How does the social network Facebook work

Facebook is recognized for being the largest social network of all that exist . Currently, it has more than 2.3 billion active users and hundreds of thousands of accounts. This social network has achieved great success due to its ease of use, its innovative tools and its powerful algorithm that has a great capacity to segment the content that each of its users wants to see.

This network is so influential that the media, artists, politicians, organizations and companies have created official accounts on it and use it as a communication platform between themselves and their followers. In this guide we are going to teach you everything about this powerful social network, so if you do not have an account and want to create one, here you can learn how to do it.

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  1. How does the social network Facebook work and what can I use my account for?
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  2. What is the exact function of this digital platform?
  3. Minimum requirements to register on Facebook
  4. Procedure to create an account
  5. What should not be done on Facebook?

How does the social network Facebook work and what can I use my account for?

The way Facebook works has changed considerably since its creation in 2004, when its founder Mark Zuckerberg started this project as a hobby to use it with his college friends.

Currently, the social network has hundreds of options for its users , but the main ones to highlight are the possibility of having friends, belonging to different interest groups, sharing statuses and images, and using integrated applications within the same platform. In addition to dozens of other options that can be used by those who have created corporate accounts for their companies or personal brands.


If you have a personal profile, you will surely have noticed that the Facebook system will suggest that you add those people you know as part of your Facebook friends list, this is what it is about, you can add the people you know and who also have a Facebook account on your personal friends list. When you have a friend on Facebook, you will be able to access all the content that this person shares within their personal profile (photos, videos, statuses, stories).

In addition, Facebook has currently included the “React” option to your friends’ publications through which you can express a “Like”, “I love it”, “I am surprised”, “It saddens me”, “It amuses me” , as well as being able to comment and reply to your friends’ posts.

In your personal profile you can have up to 5,000 friends on your list . This limit was established by Facebook because a person with more than 5,000 contacts on their profile is considered a person who can disclose brand information and that is prohibited for companies. personal type accounts, only business accounts can do.


For some years, Facebook has included among its options a function called ” Facebook Groups “, which is a space where users with a topic of common interest can share their opinions, comments and all kinds of content related to that topic. In this way, a community of users is created that can share content without the need to be mutual friends.

A Facebook group can be created by one person and managed by one person, however, the group creator can assign “roles” to the members of that group to help manage the content that is shared there. Facebook groups also have a special advantage in that they allow two-way communication between group members and the people who manage the group.


There are also applications integrated into Facebook that extend the productivity and entertainment functions for users of this network, these applications can be games integrated into the browser, surveys, entertainment content apps, avatar generators, trivia, jokes and endless of tools that broaden the user experience on this social network.


A function that has always been available since the creation of Facebook is being able to share personal or group photos with our friends, through these images users share experiences, memories and special moments that are part of their lives.

Also for a better organization of these images we can create albums , so that our ” Photos ” section will be more organized and the people who want to see them can know to which classification the content we are sharing belongs.

One of the most used options when sharing photos is the ” Tag ” function for the people who appear in the photo so that the direct link to their profile will be available to everyone who has access to that specific image.

What is the exact function of this digital platform?

The main function of this great social network is to connect people from all over the world who have a direct link , relationship or interest in common, in the same way, to provide a space to meet new people and make friends. Many companies use Facebook tools to grow their community of users, artists use it to keep in touch with their followers and fans, also so that people can express their ideas through writing, images, videos and even broadcast videos on live.

There are many uses that can be attributed to Facebook , every day new strategies and ideas emerge to grow communities and promote personal brands, all supported by the use of social networks. Even large and small news networks use social networks like Facebook to inform their readers of new events they are covering in real time.

Minimum requirements to register on Facebook

There are not many requirements that Facebook requires of its users to allow them to create an account on its platform, you only have to meet the following requirements to open a personal profile:

  • Be at least 14 years old.
  • Have an active email account or mobile phone number.
  • You must provide your first and last nameso that other people can find you.
  • Have an internet connection.

Procedure to create an account

If you want to create an account, you just have to open your favorite browser on your computer and go to the official page , once inside, click on the green button that says ” Create a new account “. When you do, you will see that a window opens with a form that you must fill in with your personal information.

You must enter your name, last name, a cell phone number or email , you must also set a password and enter your date of birth, finally indicate your gender and press the ” Register ” button. When you do, you will see that the system will send you an email if you have registered with an email or if, on the contrary, you registered with a mobile phone number, an SMS will be sent to you with a code that you must enter on this screen to continue.

In the event that you have registered with an email, you must enter your account and look for the confirmation email sent by Facebook, where you will see a link that you must click , this will redirect you back to and there You can configure your biography and customize to your liking all the information you want to appear on your wall.

In the event that you want to register from a mobile phone, you must first download the official Facebook application from your application store depending on which device you use ( App Store for iOS and Play Store for Android ), and once you have it installed, proceed with the registration following exactly the same steps, but this time from the Facebook app.

What should not be done on Facebook?

Despite the fact that Facebook is a social network where you can freely express your ideas, opinions and tastes, there are certain rules that must be respected in order to fulfill the purpose of this platform and preserve the integrity of the entire user community, so in any profile it is completely forbidden to share:

  • Content of an explicit sexual natureor nudity.
  • Threats, offensive language or direct verbal attacks on a person.
  • Fake profiles. Facebook currently has an algorithm that forces people to use a real profile photo.
  • Content with violence or self-harm.
  • All kinds of spam.

People who try to share this type of content despite knowing the community rules run the risk of having their accounts permanently suspended . In this link we leave you the complete list of community norms and security infractions that are penalized by Facebook.





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