Fix error the Google Play services application has stopped

I am more than sure, that in case you have a mobile device with the Google operating system: Android, from time to time you will get this sign, this annoying message, the error that the Google Play services application has stopped. Don’t worry, you didn’t break anything, nor is it something that has no solution, actually it’s even simpler than you might imagine . In this case you will have a variety of solutions to your problem.

Solution: “Google Play Services Application has stopped”

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  1. How to fix “The Google Play Services application has stopped”
  2. Fix error Play Store has stopped
  3. How to get Google Play services working again?
  4. Fix error “google play services application has stopped”
    1. What do we do if the problem continues?
  5. I can’t download Apps from Google Play due to a service error
  6. Applications cannot be downloaded by mistake in Google Play services
  7. Basic solutions for Google Play Services application has stopped error
    1. empty cache
    2. clear the data
    3. Uninstall Google Play Store updates
    4. Clear the cache of Google Play Services
    5. Activate Download Manager
    6. Delete your Google account and register it again
    7. Factory data restoration of the mobile

What causes this error Google Play Services app has stopped?

Google Play has registered a good number of different errors, in most cases, the appearance of errors causes the system to prevent us from installing or updating an application. It is not uncommon for us to see a message that indicates “The Google Play Services application has stopped” or, “Unfortunately, Google Play Services has stopped.”

This error can appear due to various factors, among which are failures in the Internet connection, having the Google Play application too outdated or an error in the application store itself.

Fix error the Google Play services application has stopped

Actualizar Google Play Services

We always tell you that it is convenient to keep the applications that you have installed on your mobile updated, in this way you guarantee to enjoy a safer application with fewer errors. If you do not update the Google Play Store, it is possible that the version you have installed on your mobile or tablet is too old and gives you problems . What you need to do in such cases to fix Google Play Services app has stopped is to update to the latest version .

Clear the cache of Google Play Services

Google Play Services acts as the framework for all Google Play applications that are installed on your phone . To clear the cache, you must follow the route: Settings> Applications> Google Play Services or Google Play Services> Force Stop> Clear cache> Clear data.

Clear Google Services Framework Cache

The Google Services Framework is responsible for storing information to help the device synchronize with Google servers. To clear the cache of the Google Services Framework, follow the route : Settings> Applications> Google Services Framework> Force Stop> Clear Cache> Clear Data.

Check Internet connection

Sometimes the failure is due to something as simple as a bad Internet connection. In this case, all we have to do is confirm that we are truly connected to a WiFi network or, failing that, that we have mobile data.

How to fix “The Google Play Services application has stopped”

We have a few methods to solve this problem and I am going to mention them one by one, we go from the most effective and/or practical to the most complex to say the least.

  • Go to Settings, then Application Manager and then go to Google Play Services, here you will have to uninstall the updates and then restart your mobile phone.
  • In case it does not work, you will have to go to Settings, Application Manager, search for Google Play Services, you have to force stop it and then Clear Cache, again restart the phone.
  • You can also clear the Google Play Services Framework cache by following the steps I mentioned above.
  • In the event that nothing works or that you have tried the three previous methods at the same time and it does not work, we have to delete your Google account from Settings, Accounts, Google, Account settings and finally delete account. Then you simply have to go to Accounts, add an account and you can enter it again, although first, restart the mobile again.

Fix error Play Store has stopped

When we have the error “Google Play services application has stopped” and nothing we try works, we can test these two options in extreme cases.

  • The first is to reset the application preferences from Settings, Application Manager and reset application preferences, restart the mobile afterwards.
  • Here comes the most extreme of all and it is to perform a factory reset, that is, a hard reset. For this you have to follow a tutorial, I say some because each mobile is slightly different depending on the model and brand, search the blog that we have a wide variety of tutorials and it will not take you more than ten minutes.

Also keep in mind that a hard reset leaves everything factory, that is, as you had just bought it, deleting any file or personal configuration that you have on the mobile… but the Play Store will surely work for you after the hard reset.

How to get Google Play services working again?

Although, as we said, we cannot establish that there is a single effective remedy for all the ills of the Google Play Service store, we cannot fail to take into account that there are some possible solutions.

  • The first trick that we can recommend in this regard has to do with clearing the data and cache of Google Play Services from Settings, Applications, All, and then look for Google Play Services. We are looking for the Clear cache option, and also the Clear data option, which on some mobiles is within Manage Storage. After doing this, test to see if the Google Play Service is already working.
  • If this is not the case, we have a second equally valid alternative, which has to do with clearing the data and cache of the Google Play Store, basically following the same steps that we have detailed in the previous step. The only difference is that instead of looking for Google Play Service in Applications, we are going to look for Google Play Store, clearing the cache first and then all the data.
  • If after these two procedures the system had not solved the problem, the next thing will be to restart our smart device, and try to confirm that the app works after that
  • If it does not work, we are going to repeat the first two procedures, but uninstalling the updates of both apps, to call them something, which can be done from the same section that allows you to clear the cache and data
  • Once all these steps have been carried out, we have to restart our smartphone again, and if then we do not have a solution to theGoogle Play Service problems, then it would definitely be time to contact the device manufacturer or our operator.

Fix error “google play services application has stopped”

Well, then we have to start with this tutorial making a clarification, and that is that the problem is solved in two completely different ways according to the Android versions. First, let’s start with Android versions 4.X and 5.X, that is, KitKat and Lollipop. Well, the first thing you should do is open the Settings of your smartphone, go to Settings, and then look at the + or more tab . You go to the Application Manager of the list, which contains them in their entirety of course.

You will see that several upper tabs appear, although specifically you have to go to All applications, which is on the left of the screen. At that time , a complete list of all the applications that you have installed on your smartphone will appear, and among them, of course, the Google Play store as one more.

You have to enter it, and then click Clear cache and Clear data, which are two of its initial options. You restart the terminal, and after that, the tutorial should be finished and your Google Play working.

Now, if you have an Android mobile with versions 6.X or 7.X, that is, Marshmallow or Nougat, you have to know that there are some small differences to consider . Indeed, the first thing will be to open the Settings again, and go to the Application Manager that appears on the screen.

You have to specifically search for Google Play and click on it once you have found it. You go to Storage, and within it as in the previous case, you have to click Clear cache and Clear data. You reboot the device and that’s it .

What do we do if the problem continues?

In the same way we have to say that if, unfortunately, your device is still dead, then you will have to look for some slightly stronger solutions. For example, you have to uninstall the Google Play Store app and install the latest updated version of Google Play services . This is the final step in case the store does not work for you and the message “Unfortunately Google Play has stopped” has appeared, so if you have any questions about it, leave us a comment with what has happened to you.

Were you able to fix Google Play store stopping issue on Android with this trick?

In several cases we have come across the sad news that downloads cannot be made from the Google play Store, this represents a very serious problem for us because we want to discard and it does not allow us, here we are going to learn in simple steps how to solve This problem quickly, without complications or mysteries, we will put an end to what so many users say “I can’t download applications from Google Play”.

I can’t download Apps from Google Play due to a service error

The vast majority see this problem as a great annoyance and that is that as we said, this error appears when they are downloading applications from Google Play and suddenly it does not allow it like that , it is very common for a user to find themselves in this and realize that the download doesn’t start for any reason, it aborts among other much worse situations.

The first thing you should understand is that internet connectivity is important, many things influence this, including the app is not downloaded for the simple reason that the mobile is not connected to the internet, we recommend that you connect it to a WIFI network, since which is more stable and allows the download of data in a calm and continuous way, although it is always good to say that with 3g and 4g you can also download the application, although it takes a little longer.

Another of the most important reasons why some applications cannot be downloaded is that you do not have enough space, this is because the application needs some space to be downloaded in this sense what you can do before starting the download is see how much space you have, and in this way, know if it is enough for what the application needs and thus be installed without any problem, after this, go to all the settings of the cell phone, and see where it says available storage space. In case you do not have space, you can always review and delete any application that is not available.

Applications cannot be downloaded by mistake in Google Play services

Another of the most normal problems is that the Gmail account is not verified correctly, that is, you changed the password or anything else related to the accounts linked to the device, which is why we recommend you always review these aspects because the downloads are especially linked to the google play account, which is integrated as a service to our GMAIL account, which is why we recommend deleting the account and reinstalling it to avoid any confusion and thus forever eliminate the problem of I cannot download Google Applications Play.

If you have read our recent articles, surely you have also seen that we attach great importance to the Google Play store and its correct download and installation. Indeed, the Android application store is one of the great reasons for the success of this environment, and if we want to enjoy our terminal, it must work in the best way.

For this reason, on this particular occasion we did not want to stop emphasizing the functioning problems that the Google Play store can present , which can have different origins, and therefore also different solutions. Indeed, on this particular occasion we want to show you some of the possible solutions that you should take into account when trying to get the Google Play Store to work as it should.

Basic solutions for Google Play Services application has stopped error

empty cache

The first of the solutions that we think you should keep in mind whenever the Google Play Store is not working the way it should have to do with clearing the application cache . Like many others, this app stores small parts of its contents that really have no value or why they should be there, and after a while they can cause problems even though they help load faster.

It is the simplest solution because it is also the one that compromises our content the least, and putting it into practice is really easy, since all we have to do is go to Settings, Applications, Google Play Store. Once we have entered it, we will see that there is the possibility of going to “Clear Cache”, which is the one we must choose , hoping that then the store works like the first day.

clear the data

If you did not get solutions by clearing the cache, you have to consider that it might be necessary a little further, and when we say that we are referring specifically to the possibility of deleting some of the data stored on the computer. This is another very simple function, since all we have to do is repeat the previous tour, but in the end look for “Clear data” instead of “Clear cache”.

Uninstall Google Play Store updates

If neither of the two more basic solutions would have gotten the app store working as it should, then it’s time we started testing some other slightly more definitive answers. For example, we have a trick at hand that is the one that bets on uninstalling the automatic updates that come with the Google Play Store, which we can activate from Settings, Applications, searching for “Google Play”.

When we open that particular app, we can see that many available options appear, although of course the one that interests us is the “Uninstall updates” option. By canceling the updates, we will get the Google Play application back to its original version, that is, the first one that was installed on the device, and with it, it will work again as at that time.

Clear the cache of Google Play Services

Suppose that the Google Play Store still does not work for you, then it may be time to go a little further, and try to perform the same trick as before but with the difference that this time, we are going to try to empty the cache of the Google Play Services. Basically the procedure is the same, because you have to go to Settings, Applications, and then in the information of this particular one, go to Google Play Services to empty your cache.

Activate Download Manager

Many users who at different times have chosen to disable the download manager have pointed out that they had problems with the Google Play Store, especially when it stopped working for no apparent reason. To solve this problem, what you basically have to do is go to Settings, Applications, and then Downloaded , entering your information, and pressing the “Enable” option. If you see that instead of that option only “Disable” appears, do not touch anything, because everything is as it should.

Delete your Google account and register it again

If none of the previous steps had worked, then we are already in the presence of a much more important problem, because the truth is that here we already have to mess with our Google account. We go to the Phone Settings, to Accounts, and select the one we use for Google Play. We go to the menu and choose “Remove account”. We restart the mobile and we return to place exactly the same from Settings, Accounts, Add account, Google.

Factory data restoration of the mobile

And finally, the solution that possibly most users want to avoid anyway, because if none of the above has worked, major surgery will have to be done. By this we mean that we will have to completely restore the factory data of our tablet or smartphone, which leads to losing all the contents, data, accounts, etc., although of course we can make a backup beforehand to recover them once again . once the Google Play Store is working as before.

In any case, it is a process that is not as complicated as many people might suppose, because the first thing we must do is go to Settings, then Backup and reset, and there you will find the option “Restore factory data “ ; although in some mobiles this function is in other menus. Beyond that, once the mobile is completely restored, you will only have to recover the data that you have saved before, and then the Google Play Store should already work for you.





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