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How do you take photos on Instagram with filters?

Filters have become an undeniable attraction in most social networks today. Part of this popularity is due to their versatility : since millions of users have created these to be used by whoever wishes.

Sometimes, the quality of a photo is associated with the filter used for its editing . For this reason, we will show you the way in which you can find Instagram filters to add to your stories or your feed.

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  1. How can you find a filter by name on Instagram?
    1. Search engine in Instagram Stories
  2. What can I do to add the filters on my Instagram profile?
    1. In pictures
    2. Filters for videos
    3. Effects and filters in your Stories
  3. How can I take photos with Instagram filters without posting them?
  4. How can you edit your filter menu on Instagram?

How can you find a filter by name on Instagram?

The Instagram platform classifies the filters on the social network through different sections. However, this is often not enough to find a specific filter or effect; since there are thousands of these. In addition, the platform does not classify them in alphabetical order , however, finding it by name is easy when using the search engine.

Search engine in Instagram Stories

To find this tool, you must go to the ‘Your story’ or ‘Add story’ section. By default, you will immediately enter the filter window; so you will have to slide these filters until you see the icon of a magnifying glass, at the end of this bar.

Once you enter there, select the magnifying glass icon in the upper right corner again. Finally, you will only have to enter the specific name of the filter that you want to find and select it when it appears available to you.

What can I do to add the filters on my Instagram profile?

Generally, you will be able to save any effect that you use to create an Instagram story, video or Reels. To access it more easily whenever you want to use it.

In pictures

Instagram allows you to edit the photos you want to share to your feed on the social network platform. It is in this editing window where you can apply any filter you want among those that are available.

To access this option, the first thing you must do is upload the photo or image you want to share on your Instagram profile. After you have adjusted its size, the platform immediately redirects you to the filters and editing section.

You will only be able to use the filters that are shown in the list; adjusting the intensity of it as you prefer. It is not possible to add new filters to this section or delete those that are already available.

Filters for videos

In the same way that it happens with the images that you want to share on your Instagram profile; you can also add filters and effects to the videos you add to the platform. To do this, after you have uploaded the video, by default the Instagram interface will redirect you to the editing section.

It is in this window where you can select a filter for the video that you previously uploaded. However, there is no way to add these effects to your profile; since they are only available in this section and you cannot add or delete any of them.

Effects and filters in your Stories

Instagram stories are for many the main attraction of the social network; one of the reasons why thousands of effects and filters have been created . So that any user of the platform can share it in their stories .

To be able to save a filter or effect in this section, you must first select the ‘Try effect’ option. Either from the search section in the ‘Create story’ section; or from an effect that any of your followers have shared in their stories and you want to use.

Later, in the lower left part of the capture button, you must select the save icon . Thus, the filter will be saved in the effects section as one of your favorites. In this way, when you want to share a photo or video in your stories, you can select the effect more easily.

How can I take photos with Instagram filters without posting them?

This is a little-known option, but one that you can use to share the different effects of Instagram stories; either in the platform’s feed and even in any other social network ; since they are a quite efficient option to edit photos.

You must previously select the filter you want to use in the photo and after the capture; Select the download icon at the top of the photo. This icon is identified as an arrow pointing to a base. This option will save the photo that you have taken using the filter or effect of the stories in your gallery.

So when you want to share a photo that has Instagram story filters in another section of the platform or even in another social network; You will only have to go to your gallery and select the corresponding options .

How can you edit your filter menu on Instagram?

As we have mentioned before; You can’t use the filters found in the edit section for items you want to share in your feed. However, you can add and remove filters from the stories section on the social network.

So, to get access to this edition, you must go to the ‘Create story’ section. At the bottom, to the left of the capture button, are the filters and effects that you have saved. To remove any of these filters from your favorites, remove the save mark on the corresponding icon that is at the bottom left of the capture button.

In the same way, to add it you must select this icon while testing the filter ; either from the search section or from a filter that any user you follow has shared.


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