How to Activate the Sleep Timer Function on Spotify

In this guide I explain very quickly how you can activate or set a timer in Spotify to pause any playback automatically.

The Timer Sleep function is a method that many radio or audio applications incorporate to stop playback at a certain time or after a certain number of minutes.

Function that is also very common to find in devices as common as an alarm clock or a smart TV.

Spotify could not be less and also incorporates its Sleep Timer function that allows you to program the automatic shutdown of the app whenever you want.

If you want to know how it works and how to set the timer in Spotify , keep reading this quick explanatory guide.

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The Sleep Timer function , whose translation from English would be something like Sleep Timer, is a function that allows you to stop or disconnect devices after a certain period of time.

This function is quite common in devices such as radio alarm clocks, which can be programmed to stop playing any station after a while .

The time can be set by minutes, after which the playback stops, or at a certain time.

The radio apps include this Timer Sleep function so that you can sleep listening to the radio or podcast and the playback stops after a while and you don’t spend all night with the playback.


Spotify is probably the best and well-known music streaming and podcast streaming app out there today and is used by millions of people.

How could it be otherwise, the app also includes the Timer Sleep function through which you can program a timer in Spotify so that it stops automatically.

Follow these steps to set the timer on Spotify and make use of the Timer Sleep feature:

  1. Launch the Spotify appand start playing a song, album, playlist, or podcast on it.
  2. When the audio is playing, click on the bottom Now Playingbar and on that screen click on the 3 dots that you will find in the upper right corner.
  3. In the audio menu that appears, scroll down and you will see the Timeroption .
  4. You have several options to schedule the automatic shutdown of Spotifyaccording to your needs: 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes… 1 hour or until the end of the audio being played.

Spotify ‘s Sleep Timer feature will stop playback after the period of time you set.


The timer function in Spotify works regardless of the device where the audio is being played: mobile, Alexa, Google Home…

That is, if you are listening to a podcast through Spotify on an Alexa speaker, and you schedule the automatic shutdown using the Sleep Timer in Spotify , the audio on the Alexa speaker will stop.

In this type of smart speakers you can give the command directly to add a timer, you just have to give the command: “Alexa, play for 30 minutes” so that after those 30 minutes the played audio stops.

You can also create routines that turn off after a certain period of time from the Alexa or Google Home app.

As you can see, if you are one of those who usually sleep listening to music, a podcast or a radio station, you do not need to spend the whole night with the audio playing, you can program an automatic shutdown timer and take advantage of the Timer Sleep function that many apps incorporate like Spotify.





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