How long does a WhatsApp backup last?

Security is not a minor element when we think about mobile devices that run the Android operating system , and in this particular case we did not want to stop talking a little about what backup copies are on this type of device.

If you usually read all of our articles, you will have seen that more than once we have taught how to make a Backup on Android, and today we want to talk a little more about it , a detail that possibly few know.

How to Make and How Long Does a WhatsApp Backup Last?

Just a few days ago we were actually talking about the best backup applications for Android, taking into account that many of them are really easy to use, although in this case we want to show you some other methods that also work very well .

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  1. Does Google delete Android backups?
  2. How long does a WhatsApp backup last?
    1. How do I check the status of my Backup?
  3. How to make a backup on Android?
    1. Google backup
    2. Backup on Android manually
  4. Backup to Android or iPhone using PC
  5. Manual backup using Google

Does Google delete Android backups?

This backup is recommended before performing actions like Hard Reset , Root, installing a custom ROM and so on, to protect applications, contacts and settings, etc.

Indeed, making a backup from time to time is the best way to keep our device protected against possible intrusions and other annoying situations , so you better keep reading a little about it.

On the other hand, we have to say that although many of us have always thought that these copies remained there indefinitely, this is not the case .

How long does a WhatsApp backup last?

It should be said that just a few days ago we had the news that Google will delete your Android backup after two months of inactivity , probably to make some space on its servers.

Indeed, the fact is that we have to take it extremely into account, because time goes by quickly, and you could be left without a backup copy if you are not careful.

Similarly, when we talk about Android Backup, we have to say that Google has offered some information about it. We now know that two weeks after the Backup is made, it acquires an expiration date.

Two months after that last backup, Google deletes the copy directly without sending any prior notification to inform you of the situation.

We have had this news specifically thanks to what the user of the Reddit forum “Tanglebrook” has pointed out, who has commented on his experience in this regard, (that is why it is important that they have continuous contact with us in order to improve), and It is that of course, they have deleted your Backup without you knowing it.

Indeed, you have to consider in this type of situation, that if for some reason you do not make a new copy , or ignore it, you could lose it .

Following the same order of ideas, as mentioned in that forum and we completely agree, the ideal would be for the people of Google Drive to keep a good part of this content that we store indefinitely.

Unfortunately we find that, at least for the moment, it seems that this is not their decision, and for this reason we have to settle for updating them every approximately two months .

How do I check the status of my Backup?

If you want to see the status of your Android Backup that is stored in Google Drive, you have to follow a fairly simple procedure.

The first thing will be to download the official Google Drive application . Later you have to open it, and enter the menu. You enter the Backups tab, and you will see what state yours are in .

How to make a backup on Android?

Google backup

Google backup is one of the main solutions that you have to consider in this type of case . If applicable, the backup will be made in your Google account.

It is an interesting option because it is really simple , and you can also protect your data, passwords, preferences, etc. To activate it, you have to go to Settings, Backup and restore, nothing more than that.

Backup on Android manually

Now, if for any particular reason you don’t want to take risks with different applications, what we recommend then is that you make the backup copy of your Android manually .

Indeed, it is as simple as connecting the Android device to your computer. Then, using a file explorer, you will be able to manage the contents in the way you prefer , without problems.


Backup to Android or iPhone using PC

Well, let’s start then with the most basic notions when it comes to making a backup on Android or iPhone, directly through a computer, which is simpler because many users will find a step by step that does not force them to know too much about it .

All you have to do for this step by step when making a backup on Android has to do with connecting your Android to the PC, with the option “USB debugging” activated and using a traditional USB data cable. .

Once you have done so, you will be able to see a new storage unit on the computer, which will have the name of your device .

At that very moment you click on the storage that has been opened to access all its contents.

Then, to activate USB debugging you will have to go to Settings, Developer Options. At the same time, you have to create a new folder called “My S7 backup -or any other mobile- (DATE)”. Easy as that.

Manual backup using Google

There is a second method with which we can also make a backup copy, although in the case of this one we must say that although it is useful, it will  not backup data such as photos, SMS and videos , that is, it is used for information that does not They have to do with specific content.

Of course, you can store other important elements such as Contacts, Calendar, Application data, WiFi Passwords and some phone settings , so if this is enough for you, you better keep reading.

In this case, to start the backup, tap on the phone “Settings” and from there on “Backup and reset” . Then, you go to “Back up” and Automatic restore” and later to “Back up to the account”.

At that moment you will have to add the Google account , checking that all the data you want to be synchronized is added.

Beyond that, you have to consider that those selected data will be saved on Google servers and will be restored when the same Google account is going to be used on another Android device. It is the easiest backup process on Android, of course.

If you have decided on this second method and want to make a backup of the SMS and the call log, you have to know that there is an application specifically made for this, called SMS Backup +.

It is really very easy to learn to use it, since the Gmail data will be displayed with one heading separated from the other.

This way you will be able to select which data you really want to save and which ones you are not too interested in, to the point of only having to download the app in question .

Once you have installed this app on your smartphone, the next step will be to click on the Connect option, and then add your Gmail account .

If you don’t have one you’ll have to create one, and then tap on the Auto Backup button above , checking that all SMS and call logs are backed up automatically.

You have to consider in the same way that if you lose your mobile, you have to download it again in the new one, and click “restore/restore” at the top. adding your Google account again.

What else do you want to know about Android Backup?

Have you been able to make a backup on your Android with this step by step?

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