How does Retrica work?

Retrica (iOS | Android) is another app with its own vision of turning your smartphone into a higher quality retro camera, but when it comes to filters, it blows many of its competitors out of the water.


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  1. Retrica the best editing app for your photos
  2. What benefits does Retrica offer you compared to other apps?
    1. How does Retrica work?
  3. How to Download Retrica For Computer (PC) step by step
  4. Download and Install Android Emulator
    1. Affiliate Google Account for Play Store
  5. How to install Retrica on your Android mobile device step by step
  6. How to improve photos using Retrica on your cell phone step by step
  7. How to use with collages in Retrica

Retrica the best editing app for your photos

Retrica is a program or application for Smartphones, its main one is to edit images. In addition, it has several tools that are very useful when editing a photo.

In recent years it has become very popular, reaching one of the most downloaded applications worldwide. Both in the Android Play Store and in the Apple App Store .

His fame has been thanks to his results when it comes to editing selfies. Allowing you to add Filters, Frames, among other things, with more than 70 filters and more than 20 templates for different types of collages.

It also allows you to blur, set a timer when taking the photo, create albums to save the edits and much more.

One of its disadvantages is that Retrica does not have a platform for computers or laptops, like Canva has an image editor, where you can create an account and start editing like a professional only for smartphones. Which leads the user who wants to try it from the desktop to look for alternatives.

What benefits does Retrica offer you compared to other apps?

In fact, it contains more filters than I knew existed (80 in total, 55 in the free version), a randomize mode, a blur effect, a timer, and even interval shooting.

How To Use Retrica | Complete Guide

If you like images that have a vintage or cross-processed feel to them, it’s your best bet for a good camera app.

It has been designed to be easy to use and also does not offer any manual control over your mobile camera. However, what it does offer are 100 different filters that include a wide variety of effects and tones.

It won’t have the extensive image-editing tools found in apps like Camera+ or PhotoToaster, though.

Retrica is perfect for smartphone shooters looking for filter options that you can apply without much hassle.

How does Retrica work?

  • The standard camera app interface.
  • There’s the standard viewfinder, with advanced controls for shooting modes.
  • It has several effects located just above a round shutter button.
  • To the right of the shutter button are two buttons, respectively titled Random and Filters.
  • Unlike other filter-specific cameraapps that allow you to apply the filter during processing.
  • Retrica allows the application of filters at the point of capture.
  • Therefore, using Retrica, you can see the live preview of how your photo will look like.
  • Interestingly, if you can’t decide which filter to choose.
  • It has a “Random Filter” option that users can keep pressing until they find something they like.
  • In addition to being able to take normal photos, we can instantly make photo ‘collages’ just by checking the option.
  • We will have the possibility of taking unique photographs, or of taking up to nine consecutive snapshots to create an original and fun composition.
  • Other possibilities that Retrica includes are artificial blurring (also present on Instagram) or the timer, thanks to which we can take pictures with the help of a tripod.
  • Tapping inside the viewfinder adjusts focus as you’d expect, though the app lacks a control for adjusting exposure.
  • The consecutive photos feature is from a teenagerand selfie-obsessed users will surely love it.
  • The far left of the toolbar contains the settings for the consecutive photo.
  • Tapping what looks like a framed photo brings up options for grouping and organizing multiple photos.
  • You can choose from a single photo (in three different aspect ratios), up to a total of nine photos arranged in a square pattern.
  • When you have selected more than one photo in an arrangement, Retrica will take consecutive photos after you tap the shutter button.
  • You can adjust the interval between shots by selecting the timer icon just above the shutter button.
  • Once a series of photos are captured, the appwill automatically arrange them based on your selection, complete with a frame.

For many of us, using Retrica from our mobile phone or our Tablet may be the best option to use this application. But what happens when we don’t have our smartphone or we want to edit with Retrica from our PC ?

It is undoubtedly one of the most common questions. But don’t worry, because, on this occasion, we will show how to download Retrica for our computer in an easy and simple way.

In addition, we will leave you more about this application, as well as several download options and some tips so that you do not miss out at any time.

How to Download Retrica For Computer (PC) step by step

To start enjoying the benefits that this application brings us, we must first follow a series of steps for its use on a computer. Here we will show the simplest steps.

Download and Install Android Emulator

Since Retrica does not have a platform for computer operating systems, such as Windows or macOS , we must first download an Android system emulator.

There are several, but we will stay with the easiest to install. If you already own an emulator, skip this step.

  • Bluestacks emulator:It is undoubtedly one of the best emulators that currently make a difference. It can be downloaded from its official website for Windows or macOS .

After having the installer, we proceed to start it and follow the steps for its installation, such as the address where you want to install, and if you want an icon on your desktop. It is usually a simple and quick installation.

  • Nox Emulator:Just like Bluestacks, Nox is at the same level of quality. Having excellent compatibility with Android applications and games. It can be easily downloaded from its official website and it is completely free. It is also available for macOS and Windows.

Once the download is complete, we go to the file to proceed with the installation, we follow the steps and that’s it.

Affiliate Google Account for Play Store

We open the Android emulator and just like a smartphone, we must affiliate our Google account; to be able to use Google applications such as Play Store , Google Maps , YouTube , among others.

In case the window does not appear automatically to affiliate the account, we must go to “Settings” then to “accounts” and select “add account” , follow the steps to affiliate our Google account and that’s it.

How to install Retrica on your Android mobile device step by step

Now all that remains is to install the Retrica application. To do this, we open the Play Store from the emulator and look for the application. We give the option to install, we accept the terms and conditions of Google and we wait for it to download and install.

Then the icon will appear at the start of the emulator, we will click to enter and verify the download was successful. If all is well, congratulations, you will now be able to use Retrica on your computer.

It is important to remember that if you want to use the application completely, that is, with all its tools. You must have a camera on your PC for photos, as well as a microphone for videos and more.

Retrica is one of the many applications that exist today to be able to modify photos by applying a wide variety of filters, like the ones that Snapchat recently removed,   but obviously it has certain things that set it apart and quite a lot from other applications, things that will possibly make you get really want to try it.

Precisely in this article I want to talk about what are those positive things that the application has and above all where to download Retrica so that you can have it comfortably on your mobile device in order to modify the photos that you have or that you want to take.

How to improve photos using Retrica on your cell phone step by step

Retrica has the possibility of applying a wide variety of filters to the photos, something that is undoubtedly becoming essential today since with so many social networks one cannot upload a photo just like that, but there is a difference with the rest of the applications.

Retrica filters can be applied even before you take the photograph in question, just as you read, before taking the photograph, so that in this way you are totally sure that you want to take it and you do not have to be taking a photo, applying filters to see how it looks and if you don’t like it, delete the photo and repeat that process again.

It must be taken into account that Retrica offers a total of more than 80 filters that you can apply to each of your photographs, all with completely different styles and that will surprise you every time you apply them to a photograph, being able to change the look in a completely incredible way. final result in each of the filters.

How to use with collages in Retrica

When you download Retrica , you also have the possibility of making photo collages in an instant by marking only one option, in this way, in a considerably agile way, you will be able to take different photos without having to edit after taking them, at the moment you can have your collage quickly and without problems.


You can even take up to nine snapshots to create a unique and rather fun composition in this way that will undoubtedly surprise you.

Basically it is one of the applications of the moment as far as photographs are concerned, it is simply great in every way and has many possibilities, besides that it does not hurt to have it installed on the mobile, be it Android or iOS , you can have all the applications you want installed of this class, so you don’t lose anything by trying.





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