How can I download FM Radio APK for Samsung Galaxy S8

The Samsung S8 is a high-end mobile phone , it is the company’s latest flagship and it is normal for one to think that it has everything.

However, in reality we are surprised that, for example, it does not have FM Radio. Therefore, it is necessary to download a specific application to be able to listen to Radio on the Samsung S8 .

Although today it is much more normal for us to use applications to listen or download music such as Spotify , we know that there are people who prefer to listen to Radio as it was done long ago when you wanted to listen to music in your day to day. 

How to Download, Install and Listen to FM Radio for Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus if I don’t have Radio

Although before the devices had the Radio directly installed, today many devices do not have it, and many times we think that if we do a Hard Reset on our Samsung Galaxy S8 we can have access to many applications again or even fix problems.

But in case you want to have Radio on your device, Hard Reset is not one of the solutions, but don’t worry, in this article we will help you solve this.

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  1. How can I download FM Radio APK for Samsung Galaxy S8 step by step
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  4. Download FM Radio for Samsung step by step

How can I download FM Radio APK for Samsung Galaxy S8 step by step

The truth is that FM Radios, unlike other options that can be added to the device , is one of the least used or out there of the least innovative, so it does not attract too much attention, therefore, they end up not including it in the mobile .

But an FM Radio application can be downloaded without problem in case you are one of those people who loves to listen to the radio either while working , cleaning the house or simply while having a snack and relaxing a bit.

The only bad thing would be that it is necessary to have internet to be able to listen to the radio , since the factory phone does not come with FM Radio, it does not have an antenna or anything to avoid spending mobile data to be able to make the radio work, so the only option feasible is this.

Radio FM para Samsung S8

The application in question is called ” FM Radio – Free Stations ” The name is definitely very creative and too descriptive , right?

Leaving the ironies aside, it is one of the best radio applications that you will find in the Play Store since it has a huge variety of high-quality stations and in general the app has an extremely comfortable interface that allows us to navigate between the different options in a very simple and effective way.

Another of the applications that we can recommend in case the previous one does not convince you is ” TuneIn Radio ” which has more than 100 thousand radio stations so without a doubt you have plenty of options when listening to the radio.

You can search for them by country, by specific area, so it is not a problem to find the radio that you like the most or that suits your needs.

In case you want to listen to a local radio, it is very possible that it is on the list , it is simply a matter of using a filter and the search engine and that’s it, you find your radio in a matter of a few minutes.

Do you have a Samsung Galaxy mobile device, regardless of which family of the many of this Korean firm it belongs to?

Well then, you will know then that some of these models do not have an application or built-in FM radio system , so we are going to teach you how to overcome this situation quickly and easily.

The first thing you have to keep in mind is that there are methods to install an FM radio on a Samsung Galaxy, so let’s go with them.

Even the application that we are going to talk about will allow you to listen to the FM radio on Android phones like these without being connected to the Internet .

Where can I download FM Radio APK without Internet Samsung Galaxy safely?

What happens is that for some unknown reason, Samsung has decided that some of its most recent mobiles do not have a built-in radio, and then everything is in the hands of the users, so that we solve the problem.

We are going to teach you, then, what you should know about an FM radio application to listen to music on these terminals , so the first step has to do with downloading an application to be able to use FM radio.

It happens that if your mobile has a built-in FM radio tuner, even if you do not have an app for it , you can solve it just by downloading an application that has this objective.

Although there are many, we recommend specifically downloading Spirit FM. It is a completely free FM radio application, which also works with local radio stations in any country.

Although it is true that there are other apps within this segment that you can find on Google Play , our advice in this regard is to give it a try if your Samsung Galaxy has an FM tuner, as it is a very good choice.

If you don’t like it, another app like Radio FM – Free Stations is also very good for listening to Internet radio ,  so you can enjoy your music while you do your daily activities.

Download FM Radio for Samsung step by step

If none of these options give you results, then the alternative that remains available has to do directly with using a USB adapter through the 3.5 mm Jack port, a system that allows you to easily generate an FM radio tuner to listen to music.

This allows you not to have to rely on the Internet, with the additional advantage that it is an extremely cheap accessory , at just 10 dollars.

With these solutions you will be able to listen to FM radio on your cell phone, whether you have Internet access or not.

Have you been able to listen to the FM radio on your Samsung with this application?





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