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Get to know a man’s sexual desire cycle

When do men want sex the most? There is practically no exact answer to this question for every man. Because this depends on each person’s physical condition, age, and relationship quality.

The article will answer the question: When do men want to have sex the most in many ways. At the same time, the article also mentions the signs when a man is lustful. We invite you to find out!

1. When do men want sex the most?

What causes sexual desire in men? Testosterone is a hormone closely related to a man’s sex drive. Low testosterone levels are often associated with low sex drive.

Testosterone levels tend to be higher in the morning and lower at night. Also, men’s testosterone levels peak in late adolescence.

1.1 At what age do men want to have sex the most?

According to the results reported from the BJU International study on the male libido cycle:

  • Male sexual function (including: libido, erection , ejaculation) tends to decrease with age.
  • Male sexualsatisfaction peaks when men are in their 20s.
  • Men in their 50s are the last stage in terms of sexual satisfaction.

When do men want sex the most?
Ages 25-39 are thought to be the period when men have the most sex, according to a study of 2,936 men. Some other views say that the age of 16-20 is the time when men want to have sex the most. That’s because reproductive hormones peak at this time.

1.2 What time of the day are men most desirable?

In a man’s libido cycle, what time of day is a man most sexually desirable? The answer is that between 6-9 am is the peak time for men’s libido . This is because this is the time when a man’s testosterone is at its highest.

2. Men’s libido cycle by age

A man’s libido cycle is affected by the levels of the hormone testosterone in his body. During each stage, the high physiological needs of men will change.

  • The male libido cycle is from 20 to 30 years old. This is the most intense physiological period. With high testosterone levels, some statistics show that the frequency of sex for men at this age is about 3 times / week.
  • The male libido cycle is from 30-40 years old. Men 30-35 years old are said to have the most stable quality of sex. The frequency of intercourse is stable from 2-3 times/week. Between the ages of 35-40, testosterone levels begin to decline. Men’s sexual needs will fluctuate at 1-2 times / week, or less.
  • Men’s libido cycle after the age of 40. Men’s libido during this period decreases to less than once a week. Besides decreased testosterone levels, it is also caused by health problems and aging.

This cycle of libido doesn’t apply to all men. With a healthy lifestyle, diet and exercise intensity is the secret that many men take to prolong and maintain their sex drive.

“Normal” sex drive in men?

In fact, there is no right or wrong level of sexual desire. At the same time, there is no “normal” or “abnormal” level of libido when it comes to how often men have sex.
Some people have sex, or feel like having sex every day. Others may have sex every year, once a month, or not at all.
A man’s desire to have sex depends not only on his health condition and age. Sexual needs also depend on their interests, life circumstances and views.

3. Recognizing Signs He’s In Desire

When do men want? Besides the factors about the male libido cycle, observation is indispensable if you want to know: “When do men want to have sex the most?”. Here are 6 signs that a man is interested in having sex with you.

  1. He notices your appearance. He will compliment you and let you know how sexy you are in his eyes.
  2. Small erotic sentences. The telltale signs of a man’s desire are flirting and romanticizing casual conversations.
  3. He turns the topic of conversation towards sex . This is a clear sign. One of the signs a man shows when he’s aroused is that he turns all his sentences back to the subject of sex.
  4. Suggest a more private space. A aroused male may suggest, or lead you to, your bedroom, or your home, or a quiet space.
  5. He tries to get close and touch you. He might hold your hand, rub your shoulder when he hugs you, or hug your waist when he kisses you!
  6. The kiss between the two was hotter. Excessively sexy kisses like tongue kisses are often seen as a sign of a man’s sexual desire

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4. How to increase libido cycle for men

Besides the preoccupation: when do men want sex the most? How to increase the libido cycle in men is also something many people are interested in.

  • “Diagnosis” properly. There are many causes of low sex drive in men. That’s why it’s so important to find the cause of low libido.
  • Do exercise. According to the Journal of Sexual Medicine, moderate-intensity aerobic exercise improves sexual performance and testosterone levels in men.
  • Losing weight improves sex drive. A 2014 studyfound that men who lost belly fat had a positive effect and helped improve libido.
  • Control your diet. Low-fat, high-protein, moderate-carbohydrate diets have been shown to increase male libido.
  • Cut down on alcohol. Drinking habits affect metabolism and gut health, as well as testosterone levels. Just like improving your diet, reducing alcohol consumption will help increase a man’s sex drive.

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5. How to refuse and control his desires if you’re not ready

Even if you know a man’s libido cycle and know when a man wants sex the most, there will be situations where you don’t want to have sex even though your partner is hot for it.

So how do you deny and control your partner’s desires without hurting them? Here are some suggestions for you:

  • Directly decline and clearly explain why you don’t want to have sex right now. This will help the other party not be pressured and come up with other reasons. If you just refuse without explaining, your partner may think: you don’t love him, you are angry, you criticize his skills, etc.
  • Gently suggest another time. If you notice the male expression when aroused, but you are not ready. Tell them you’re not ready and an appointment is a better time. For example: “I think tomorrow’s romantic evening will make us more sublimated. I’m too stressed about work right now.”
  • Find another way to connect. Both women and men have a need for sex, to feel loved and to feel safe. If you want to deny his desires, refuse and compensate him in other ways. It could be a cuddle, holding hands, a conversation, or even a game or activity that you both enjoy.

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So, when do men want sex the most? Men’s libido cycle is most active in their 20s. During the day, the morning is when their testosterone levels peak.

Hopefully the article has given you enough information on how to recognize a man’s desire, and how to increase male libido. Follow Hello Bacsi for more interesting information about sexual health and safe sex!


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