This guide explains what the Acerstream protocol is and what Arenavisión is and how to watch on a computer or Android mobile.

Surely many of you know the Arenavision website , it is more likely that many of you have seen a sporting event through it.

For those who do not know what this famous website consists of, just tell you that it is the means used by many to watch soccer online for free .

In addition to other types of sports such as watching tennis live online for free or live basketball matches .

Despite the ban on broadcasting sporting events online, Arenavision continues to resist all attempts to take down the web.

And much of that success lies in the fact that its servers are not located within the European Union.

In this article we are going to explain how Arenavision works and what system it uses, but unfortunately, you will not find links to events.

✅ It is the means used by many to watch football online for free

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The Arenavision website uses the acestream system , a p2p streaming program, to broadcast sporting events .

Acestream uses the Bittorrent protocol but with one particularity, it is not necessary to download the file to view it.

That is, the visualizations are done online through the Acestream program .

To do this, it is necessary to install the program and have a link to the event that is being broadcast live, known as Acerstream Links .

That is, you need to have Arenavision links to link p2p with the broadcast of live content.

Acestream is currently available for Windows and Android , while Mac OS is still in beta.


In order to enjoy live broadcasts, you need, in addition to the Acerstream link, a multimedia player capable of playing these types of links.

You can use the popular VLC which supports acerstream links, where you just need to use the open network location function, or download Acestream to your computer.

If you opt for the official Acerstream player, once you have completed the installation you will see that there are two programs available: Ace Player and Ace Stream Center .

➡️ Ace Stream Center

Direct access to your control panel in Acestream where you can create playlists, save links or change settings.

➡️ Ace Player

It is the default Acestream link player that comes included in the installation.

From the Ace Stream Center settings it is possible to change this player to another, one of the most used being VCL.

Once you have acestream installed on your computer , it is advisable to open port 8621 on your router .

This is the port that Acestream uses to communicate with the servers and send the data.

Once you have the installation complete, every time you click on an Arenavision link it will open in the configured player.

The player works like a Bittorrent program by establishing a connection to the server and playing the content on your computer.


The procedure to watch Arenavision on an Android mobile is very similar, since you need to install the Acestream application from Google Play .

This application allows you to associate an installed video player and communicate with servers for viewing events.

The app works as a media center from which you can play content saved on your phone.

But with a particularity, this app allows you to connect to the Acestream servers when they click on an Arenavision link .


It’s quite easy to find Arenavision links on the internet, there are even some link apps on Google Play.

The same Arenavision website publishes a guide to available events with their corresponding links .

You just have to access the Arenavision Events Guide from its website where you will find direct links to the events that are taking place live.

Clicking on that link will open a new screen with a player with the ability to play the event on Ace Player or on Android.

Another possibility is to copy the ID of the Arenavision channel or link that you want to see to use in another compatible player.

It is also possible to use Acestream links to play content in VLC player.


These are two of the most common errors or problems that can appear when you are watching a broadcast on Arenavision.

Black screen and only sound is heard on Acestream

On many occasions, when you try to play an Arenavision broadcast , the player displays a black or green screen while the sound is playing.

To solve it, open the Ace Player player or the one you have configured for playback and access its settings.

Click Tools and select Properties . On the screen that opens, go to the Video tab .

Video Preferences

Under Output , look in the dropdown for the OpenGL Video Output option , select it, and save the change.

Remove Prebuffering% message – Connecting xx Peers

On many occasions this annoying message appears printed on the screen during playback.

To disable it, go to Tools and select Preferences .

Subtitles Preferences

In the preferences window, go to the Subtitles and OSD tab and disable the Enable On Screen Display (OSD) option .


It is possible that you experience some problems accessing the platform or that your operator or country has blocked access to it.

There are many websites to watch soccer for free on the internet and that can serve as an alternative to Arenavisión.

You also have to be clear that watching football online for free has its drawbacks since in many countries watching paid football for free can be a crime.

In addition, free soccer websites on the internet are full of intrusive advertising and in many cases request data such as an email to access the event.

Below are some of the best Arenavision alternatives for 2020 .

1️⃣ BossCat

It is a complete platform for broadcasting sporting events online that has a particularity over others, such as the possibility of seeing events that have already taken place .

In other words, you can not only watch live sports broadcasts, you also have access to those that have already been held previously.

2️⃣ Stream2Watch

Free platform that broadcasts live sporting events with HD quality for both image and audio.

It has a complete search engine that you can use to quickly access the broadcast you want.

3️⃣ Vipleague

Another free platform that is usually constantly blocked, for this reason, many of its users resort to VPN services to access their content.

4️⃣ Vipbox

Free portal that broadcasts sporting events in streaming from around the world with the possibility of choosing the language of the web.

5️⃣ LiveTv

It is possible that along with Arenavision, this is one of the most popular free sports event broadcasting platforms that exists.

On many occasions, you can find sporting events that are not available on other similar platforms.

6️⃣ FootyTube

This is another of the most popular websites to watch football for free on the internet that broadcasts numerous sporting events.

One of the features of this website is that you can also see summaries of matches that have already been broadcast.

7️⃣ MamaHD

It is another of the most visited pages to watch soccer online for free since it uses the p2p viewing system.

It has specialized in broadcasting free Santander League matches, Champions League and Premier League matches.

8️⃣ Sport Lemon TV

Page that offers a list of soccer matches that can be viewed for free from its website and the languages ​​in which the broadcasts are available.

9️⃣ VerLiga

Another page for the list of websites that broadcast free sporting events online.

Not only football, they also broadcast NBA games and other international competitions.


These are some of the alternatives to Arenavision for 2020 but you always have to remember one thing:

Viewing paid audiovisual content without the corresponding license or subscription is a crime and may have legal consequences.

Since none of these web pages have the corresponding audiovisual rights to broadcast these sporting events.

Reason for which, many of them are blocked and their access from certain restricted countries.

Our recommendation is that you always use legal platforms to view online content.

There are many platforms and services with really interesting offers to stream sporting events without problems.





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