How can I turn on Samsung capacitive buttons

The famous buttons that Samsung devices have at the bottom are known as capacitive buttons, obviously they are extremely useful when we are in places with little lighting.

So that we can see exactly where they are and press in the right place , although many times we do it directly by inertia without even seeing what we press, or not?

How to Turn on Samsung Capacitive Buttons in a Very Simple Way

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  1. How can I turn on Samsung capacitive buttons
  2. How to easily turn on lower buttons Samsung Galaxy step by step
  3. How can I turn on Samsung Galaxy capacitive buttons without damaging my device.
  4. What are the capacitive buttons in Samsung and what are they for?

How can I turn on Samsung capacitive buttons

In some mobile devices, more than anything low or medium range, on many occasions they do not turn on , in many cases it is due to a bad configuration of the mobile device.

Although Samsung is one of the best-selling brands, we must also admit that there are several common problems in these devices , some are easy to solve, like in this case the problem of capacitive buttons.

It is just what we are going to talk about next, precisely how to configure the mobile so that you can turn on the lower buttons of your Samsung.

Keep in mind that you should not have power saving mode or ultra power saving mode because it is clear that if you have it activated there is no way for those buttons to light up.

Since the idea is to save energy precisely and they spend themselves, it is logical . The issue is that if we deactivate any of these modes we can possibly see how those buttons light up.

How to easily turn on lower buttons Samsung Galaxy step by step

There are not exactly few mobile phone models that have had problems such as the “S” c range devices with the lower buttons, popular models such as the Samsung Galaxy J1, J2, J3, J5, J7 .

Even high-end mobile phones like Samsung S6 or Samsung S7 also experience such problems, but as you will see, it is not really a problem that is too difficult to solve.

And the only thing you have to take into account is that no kind of energy saving is activated because it is the first thing that is deactivated, the lighting of those buttons.

It is normal for it to be one of the first things to be deactivated since they are not extremely necessary in themselves and are only useful in very specific situations.

Even in the dark at least I personally never had any kind of problem with pressing these buttons without having light on them and being in low light situations.

Personally, it seems to me a waste of energy, of battery without any kind of sense, but since each person is a world , perhaps for you they are essential to be able to control your mobile device 100%, in any case, you know why they do not turn on .

The capacitive buttons of mobile devices are essential more than anything because on many occasions when we are in places with little light they allow us to see where the keys are to go back, for example.

That is why in the case of Samsung devices, having the capacitive buttons turned on in order to correctly visualize where we must press is essential.

And although there are many tricks on Samsung such as turning on the phone without using the power button , in other cases these buttons are essential and therefore we must have it active.

In this article, we are going to see how to turn on these buttons in a very simple way, although you have to take into account that some Samsung mobile devices cannot turn on these buttons.

How can I turn on Samsung Galaxy capacitive buttons without damaging my device.

It is a very interesting option, as I told you, when you are in situations where there is very little light and you need to be able to see where these buttons are located specifically so that you are not pressing anything.

After all, we use the back button too much, for example, and it’s not nice every time to have to press two or three times to be able to fit the button in question.

Many times it is deactivated by default and on other occasions it turns out that after charging the phone or out of the blue they stop working.

To be able to activate it again, you have to pay attention more than anything if you have the energy saving mode activated, because when this mode is activated, one of the things that stops working is precisely the capacitive buttons .

What are the capacitive buttons in Samsung and what are they for?

Remember, in turn, that there are several mobile phones from this company that do not directly have capacitive buttons , so do not kill yourself looking for the option because generally if they are not activated from the factory it means that the option of having light on the buttons below the bottom is not available. your Samsung.

You have to keep in mind that even popular mobile phones from said company do not have capacitive buttons. Can you imagine which ones? For example, the Samsung J1, J2, J5 and J7 do not have capacitive buttons , unbelievable as it may seem.

One of the most popular lines of this low and medium range company does not have these buttons. But it is also one of the most purchased, which is why users also look for many tricks, such as changing the default storage on J1, J2, J5 and J7.

So simply find out if in the case of your mobile you have these buttons with lights , in any case, if you have them and they do not light up then it means that you possibly have the energy saving mode on.

Or some kind of battery saving setting that keeps the same turned off, you should look at what kind of settings you have made on the mobile device.





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