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Welcome to strategyread.com.You will find here smart strategies that will help to achive your dream and goals.Today teaching and learning techniques have changed a lot. The use of technology in addition to our access to knowledge and open information is very broad. However, even though everything is at the tip of our fingers coupled with learning by teaching, we as students also need to strive to master knowledge.

Study technique is not bad but it must be used as appropriate.;All College Study Notes For you.

Students can assess their awareness by asking themselves which of the following learning strategies they usually use.

· I make pictures or diagrams to understand the material.

· I make questions about the material I study, then I try to answer.

· When I learn something, I think back on what I already know about it.

· I discuss what I do (learn) with other people.

· I practice repeatedly until I understand the material.

· I check if I understand the material.

· If I do not understand what I learn, I repeat it again.

· I make notes about things I don’t understand very well.

· After completing an activity, I check (reflection) how well I did it.

· I make a plan on how to carry out learning activities.

These strategies, the more and more often used, will help students learn better. In addition, there is a series of proactive questions for teachers to ensure that students know not only what is being learned, but also how. It can also be adopted by parents.

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