How to activate 4G in WOM?

Having 4G connectivity is a great advantage that all users would like to have, since 4G networks can be up to 6 times faster than traditional 3G networks.

So the new fourth-generation networks have better performance when browsing the Internet, for example, in a 3G network downloading a file could take 5 minutes, in 4G it would only take seconds. Would you like to have this browsing speed? ? Well, here we will tell you how to activate 4G in WOM.

How to Activate and Configure 4G in WOM and Know if my Cell Phone is Compatible with WOM

Imagine if before you noticed a big difference between what would be 2G and 3G , believe me that when we talk about the speed at which 4G can reach it is really noticeable too. Therefore, it is normal that many people want to have 4G on their mobile phone so that they can navigate practically as if they were connected to WiFi.

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  2. How to activate 4G in WOM?
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  4. How to know if my mobile is compatible with WOM
  5. How to know if my cell phone is compatible with WOM’s 4G
  6. Check if a WOM cell phone is 4G

To consider

First of all, 4G is relatively new for companies, so it is normal that in some places the coverage is rather poor, to tell the truth. In any case, you could call the operator to find out more about it.

At the same time, it must be taken into account that WOM works in a different band than other companies such as Claro , Movistar or configuring the 3G/4G APN of Entel Internet . This means that if your mobile was in one of these companies you will not be able to use 4G, but rather only 3G.

We also have to take into account the fact that perhaps your mobile is not compatible with 4G , in order to know if this technology can really be used on the mobile you have, we recommend that you first enter the website https://www.

Then what you will have to do is enter the code *#06# on your mobile as if you were going to make a call to get the IMEI number and enter it on the web with the email and our name in order to know if Actually, the mobile we have can be used with WOM’s 4G or not.

How to activate 4G in WOM?

Activating the fourth generation LTE network in WOM is very easy to do from Android . You simply have to go to the Settings menu -> Mobile networks -> Network mode and you will see that the current option is WCDMA/GSM (Automatic Connection) which is the option that normally comes in Android from the factory, but to enjoy mobile data in 4G , as is the case with the Galaxy J2 and J2 Prime, you must select LTE/WCDMA/GSM. If you have any questions, you can consult this guide.

By selecting LTE/WCDMA/GSM, what you tell the phone is that when there is no coverage to connect to a 4G network, then it will connect to a previous network automatically.  These networks can be 3G or 2G (depending on availability but always prevailing the best).

The way to activate 4G is very simple, especially if you have a mobile with the Google operating system, Android. The only thing we are going to have to do is simply go to the Settings part of the mobile, once there we press on Mobile networks and then we are going to go to where it says Network Mode to change the configuration and put LTE/WCDMA /GSM . Because when it is in WCDMA/GSM (Auto Connect) it takes 3G and 2G networks.

The configuration that we select then will give priority to 4G, in any case, if we don’t have a 4G connection nearby, don’t worry because it will also seek to connect via 3G automatically without you having to do anything and not even noticing.

I can’t get how to activate 4G in WOM

If after having done the above configuration you still cannot connect to 4G with your mobile, you may not be taking some things into consideration. Let’s see:

1.- Compatibility with WOM

WOM is one of the latest companies that has entered the mobile operator market in Chile, so WOM works at different frequency bands than Movistar, Entel and Claro . This means that if your mobile is originally from one of these companies and you have switched to WOM, it is likely that WOM’s 4G network is not compatible with your mobile.

2.- Coverage

As it is a practically new company in Chile, it is possible that the 4G network has not yet been implemented in your residence¸ so you must wait until little by little the coverage is extended to new places. One way to find out if the area where you are has 4G coverage is by calling the WOM operator at 103 or the number (+56) 223377600 from fixed networks.

How to know if my mobile is compatible with WOM

If your mobile is originally from Claro, Entel or Movistar, it may not be compatible with WOM, but if you want to know if your mobile can navigate in 4G with WOM you can consult it. You only have to complete the fields of the table with the data of your mobile, some of the data can be obtained by dialing *#06# on your mobile.

If you have any questions about how to activate 4G in WOM, you can leave it in your comments and we will gladly try to help you, just remember to check the compatibility of your mobile and surely you will not have any problems.

Do you have a smartphone compatible with 4G networks or a mobile data rate from the people of WOM and you would like to know if it allows you to access the Internet at this speed? Well then, you have come to the right article then, since we are going to try to offer you information about what you have to do to find out if your WOM has support for 4G networks .

And it is that, obviously,  4G mobile Internet is the fastest connectivity system on the market so far, which is more than enough reason for most WOM customers to want to be able to connect to it.

How to know if my cell phone is compatible with WOM’s 4G

The first thing to keep in mind is that in these cases, what most users do to avoid wasting time or having to search for information on the Internet, is to go directly to the manual or user guide, where you will find information about your 4G compatibility .

Check if a WOM cell phone is 4G

However, in case you have lost your mobile or have had a problem of any other type to find out if your smartphone is compatible with 4G Internet networks, you have to know that there are some other options to consider.

First of all, you have to go to the device Settings, and within this section, go to Networks, where you will see a series of options appear, although you have to focus on the one that says Network mode or something similar. Among the options available you will end up having the information about 4G support.

If within this mode, an option appears that says something like 4G or LTE, then that means that your mobile does support access to the 4G mobile Internet networks of WOM , Movistar, Claro or Entel, to name a few. the case companies. If this option does not appear, then it is because you cannot connect to these networks.

On the other hand, if you don’t get the information that way, you should know that there is an application specially developed for this type of case, called 4G Phone Checker , which you can download. Just by running it, it will tell you in just seconds if your smartphone is compatible with 4G Internet networks.

Now that you know how to check it, is your smartphone compatible with 4G networks?





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