How to add a Story Highlight on Instagram without posting the story

Story Highlight allows your stories of only 24 hours to stay alive for as long as you want just by highlighting them, plus it is an excellent tool in the world of marketing and if you want to make your brand known.

How to Add a Story Highlight on Instagram Without Posting the Story – Guide

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  1. What are Instagram Story Highlights?
  2. What should we take into account before adding content to Story Highlight?
  3. What is the procedure to create a Story Highlight?
    1. Without adding them to History
  4. How can I change the coverage of my highlights stories on Instagram?
    1. Apps to create custom toppings

What are Instagram Story Highlights?

Story Highlight is a feature that allows you to save your stories permanently and these story highlights have an important place on your profile. You can save the Highlights after you publish a story, you will find a kind of folder, which is just below your biography and your profile picture.

Featured Stories or Highlight help you get closer to your followers, you can share a special moment, thus making your profile more attractive. As well as making your brand known if it is an online business , the truth is that it is recommended that you spend time planning it.

What should we take into account before adding content to Story Highlight?

It is important that you take into account that Story Highlights are an excellent way to make yourself known. It is an option that Instagram offers very useful for self-promotion , and a very effective way to promote your brands and products. This section can help you make your brand stand out. And it’s the easiest and fastest way for everyone to see your offer.

Another thing you can do is add a link to your website so you can drive traffic from Instagram users to your website. Remember to keep featured stories up to date, add content at the best time, and regularly update the most important aspects of your brand .

Be careful when choosing what you are going to highlight, choose moments and make sure that the messages represent who you really are and, in the case of your brand, what you really want to project. It is important that you know that to add content to your story it is necessary for it to remain for 24 hours, where it will be seen by everyone. But let’s see how we pass this rule.

What is the procedure to create a Story Highlight?

Like WhatsApp states , Instagram stories have a duration of 24 hours from the time they are published, where they will be viewed by users or people who follow you, at the end of that time you can store them in the highlights. There is a very interesting way to create a Story Highlight without publishing it. Let’s see how the process is:

Without adding them to History

By changing the profile to private, you change your privacy settings . This allows only your followers to see the stories and other posts you want to share. Then block everyone from seeing the story, in story controls you will get the option “0 People”. And select one by one the followers. Once the time has passed, you can add the story to highlights and now you just have to unblock the followers and they will see your story.

How can I change the coverage of my highlights stories on Instagram?

Something interesting that you can do is change the coverage of the featured stories on Instagram. You can change the cover of the Story Highlights and also add photos to the highlighted stories , you can skip the step of being seen for 24 hours. Of course, it is only with the existing stories and with photos from the gallery. You are going to edit Highlight, then edit cover and select the image .

Apps to create custom toppings

As the stories have more and more users on Instagram, it is important that your story is interesting so it will always attract attention, to achieve this we present applications that will help you create personalized coverage for the featured stories.

  1. Canvais one of the applications that are also available for Windows, it is easy to use. For Instagram stories you will find a variety of templates that you can use to give aesthetics and personality to your brand or business, it contains graphics or icons that you can add to your template
  2. Inshot, with this application you can add videos in the correct format in the stories, you can edit the photos and videos, adjust them to the correct format, adding a background is really useful.
  3. A Design kit, with it you can add fun elements to the stories, giving them life and touches of your personality. It contains a way to add texture to photos.





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