How do I know if my mobile battery is damaged?

In our day to day it is important to be communicated, that is why there is a different way to do it, through applications on the PC, by the oldest means that are the letters and of course through the different mobile devices that exist a great diversity of these, both high-end and low-end.

How to Check the Battery Status of my Mobile and Know if it is Bad or Damaged

something that must be taken into account when buying a mobile is to check all its components, the battery is a very important component that we must take special care of, to avoid accidents later and avoid having a phone charging the battery like this be new more than normal or stuck to the charger.

It is more than clear that the battery of our mobile device is essential in it and that its proper functioning is necessary. In the event that this malfunctions, we would find ourselves in a series of rather bad problems that could even cause the device to work improperly or even be completely damaged.

It is important to have the battery of your mobile working optimally at all times, that is why in order to know when it is not working properly, it is necessary to learn how to detect its malfunction early, although it is also There are apps that could help you. For this reason, in this article I want to show you what are the symptoms of a damaged battery.

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  1. Detect a bad battery
  2. How do I know if my battery is damaged?
  3. Damaged Battery Symptoms

Detect a bad battery

In case your battery is removable, you should make sure that its dimensions are normal and that it looks normal. In the same way, the built-in or non-removable batteries must be checked. What I mean is that if it is slightly swollen or something is not as it should be, you should definitely be changing the battery urgently.

Also remember that a swollen battery is dangerous , to the point that the mobile could catch fire or explode due to overheating and cause an accident. In case the battery of your device cannot be removed, look at the back cover, everything should be much more swollen.

How do I know if my battery is damaged?

Obviously if the battery life is getting less and less despite the fact that you use your mobile little, with Wi-Fi and you have not installed new applications or you barely have some common ones such as WhatsApp or social networks, then it means that that battery is dying .

I mean, if you haven’t recently installed new apps etc. Because there are applications that are very poorly optimized and that even combining them with others can end up consuming a huge amount of  battery ,  causing it to last too little.

Apart from everything mentioned above, we recommend that you use the original charger to be able to charge said mobile phone in order to have an optimal charge and not damage the duration of the battery in question.

Damaged Battery Symptoms

It is very true that mobile phones, as time goes by, lose their useful life and that components such as batteries tend to deteriorate, until there comes a point where they stop working, causing the equipment not to turn on and creating some bad expectations.

That is why it is very important to perform a visual check to avoid loss of fluid or other substances, another way to diagnose it is to see how it charges.

In case your mobile phone is new, then it may be a battery problem , but from the factory, in this case the only option that you should take into account is called: Warranty, it is the only thing that you should think about because obviously it is their fault and They should give you a mobile phone in good condition, do not take it to be repaired anywhere or anything similar because that way you will lose the guarantee.

Among the tips that we can give you to take care of the battery of your mobile is, make sure that the mobile does not get too hot while charging and while you use it and something very important to let it discharge completely from time to time and then charge it to one hundred percent way to calibrate it.





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