How to activate and use secret conversations in Facebook Messenger

Thanks to the Internet, there are options to maintain conversations or contact, with anyone through social networks, the most used social networks these days are undoubtedly few, but it is not always necessary that person who wants to be aware of all the details of contacts and conversations.

How to Activate and Use Secret Conversations on Facebook Messenger

That is why, and in response to the needs of users, the creators and designers of these social networks have taken it upon themselves to keep up with all the demands that users make regarding improvements to chats, animations, and presentation of the application, in this case it is the turn of the chats or conversations that must be according to the requirements of the most private users .

If we think of the main messaging applications around the world, there is no doubt that beyond what WhatsApp represents, in the same way we have to talk about Messenger as one of the most important , based on the enormous number of users with those that this platform has.

At some point throughout the day, we have had conversations on Facebook Messenger with any contact, usually from the PC.

To which we have preferred to keep it secret, but we inadvertently left the conversation active and that is where inconvenience is generated with both family and friends because they inadvertently review the conversation.

That is why the programmers of Facebook have given themselves the task of creating an option where we can have a conversation, without worrying about third parties.

The most interesting thing about the case is that Messenger, among the tricks that it offers us , unlike some of its competitors, allows us to have the possibility of accessing secret conversations on Facebook, so we are going to talk about this function.

The first thing you need to know about this step by step is that in Messenger we have the possibility of having a “hidden” conversation, that is, not only secure thanks to the end-to-end encrypted conversation system, but also away from the curious eyes.

In the same way, you have to consider that the secret conversations of Messenger remain remote from others, but also from yourself, unless you transform them into normal conversations to see them again , because otherwise you will not be able to access them again since they will be lost.

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Secret conversations on Facebook Messenger

If you want to have a hidden conversation in Messenger, you have to consider in the first instance that it is a perfect option for the most cautious , and that is that we are talking about a security option for users of the social network that will allow them to stay out of the vigilance of others.

In the same way, it is important that you also consider in this sense, that when you access private Messenger chats , no other person outside the conversation will have access to it , its great advantage.

For the rest, we must not stop considering that in Messenger, unlike what happens in WhatsApp, we have the possibility to decide if we want to carry out a private conversation or a public chat, which anyone can see if they directly access our account .

For this reason, whenever you want to develop chats in Messenger privately , you have to know that you only have to follow a simple step by step, specifically the one that we are going to show you below.

How to start a secret conversation on Facebook Messenger?

  • Open the Messenger app
  • Select the user with whom you want to have a private conversation
  • On the top right of the screen you will see the I for Information icon. you have to click on it
  • The case menu will be displayed, and you have to select the Secret Conversation option
  • When you have selected the option, a new, dark chat will appear, which is the secret Messenger chat

After these steps you will be able to keep your conversation private and without worrying about the sight of others. Have you been able to have your first private conversations in Messenger thanks to this step by step?





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