How does the Netflix algorithm work?

Netflix has been one of the great pioneers in the content streaming sector.

This online platform allows you to enjoy series, movies, documentaries and all kinds of works, even games, through your home television or any device, and just by paying a monthly fee.

In addition, over time, it has evolved to the point where each viewer has access to the content that best suits their tastes.

How? It’s not a matter of witchcraft, it’s a matter of the AI ​​that brings the  Netflix algorithm to life.

It is the one that is in charge of analyzing your content consumption patterns to see what your preferences are, and  its operation is what we are going to explain here.

Because, whether you have bought a  cheap netflix card  to start your subscription on the platform, or if you have been a user for a while, you can make the most of it and enjoy what you like the most, as well as discover new series or movies that pleasantly surprise you.

Because understanding the algorithm can help it to better fulfill its mission and, in the end, you win.


Next, we show the keys of the Netflix algorithm: data collection, analysis, user profiling and definition of the future.

Data collection

To make its recommendations and show more certain content , the Netflix algorithm collects various data about user behavior  within the platform.

Check how the content is consumed, if several chapters are seen in a row or not, the devices from which the views are accessed, the searches that are made and, of course, the genres to which both the films belong. like the series you see.

Analysis of data

Its data collection goes further, because it also  analyzes which days of the week the platform’s content is consumed the most  , how many viewing hours are added each day, if trending content is usually seen, even the countries of origin of the productions consumed go through his magnifying glass.

User profiling

Thus, little by little, it  defines and refines the profile of the user  in question to make its recommendations.

In fact, not long ago it added an option to rate a series or movie after watching it. Something crucial, because it is one of the most important data for the algorithm to understand what the consumer’s preferences are.

definition of the future

The most interesting thing is that, based on this, not only recommendations are made. Netflix takes advantage of all this information to  assess what productions it should make in the future .

In this way, it is the consumers themselves who determine, without realizing it, which series will continue to be made and which ones will not, as well as which movies and even which actors will appear in them.

It is a continuous loop that starts from something as simple as watching a series or a movie, but that matters much more than it seems.

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