Heart of Fear: tactics and walkthrough

The Heart of Fear is the second raid dungeon in World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria.

Led by High Empress Shek’zeer, the mantid is a longstanding enemy of the pandaren and has caused them many hardships. But in recent years, under the control of the Sha of Fear, the empress has become so mad that even her people have become dissatisfied. The Klaxxi, the guardians of the wisdom of the mantises, decide to overthrow Shek’zeer. Since their number is small, the Klaxxi have to accept the help of representatives of the Alliance and the Horde.

This guide is designed for players who complete the Heart of Fear in normal mode. But players who prefer Heroic or Raid Finder mode will also find a lot of useful things in it. The dungeon is designed for groups of 10 and 25 players who have to defeat six bosses.

English name of the dungeon: Heart of Fear

English boss names: Imperial Vizier Zor’lok , Blade Lord Ta’yak, Garalon, Wind Lord Mel’Jarak, Amber-Shaper Un’sok, Grand Empress Shek’zeer.

Tactics on Imperial Vizier Zor’lok

Imperial Vizier Zor’lok

Imperial Vizier Zor’lok is the voice of the Empress, ready to summon hordes of mantid warriors whenever the need arises.

The boss fight consists of two phases, each of which the group will need only one tank. Immediately after the start of the fight, Imperial Vizier Zor’lok releases Ferocious Pheromones, a gas that fills almost the entire lower part of his quarters, dealing damage to players who are caught in it, as well as imposing a silence effect on them. Only three platforms remain safe – it is between them that the Imperial Vizier Zor’lok will move .

After moving to a new platform, the boss begins to perform a “song” that damages the entire raid until someone attacks the boss. So you need to run between platforms as quickly as possible.

Another nuance is that on each platform the boss has a separate set of abilities that require their own tactics. On one of the platforms, the boss emits many orange rings in all directions, which deal damage when touching the player. Ranged characters are advised to stand at maximum distance from the boss in order to have time to react.

On the other platform, three domes appear from time to time, able to protect players from the next powerful attack of the boss throughout the raid. The trick is that each dome can only protect a certain number of players: 4 for a 10-player raid and 9 for a 25-player raid. Therefore, the raid leader must pre-determine who is hiding and where.

Finally, on the last platform, the boss from time to time takes control of one of the players – you need to carefully damage him up to half his health, after which the fighter will return to the ranks of his comrades. In a 25-man raid, five players are under the control of the boss at once, so getting them back will be a little more difficult.

On all three platforms, the boss uses the following combo to attack players. First, he takes several “Inhales”, and then – one “Exhale”, which stuns a random player and deals massive damage to them in six seconds. In this situation, another raid player can stand between the boss and his target for a while, thus “taking” some of the damage on himself.

When Imperial Vizier Zor’lok reaches 40% health, the second phase of the fight begins. The boss moves to the center of the hall (the gas disappears), starts hitting the players harder, and also uses skills from all three platforms at once. This is the hardest part of the fight, so it’s worth keeping as many defensive and buffing skills as possible in order to quickly finish off the enemy.

Bladelord Ta’yak Tactics

Lord of Blades Ta’yak

Blademaster Ta’yak is an instructor for young mantid warriors. No one can compare with him in the ability to wield a sword.

You need two tanks to fight the boss. Blademaster Ta’yak will regularly attack one of them with Crushing Blow – this blow not only deals high damage, but also hangs a “debuff” that increases the damage to the tank from the next such blow. The tank that received the debuff must swap with its comrade.

Other players in the raid will regularly use the Wind Step ability, which deals damage not only to the target, but also to everyone who is within eight meters of it. Accordingly, the raid should be located as dispersed as possible. Don’t forget to move away from the whirlwinds, which randomly move around the hall, causing damage to players.

But in some moments you need to be ready to run as quickly as possible. Sometimes the boss will disappear from view. Then one of the players will be marked with an arrow and will be hit. The secret is that the damage from the blow is divided between everyone who is close to the target, so if the raid manages to run away, then it will save a comrade from death.

It is not recommended to delay the fight with this boss – the damage and attack speed of the Lord of Blades will gradually increase, which sooner or later will make him deadly for the raid.

Finally, at 20% of the boss’s health, the second phase of the fight begins. In it, the raid teleports to one end of the corridor, and the boss to the other. The task of the raid is to run to the Lord of Blades, dodging the whirlwinds launched by him (getting into the whirlwind not only deals damage, but also throws the player back). Such teleportations will continue until the death of the boss.

Tactics for Windlord Mel’jarak

Lord of the Winds Mel’jarak

Windlord Mel’jarak is the commander of the mantid “air force”. He loves his soldiers very much, tries to protect them and is ready to fight shoulder to shoulder with his subordinates.

The boss starts the fight with nine fighters divided into three groups. These are the Amber Hunters, who occasionally place an Amber Trap on one of the players, which will stun them. Another raid member can free a comrade, but after that he will lose the opportunity to help someone else for a while – so carefully coordinate your release actions. In addition, the Amber Hunters throw “Corrosive Resin” on one of the players – if you run, you can throw it off yourself, however, the resin will drain to the ground and for some time will cause damage to everyone who steps into it. So try to run back with resin to the side.

Combat healers heal their comrades (healing can be interrupted), as well as speed up them and the boss (can be dispelled or stolen by magicians). Finally, the Blademasters simply act as a group, attacking one random target with very powerful blows with three of them.

The raid will need two tanks: one holding the boss and the other holding his retinue. First you need to deal with the subordinates of the Lord of the Winds. The first trick is that each group has a common health, that is, it is enough to kill one fighter in it. The second trick is that subordinates can be kept in control: when all three groups are intact, you can take out four enemies from the battle, when two groups remain, then only two, and on the last group you will have to do without control.

You can control both with the help of the skills of some classes, and with the help of “Piercing Spear” – a skill that is taken from one of the four weapon racks in the hall (lasts 50 seconds, so do not forget to repeat!).

At the beginning of the fight, you need to take control of two Blademasters (their combined attacks deal too much damage) and two healers (otherwise it will be difficult for you to deal damage). Then we kill the remaining Blade Master (his entire group will die). Next, we again control two healers and kill the third. Finally, it will not be difficult to deal with the Amber Hunters even without controls.

While killing subordinates, you should not attack the boss himself – if he falls below 75% of his health, then Bladelord Mel’jarak will start throwing “Wind Bombs”, which will explode if you approach them. After the death of subordinates, it will not be difficult to kill the boss – he will receive a special “debuff” that increases damage to him (but he will also deal more damage). Just run away from his frontal attack, stay away from Windbombs and deal damage.

Garalona Tactics


The giant beetle Garalon is the favorite boss of all the girls playing Mists of Pandaria . However, it’s not just his ugly appearance that causes problems.

On Garalon, the raid is invited to remember the wonderful children’s game “tags” – at the beginning of the battle, the boss will throw pheromones on one of the players. They deal damage to their wearer, and over time, this damage will increase. To avoid death – pheromones must be transferred to another player who has come close. Another important point – Garalon will chase the owner of pheromones, so classes that can effectively kite the boss, running away from him along the perimeter of the room, should take them. In addition, a player with pheromones will leave puddles behind him (lieutenant, don’t send!), Causing damage to anyone who steps in them.

The classic tanking mechanic does not work on Garalon – in fact, the boss is “held” by the player on which the pheromones are located. However, two tanks should still be in front of the boss, intercepting Furious Swing. If this powerful blow deals damage to less than two players, then Garalon’s speed increases for a while, making it difficult for him to kite.

By the way, tanks can try to kite Garalon themselves, passing pheromones to each other – it all depends on the taste and tactics of a particular raid.

The raid can help the kiter by destroying four of Garalon’s legs (if you are in a circle near the leg, the damage is doubled). Destroying a leg not only slows down the boss, but also damages him. Over time, the legs are restored back, however, if you have destroyed all four limbs, you can switch to the boss himself.

The most dangerous place is under the belly of the boss. If one of the players is there, then he will instantly receive huge damage, in addition, the damage will be dealt to the rest of the raid. In any case, you have six minutes to kill the boss.

Tactics on Amber-Shaper Un’sok

Amber sculptor Un’juice

Amber-Shaper Un’sok is a brilliant alchemist with a lot of surprises in store for players.

And the first of the surprises is the transformation of one of the raid members into a mutant made of amber. This is a rather complex and interesting mechanic: the mutant is hostile to other players, they can damage him, lowering his health level. In addition, the mutant has several of his abilities that the player can use, as well as an energy bar – while it is full, the player “fights” while maintaining control over his character. If the energy reaches zero, the player will lose control, and the mutant will start attacking the raid.

You can replenish energy by drinking one of the pools of amber that will appear in the room with the boss. When the mutant tries to make an “Amber Explosion” and damage the entire raid, you must use the “Struggle for Control” ability. The boss should be hit with “Amber Strike” (once every six seconds), which increases all damage dealt to him by 10% (the blow can be used several times, increasing the damage by a multiple), as well as with “Powerful Strike”.

To turn a mutant back into a player, you need to lower his health below 20%, then the “Liberation” feature will become active. Please note that every time a mutant drinks a puddle of amber, this not only raises his energy, but also heals him, and also increases his maximum health, which means that the raid will have to deal even more damage to the mutant.

The main offensive feature of the boss is the “Amber Scalpel”, a beam that hits one of the players, dealing damage to him. Under its action, the player will leave a trace of amber on the floor, from which amber slugs will then be born. They need to be killed, but considering that when a slug dies, it restores a large amount of health not only to its fellows, but also to the mutated player, so we just take them aside. The best thing is that the player the beam is aimed at initially runs away from the main point of the battle. By the way, it is after the death of slugs that puddles appear that amber mutants can drink.

In addition, Amber-Shaper Un’sok regularly uses Parasite Growth, infecting one of the players with parasites that deal damage over time. If the infected player is being treated, then the damage is increased, so it is better to avoid the attacks of the boss during the infection.

The second phase of the battle begins at 70% of the boss’s health – he becomes almost invulnerable, and you have to fight with the giant amber monster he has summoned. It will knock players back and also try to perform Amber Explosion, which deals high damage to the raid. The explosion can be interrupted by the Amber Strike trait of mutant players.

The third phase is similar to the first, but the boss starts to deal more damage, and also does not use the “Amber Scalpel”. The key to victory is the mutant players, which will be more in this phase. It is their damage and Amber Strike that will help destroy the boss. Try to save as many puddles of amber as possible for this phase – new ones will not appear, so mutant players will sooner or later have nothing to restore energy with. The boss himself will use Amber Clots, which restore some of the health of the mutants.

Tactics for Grand Empress Shek’zeer

Grand Empress Shek’zeer

Grand Empress Shek’zeer is a mantid leader who has fallen under the control of the Sha of Fear. The battle with her is divided into three phases, the change of which depends on the health and energy of the boss.

Shek’zeer will try to subdue the active tank with Gaze of the Empress – once the effect of this trait stacks five times, the player will come under its control. Therefore, in the first phase, two tanks are needed, which will change regularly.

The rest of the raid should be as dispersed as possible if possible – the Empress will regularly attack several players (2 in a 10-man raid and 5 in a 25-man raid) with a “Terrible Screech”, which deals damage not only to the target, but to everyone nearby.

But Shek’zeer’s most dangerous skill in this phase is two yellow orbs that gradually lose health. As soon as health reaches zero, the orbs will explode, dealing damage to the raid. The trick is that the raid will not be able to survive the simultaneous explosion of two spheres. Therefore, all players with magical abilities should run to one sphere – casting spells near it will cause additional damage to the sphere (you do not need to attack the sphere itself – just be nearby). In addition, random players will sometimes be afflicted with a “Scream of Terror”, which will damage both players and the entire raid. In order not to damage the raid, players must run inside the sphere and then run out of it only to receive healing (healers will not be able to target a player who is inside the sphere). Shout of Terror players inside the sphere are

One more thing – you need to try to inflict maximum damage on the selected sphere, then there will be enough time between explosions for the healers to restore the health of the raid.

In the first phase, Shek’zeer will spend energy on his skills. As soon as the energy comes to an end, the second phase will begin. To restore energy, Shek’zeer hides in a cocoon, becoming invulnerable, and the raid will have to fight with a whole group of her minions. Large Kor’thik Ravagers need to be tanked away from the raid as they will regularly attack all players in front of them. They will hit the tank with poison – thanks to this, the damage of all players nearby will increase.

Windshear Set’thik attack random players – you just need to kite them while running away. The Eliminate spell can and should be canceled – otherwise it will cause damage to the entire raid. These enemies will regularly leave behind small pools of resin that need to be collected. Two players step into two pools of resin, and then meet in a special place – where the resin will drain to the ground. Make several such visits – and an amber trap will turn out of it. You need to bring a Ravager there, which will immediately begin to take damage – this will distract the Windshearers, so it will be easier for the raid to kill them.

As soon as Shek’zeer restores energy, the first phase will begin again. Well, the third phase starts at 30% of the boss’s health. This is the most difficult period of the fight, so try to save as much powerful defensive and offensive skills as possible for him. This phase is especially difficult for raid healers.

The tank turns Shek’zeer away from the raid, which packs as tightly as possible. The main offensive feature of the boss is “Catastrophe”, which removes 50% of the current health of all players in the raid. The second raid-wide attack is Rising Darkness, which deals damage over time for a short period of time. Finally, random players will regularly be hit by the Sha Energy spell. All this damage must be dealt with promptly.

Shek’zeer also casts Consuming Horror, a spell that hits all players in a cone in front of the Empress – just run out of the area.

Sometimes the Vision of Death spell will be applied to some players – having fallen under its influence, you need to instantly run away from the raid. After four seconds, the player will start running in terror, dealing damage to everyone around him – this effect should be dispelled as quickly as possible.




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