application in depth, they often have doubts and get lost in so many tools that the program offers . Without getting worthwhile results. If that is your case, do not worry, we are here to help you.

This time we will teach you how to make an incredible frame with a few simple steps. In addition to some tips and information so you don’t get lost at any time. Stay with us and discover how to make a frame effect in Photoshop easy and fast .

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  1. What is Adobe Photoshop?
  2. How to add a border to all your images in Photoshop?
  3. How to make a frame and border effect in Photoshop?
    1. Duplicate layer
    2. place border
    3. Add color and customize
    4. Save Picture

What is Adobe Photoshop?

Adobe Photoshop is a useful graphics editing program , created by the Adobe Systems Incorporated company and is currently the preferred tool for most graphic designers, photographers or image editors to carry out their work, converting some of their creations in works of art.

Despite the fact that this program has countless features that allow its users to perform wonders on the images they work on, such as creating image collages , it can be unintuitive or difficult to learn how to use without a guide or instruction manual. .

Due to this specific reason, this step-by-step guide has been prepared in which the user is prepared to develop their skills and at the same time become familiar with said program , specifically on how to place borders and frames on our images.

How to add a border to all your images in Photoshop?

If you want to modify any image you have on your computer by adding a border using the Photoshop photo editing program, you must first open the aforementioned program by double-clicking on its icon.

We will immediately go to the “File” option located in the upper left part of it and select the option that says “Open”, this will make a window appear in which we will explore our folders looking for the image to which we want to add a file . frame , we will select it by double clicking on it.

With our image open in Photoshop, we will have to determine if we want a border around the entire image or if we want said border to surround a specific segment of it.

In this way, if our preference falls on the first named case, we will choose the “Select all” option (this is usually located in the tools panel on the left side of the program).

While for the second option we will have to choose “Selection” and therefore, define which segment of the image we want to border.

Once the space to which we want to apply a border has been selected, we will go to the section that says “Modify” in the “Select” menu and, in turn, to the “Border” sub-option.

This will generate a pop-up box, in which we can determine and modify the thickness of our border by the number of pixels that it will take (we strongly recommend trying different amounts of pixels to determine the size of our preference).

In the same way, we will select the colors of the border through the color palette that is on the left side of our program and after having chosen the preferred color, we will click on the “OK” button.

Now, to add an extra touch of design to the border, we will go to the “Fill” option located in the “Edit” menu, within the window that will appear, you must select the specifications that will be applied to the new border of your image.

Once again, we recommend that you test the various options that this tool presents in order to obtain the desired result.

When you have managed to get the edge you wanted or to please your preferences, it only remains to save all the work done.

For this you have to go back to the “File” menu at the top left of the program and click on the option that says “Save as”, after giving the image a name and selecting where it will be saved .

How to make a frame and border effect in Photoshop?

Here we will explain in more detail with a step by step, the procedure to follow, to improve or edit the images.

To start we must have, as we have already said, the Photoshop program installed in our operating system, be it Windows or macOS. In case of not having the program, we must download and install it .

Duplicate layer

After having Photoshop on our computer, we proceed to open the program . Within Photoshop we must insert the image that we want to place the frame.

After having the corresponding image , we must select with the mouse the option where it says  Layer  in the first toolbar.

Having located this option, a submenu will be displayed where we will select the second option where it says  Duplicate layer  .

A window will open where it gives us several options. How to change the name and the place where we want to save to finish and be able to duplicate the layer.

place border

To continue, already being in the new layer, we must select the entire image. We must go to the toolbar and where it says  Selection  click and choose the  All ” option. This way it would be marking the entire perimeter of the image.

Again we access the  Selection  tool and we choose where it says “Modify” , where another menu will appear and we select  Border… 

It will show us a tab with the name  Selection Border  , where we can configure the width of the image .

Normally it is usually placed between 80 and 100 pixels, but if you want it narrower or wider you can do it by lowering or raising the pixels.

Add color and customize

After choosing the pixels we must click on  OK  to make the changes. From there we will go to the toolbar again and choose the edit and fill option.

Another window will appear with the name  fill  . Here we can choose the color we want for our frame, allowing other options such as mixing colors and their transparency.

It will show us a window to choose the color in a personalized way, we can also choose the colors that we have saved . When everything is ready, we click  OK  .

Save Picture

As you can see, the image is already in the desired frame, now we just have to save the image. To do this we must go to the toolbar and click on  File  , several options will appear and we will select where it says  Save as  .

We choose where we want to save our file and we can select the format. To finish, we click on “Save” and that’s it ! You will now have your image ready with its shiny new border!

Lastly, we would like to know , do you find the Photoshop application interesting ? Do you think it is useful for creating frames? Leave your opinion in the comments.





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