How Game Booster works on your Android device

There is no doubt that the best mobile devices for playing games are Androids and this is due to the power they possess, what’s more, they have even become the ideal platform for developers to launch certain games.

Although we must clarify, the fact that Android is the best to play this does not mean that all mobile phones are powerful enough to support any game that is available for this operating system.

How to Improve Performance, Increase Speed ​​and Speed ​​Up Games on Android or iOS

One of the best examples is FIFA 16, this game works very slow on most Android mobile devices, if you are lucky enough to have a mobile that has a lot of power for the game to work spectacularly, we will tell you that there is a way to improve its operation and then we will tell you how.

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  1. The definitive solution to speed up your Android, iOS, Ipad or tablet mobile
  2. How Game Booster works on your Android device step by step
  3. The best apps to optimize Android games
    1. Clean Master
    2. BOSS-Tuner

The definitive solution to speed up your Android, iOS, Ipad or tablet mobile

Surely you will wonder if this can really work because we must tell you that each brand has its own accelerator for Android and many of them are in the Play Store such as Game Booster .

This accelerator can improve the operation of your mobile in the easiest way, it increases performance in models from 512 MB to 1 GB of RAM when starting games with very high graphics or in 3D and we mean much more demanding than minesweeper or others.

Now with this, you can play the games you want  without internet , your cell phone will calmly run any game that fits the technical characteristics of your device

How Game Booster works on your Android device step by step

As it is with most things, in order to start using Game Booster , you first have to download it from Google Play , thus reducing the memory consumption of the applications that are being used and of RAM memory.

Although if they want they can adjust the performance of the processor and even the power of the GPU since in this way it is optimal in addition to offering each of its features to the maximum.

This application has around four levels of operation but for them you will have to have your terminal rooted. You can select the Light option to reduce battery consumption but it also has the Ultra option that is used to make the most of the device’s Hardware.

The only thing you have to do is select a game or application that you want to modify and select the mode that you want to use, what makes it even better is that it is totally free.

When we say that an Android mobile device works slower than it should, we are not only referring to those annoying moments when we can see that it is difficult for it to run productivity applications.

It is that even when what we are interested in is just that it works well for the games, if the system is somewhat slowed down , you will not even be able to entertain yourself for a while a day as God intended.

Of course, it has happened to practically all of us that our mobile is too slow, and that means that the more demanding the application that we want to run, the worse the user experience that we can obtain. To finish with it, it is convenient that we have some applications to optimize Android games, which is precisely what this article is about today.

The idea basically has to do with teaching all our users how to speed up or increase the speed of Android games, avoiding the classic lag, in order to enjoy games in a much more interesting way. And for this, we said, we have selected two free Android applications to optimize games , so you better keep reading about them because they will surely be of benefit to you.

The best apps to optimize Android games

Clean Master

Yes, it is true that it is an application that will already be famous for many users, to the extent that when we talk about optimization and cleaning apps in Android environments, it is one of the best alternatives in the segment.

Also available for computers, what few know is that Clean Master is ideal for optimizing the operation of games, as we are going to show you right now.

This app is especially good on mid-range Samsung devices like the Samsung Galaxy J2 which has great games that you can try  once the app is installed.

Once we have downloaded and run Clean Master, you will see that a Junk Files option appears, which is essential for our interest, as it shows the amount of residual elements that the device has.

The idea is to apply the system to eliminate all that waste, which will make the mobile work much better, and therefore any game that we run on it as well.

Even if we keep poking around in Clean Master, we can find an optimization section related to games, which strictly deletes their residual files, making them run faster.

It is of course the section that we can distinguish because it has a video game controller, and the truth is that Clean Master is designed for that, so you will immediately realize how it works.


And beyond what we have mentioned above, if you have a rooted Android device, you should know that there is another highly recommended tool designed to optimize the operation of mobile games.

This is BOSS Tuner , which offers us all kinds of information regarding the operation of the mobile, maximum speeds that it can reach, game requirements, etc.




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